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Please Note: This list is subject to change and does not include committees created by the student body; nevertheless, the student body plays an important role in the governance of Washington and Lee, as indicated by student membership on some of the committees listed here and by the authority which the Trustees have delegated to the student body to "determine the circumstances under which and the cause for which a student is to be dropped from the rolls of the University for matters involving violation of honor. In the fulfillment of this responsibility, the student body may create such student organizations and adopt such procedures as may be appropriate." (Taken from the By-laws of Washington and Lee University.) For further information on student body committees, see the Student Handbook, which is available from the Office of the VPSA and Dean of Students. This list also does not include committees dealing solely with the School of Law. A summary of the faculty's elected committees, including the schedule of the elections, is available here.

For the purposes of this list, Washington and Lee committees have been divided into four categories: those permanent committees created by either the Board of Trustees or by the University or Undergraduate Faculty; those committees in which the administration asks members of the faculty to join with administrative personnel in making certain decisions; academic-program or other advisory committees; and ad hoc committees created for a limited time for a particular purpose.

The first person named under each committee serves as the chair; all inquiries relating to committee business should be addressed to the chair.

The information on this page originates from the Provost's Office and the Faculty Handbook.

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History of Committee Assignments: