General Account Information

We are currently working on updating our website information for Workday.  Please see for more information about Workday.

  • Accounts are 12 digit numbers composed of:
12 1234 123456
Fund- Object- Unit Balance/Department/Project
  • Current listings of objects and unit balances are on the BO web page
  • Account numbers can also be found on MyAccounts where you have view access.
  • Notes on transfers between accounts:
    • Object 7998 can be used for transfers between departments (use 7998 for both depts.)
    • You can also transfer with the same object, such as 7819 to increase and decrease office supplies expense between departments.
    • You can also transfer to 7990, cost recovery, when a reimbursement or funding is transferred.
    • In general, we do not make transfers with revenue objects, (5xxx objects) however 5990 can be used for miscellaneous revenue, especially for student accounts.

Source Codes/ Reference Numbers (Ref#) descriptions

Source Code/Ref# Description
AA Actual Opening Balance, the amount carried forward from the prior year
AE Actual Encumbrance, the amount carried forward from the prior year
AT University card charges (old AT&T card system)
BH Biz-Hub charges
BU Budget Adjustments
CC Credit Cards expenses
CR Cash Receipts
DB Dining Services Billing
EP Purchase Order
IV Invoices or bills generated by the Business Office
JE Account transfers or Journal Entries
PP Physical Plant work order charges
PJ Purchase Journal, vendor voucher# will also be referenced
PR Payroll expense
RE Raiser's Edge, contributions or donor gifts