Dining & University Card FAQ

Are there any OFF-CAMPUS PLACES to EAT within walking distance?


What is the FOOD DEBIT?

How is the FOOD at W&L?

Where will I EAT MOST of my meals?

How does the UNIVERSITY CARD work?

Are there any off-campus places to eat within walking distance?

There are plenty of local restaurants within walking-distance of the University. Check out this map for just a few options.

What does my University Card do?

Your University Card is your way to get around campus. Here are some of its basic functions:
1. Your card gives you access to residence halls and buildings across campus.
2. Your card gives you access to your meal plan, both at the Marketplace and Cafe '77.
3. Your card can be used at the University Store.
4. Your card allows you to check out library books.
For more information on how to use the University Card, please see the Student Affairs website.

What is the food flex?

Sometimes you can't make it to the Marketplace during regular hours, so the purpose of food debit is to allow students to supplement the meal plan with access to the food items available in Café 77, Fieldside, Tea House, E. Cafe or the Brief Stop at the Law School.

How is the food at W&L?

Food at W&L is quite good, if we do say so ourselves. W&L's Marketplace employs top chefs from Lexington and beyond who are responsible for whipping up three meals daily for our students. From a Caribbean carnival hosted by the Latin American and Caribbean Studies program to our annual Midnight Breakfast the night before exams start, our students are well-fed! This year nearly 30% of food served on campus came from local producers, including the University's own garden (tended by W&L students, with guidance from Professor Bill Hamilton of the Biology department). If you have special dietary restrictions or concerns make sure you let our Dining Staff know. They can accommodate anyone from the pickiest eater to gluten-free diets. Upstairs in the Commons is Café '77, another dining option for students. Café '77 serves salads, soups, sandwiches and other goodies until 2:00 a.m. on weeknights. Find out more about dining services by visiting their website.

Where will I eat most of my meals?

Students who live on campus eat most of their meals on campus, either at the Marketplace or at Cafe '77.

How does the University Card work?

The University handles student funds with the University Card in the form of both general debit and food flex. The food flex must be used within the school year. Increments of $25 can be placed on the card. The student can bring in the card to the Business Office or Marketplace after school begins and add money by charging your University account. The amount the student requests will appear on the following bill. The University Card can be used as a credit card in the University Store, and the store takes Visa, MasterCard or Discover for book purchases.