W&L Room Reservation and Event Scheduling


Reserve a space or schedule an event at W&L

  • Log in to 25Live Pro, the official tool for room reservations and all University events, using your W&L network credentials. Please use Firefox or Google Chrome browser; Internet Explorer is not recommended.

Special policies apply to these spaces; please follow these links to reserve the following:

Space approvers

Requests for classrooms

Class sections are placed into academic classrooms by the University Registrar's office and the Director of Law Records. Ad hoc events cannot be reserved into classroom spaces during academic days/times until after the drop-add period each term. Please see 1) classroom scheduling policies and 2) flowchart of how University Registrar's office handles an event request for a classroom space

University Facilities Use Policy

Please refer to the University Facilities Use Policy for information regarding the primary purpose of the use of all buildings and grounds owned, leased, or operated by Washington and Lee University.

Training resources

Text-based guides

Video guides

Resources from 25Live Pro

Also, see "Help" link, upper right, after accessing 25Live

Face-to-face training

Face-to-face training is available by appointment; contact the Information Desk (x4357).These are among the topics available:

  • Basics: Introduction to 25Live tool, how it will be used at W&L and how to perform basic scheduling tasks; includes tips on setting up a customized user dashboard. This session is intended for anyone who anticipates scheduling a space of campus.
  • Task Approvers: 25Live instructions and tips for those individuals whose responsibilities include approving location / resource requests as part of their role at W&L (e.g. room reservation / media / catering / facilities / alcohol use requests, etc.)
  • Report and Search: Training on how to use the reporting and search tools embedded within 25Live. For example: create a monthly space utilization report; generating a list of locations which have been reserved for use, which need to be open and available before/after certain hours; find a usable event location with certain features/attributes, etc.)


What is 25Live?

25Live is a Web-based tool for campus-wide use at W&L in reserving and requesting rooms and scheduling events. 25Live integrates with W&L's Ellucian Colleague database and other systems, ensuring that information about people, spaces, and courses is up-to-date and allowing the use of W&L network credentials for logging in to the system. The Provost and the President's Council have approved the use of 25Live as W&L's single tool for scheduling classes and all university events.

Who runs 25Live?

25Live is administered by designated individuals in University Facilities (all university spaces), the Director of Special Events (coordination for campus-wide events), and the Office of the University Registrar (university classroom spaces and course sections), with assistance from other departments and technical support from Information Technology Service.

What spaces are included?

All outdoor and indoor W&L spaces that can be reserved - more than 300 all together - are included in 25Live. Space requesters can review characteristics of each space, including installed technology, seating capacity, seating arrangement and a photo of the space. Some private spaces - for example, departmental labs or studios - may appear in 25Live but only the authorized department may schedule them.

What is the approval process for space requests?

When you use 25Live to request use of a space, that request is automatically routed to the appropriate person. If your request requires approval, you'll be notified as soon as your request is evaluated by the appropriate space-approver.

What if I need catering or other resources in connection with my event?

When you make a request in 25Live, you'll be prompted to request resources such as:

  • catering
  • technology resources, such as a portable projector of screen
  • additional chairs or tables.

Links within 25Live will direct you to the request process used by University Catering, University Facilities, Information Technology Services and other departments that provide these resources.

What guidelines apply to events where alcohol is served?

The Office of General Counsel has created these guidelines for on-campus serving of alcohol. Provisions of the Student Handbook also apply.

How do I ask for changes in 25Live?

Contact the Help Desk (x4357 or help@wlu.edu) and your request will be routed to the appropriate person. Here are some examples of changes you can request:

  • Request fixes to technical problems
  • Request changes to room descriptions
  • Request changes to room visibility or approval process
  • Request training