Philosophy Department

The Department of Philosophy at W&L University seeks to introduce students to deep and persistent questions of existence, knowledge, and value, to encourage students to examine critically a variety of beliefs, attitudes, and social structures, and to foster creative thoughtfulness and self-reflection.

Studying philosophy prepares students for many different career paths: business, law, medicine, teaching, and postgraduate research in the humanities and sciences. Students majoring in philosophy very often double major in business, other humanities disciplines, or the social or natural sciences. Philosophy majors are admitted to law school at a higher percentage than any other major and have the third-highest acceptance rate to medical school. Philosophy majors also outperform most other majors on the LSAT, GMAT and GRE, and their midcareer salaries are the highest in the humanities. Midcareer salaries for philosophy majors are even higher than those of accounting, business management and marketing majors.

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