Account Number and Spend Category Listings

We are currently working on updating our website information for Workday.  Please see for more information about Workday.

For a partial listing of object codes and account numbers used by the Business Office, please go to the Workday Training page and click on Business Office Account Reference Guides (Under General Finance). Please note that these are only partial listings. Other codes and accounts do exist. So Departments/Organizations are reminded and encouraged to use spend categories and account numbers that they would normally use, even if they do not appear on these listings.

  • Auxiliary Accounts - FD01 (legacy 10 fund)
  • Operations Accounts - FD02 (legacy 11 fund) 
  • For FD03/FD04 Accounts, Contact the Business Office (legacy 12 fund)
  • Undergrad Student Organizations
  • Law Student Organizations
  • Spend Categories (legacy Object Codes)