International Visitor FAQ (handled through HR)

Is there designated office space available for international visitors?

Yes, limited office space is available in the Ruscio Center for Global Learning (CGL) for visiting international scholars. Please contact the CGL Operations Manager, Patrick Sheridan, to make a reservation.

What housing options are available for international visitors?

It is important to discuss housing options for international visitors with the appropriate Dean's Office before making housing arrangements, as there are limited university housing options available. For short-term visitors, a room in one of the guest houses may be appropriate. For longer-term visitors who are also visiting faculty, faculty housing may be available. It is extremely important to contact the guest house coordinator or the faculty housing manager as soon as possible after determining housing needs in collaboration with the Dean's Office as space is limited. If university housing is not an option, the visitor may use a local property management company. The Center for International Education has created a housing guide for international visitors to assist with this process.

What transportations options are available for international visitors?

For airport pick-ups and drop-offs, departments can coordinate with Fontanne Bostic to arrange a university driver and with Enterprise-Rent-A-Car to reserve a car. The Center for International Education has created a transportation guide for international visitors to inform visitors of local transportation options for getting around town, visiting nearby cities, and getting to and from Dulles Airport.

How do I set-up an email account for an international visitor?

When submitting the Personnel Action Form (required for all new employees and volunteers), simply check the box requesting that an email account be created.

How do I set-up internet access for international visitors?

W&L network credentials can be requested as part of the Personnel Action Form. These credentials allow visitors to use the eduroam Wi-Fi as well as access university computers. If the visitor already has an eduroam account from a previous institution (list), their devices should automatically connect to the W&L Wi-Fi. Otherwise, the visitor should follow the ITS wireless instructions to connect to the W&L network.

How do I set-up BizHub (printing and scanning) access for international visitors?

At W&L, printing is handled via a centralized system that allows for efficient tracking of both print jobs and costs. This system consists of two parts: the print/copy machines known as Bizhubs, and a software component called Papercut. In order to print at any Bizhub on campus, a visiting scholar will need to have a Papercut account properly configured to pay for printing costs.

There are three steps to complete in order for a visitor to gain print access at W&L:
1. A Personnel Action Form (available on the HR website) must be completed (along with other applicable HR paperwork) in order to create an account for the visitor on W&L's network. (This should happen for all visiting scholars regardless of printing needs.)
2. Determine whether the visitor will charge print costs to a departmental budget or will pay on their own via General Debit (optional - requires University Card). Send an email to letting them know the W&L username of the visiting scholar and how their print costs will be charged (include departmental fund # if applicable.)
3. Instruct the visiting scholar in how to print to a bizhub via web-upload and email (consult this ITS FAQ for a refresher). For direct printing via personal computers, please consult your department's ITS support liaison for driver installation.

How do I help an international visitor receive a W&L ID card?

Once Human Resources processes the Personnel Action Form, the visitor should be able to have their W&L ID card created by Mariel Potter in Elrod Commons 247. You should email or call Mariel ahead of time to set-up an appointment and confirm that the information needed to create the ID card has been processed.

How do I arrange key card access to university buildings for international visitors?

Public Safety controls the key card access to university buildings. Email Ethan Kipnes to request access.

How do I help an international visitor get library access?

International visitors can visit the helpdesk in the Leyburn Library to obtain librray access. While a University ID card is not necessary to access library services, having one is strongly encouraged for the following benefits:
• Easier access to databases and e-books (don't have to stand at guest kiosk)
• Longer loan periods for items
• More straightforward access to intra-library loan service

How does an international visitor receive a Social Security Number (SSN)?

International visitors who are being paid must obtain an SSN. The international visitor must apply in person at a Social Security Administration office (the closest office is in Staunton), and bring the original copies of the following documents:

1. Passport
2. Visa
3. Form I-94: the visitor can obtain this by clicking on "get most recent I-94"
4. Form DS-2019 "Certificate of Eligibility" (for J-1 visa holders)
5. Completed SSN Application Form
6. W&L contract or invitation letter

How does an international visitor obtain a Virginia Driver's License?

International visitors possessing a valid home country driver's license or an international driver's license, may legally drive in Virginia for up to two months after establishing Virginia residency. The CIE has created a how-to guide for international visitors who wish to obtain a Virginia Driver's License.