Graduate School

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Personal Statement

Your personal statement is a very important part of your graduate and / or professional school application. This should give the reader insight into who you are, why you are interested in a specific program, and what goals you hope to attain. You will need to write, get feedback, and revise your statement, so give yourself plenty of time.

Letters of Recommendation

You will need letters of recommendation to include with applications to graduate and professional schools. These letters should be written by professors and supervisors who know you well. It is in your best interest to find recommenders who actually know you and can provide the reader with insight as to who you are as a student, researcher, and person rather than to ask someone who gave you a good grade or knows you on a similarly surface level. You will likely need at least 3 recommendations, so think early and carefully about whom you will ask.


The transcript is the complete record of all academic work attempted at Washington and Lee, regardless of whether the student was enrolled in law or undergraduate courses, as a degree-seeking student or a non-degree special or exchange student.

Graduate School Financial Aid

Graduate school is an expensive endeavor. Fortunately, there are a variety of options to help finance your education. The best source for this information is the Financial Aid Office at each of the schools to which you are applying. The Financial Aid Office can help you explore options such as scholarships, fellowships, assistantships, student loans, and anything else that might be available. Be sure to apply for financial aid at every school.

Recommended Timeline for Students

A timeline for students interested in pursuing graduate or professional school programs, recommending what steps they should take during their junior and senior years.

CV Resources

How does a curriculum vitae differ from a resume? What is included in a curriculum vitae?

Gap Year

A gap year is a period of time (usually one or two years) between undergraduate and graduate schools.