General Graduate School Resources and Timeline

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General Timeline

The timeline below is a general outline. Specific programs and schools may differ. Consult your advisor for individual advice.

Junior Year (15-18 months before matriculation):

  • Discuss your options with faculty and career advisors
  • Research programs
  • Begin entrance exam preparation
  • Explore financial aid, scholarships, and fellowships

Summer Before and Early Fall of Senior Year (12-15 months before matriculation):

  • Schedule and take entrance exams
  • Finalize application list and determine individual program requirements and deadlines
  • Draft your CV and Personal Statements
  • Ask for letters of recommendation
  • Order transcripts from the registrar
  • Complete any scholarship or fellowship applications

Winter Term of Senior Year (6-9 months before matriculation):

  • File income tax returns and submit other necessary paperwork for financial aid
  • Visit campus(es) if possible
  • Maintain contact with admissions representatives from schools where you are waitlisted and discuss options with a career advisor
  • Commit and send financial deposit
  • Thank your mentors and letter writers, and let them know your final plans