Preferred First Name

What is the University's policy on Preferred First Name use?

Students and employees can find the current policy here among the Code of Policies through the Office of General Counsel (OGC).

How do I make an update or change to my Preferred First Name?

How do I change my email address and/or email display name?

Changing your email address and/or email display name requires an update to your university account. To get started with an account change, students can initiate a request through the University Registrar ( Employees can initiate a request through Human Resources (

How do I obtain a new University ID card to align with my Preferred Name change?

Contact the Card Office located in Student Affairs (Elrod Commons 356), ext. 8754.

How long does it take for Preferred First Name changes to update across all University systems and reports?

When you submit a Preferred Name change through Workday, all necessary departments will be notified to begin the process of updating relevant systems (e.g., Course Roster, Directory, General Correspondence, etc.) with a target completion date of seven (7) days.

How does a Preferred Name change affect my legal name status?

Preferred first name will be used wherever possible in the course of University business and education, except where the use of the legal first name is required by law, for external entity reporting purposes, or otherwise. Please see the University's Policy for Preferred First Name for more information.

For questions about Preferred First Name, please contact one of the following, as appropriate: