STEM SRS Application Process

In the interest of equal access to all students, many, but not all, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) faculty invite students interested in working with them to submit an early request form online by December 5, 2022.

On this form, students interested in STEM area research will list their top 3 preferred mentors, chosen from a list of STEM faculty and their Summer Research Project Descriptions. Once the deadline is closed, faculty mentors will match as many students with faculty as possible. These matching results will be completed during the winter break and prior to the SRS Faculty application deadline of January 27, 2023. To be clear ALL FACULTY MENTORS, regardless of whether they are participating in the early STEM process, MUST submit an application in the regular SRS process.

All faculty mentors may nominate up to two students for their summer research projects.

Watch the STEM SRS Summer 2023 research opportunities seminar

In addition to the regular SRS program, in summer 2023 the University will fund up to 5 students for a 2-Year STEM Fellows Program. This program is only open to first- and second-year students with an expressed interest in STEM (you do NOT need to be a declared major). Benefits for 2-Year Fellows include:

  • a research preparation course (INTR 200 or approved equivalent) during their first Spring Term as a Fellow
  • two intensive summer research periods with a chosen faculty mentor
  • continuation of summer research during two academic years with their summer research mentor
  • supplemental research supply funding (up to $1,000 per faculty member) for the lab to help support the costs of the Fellow’s academic year research
  • opportunities for leadership development and peer mentoring.

While the faculty mentor submits the STEM Faculty application for student stipends, the student must submit the Summer Opportunities Request form (link below). If SRS is the ONLY program you are applying to for support, you will only need to request a stipend ($375 per week for up to 10 weeks).