Curricular Proposals to the Committee on Courses and Degrees (C&D)

All C&D forms can be found here.

When is it necessary to submit information to C&D?

Examples where faculty or committee would submit a request to C&D (via e-mail to

  • changes to an academic major or program,
  • proposals for new academic majors or programs,
  • courses that are approved for use in non-major programs,
  • new course proposals, substantive changes to current courses, and deletions of old courses,
  • changes in institutional policy that affect summer school, transfer and study abroad credit,
  • departmental policies concerning transfer credit that don't match institutional policy,
  • changes that affect FDR requirements and courses,
  • changes in graduation requirements,
  • changes in policy that affect academic regulations (examples in the past - linked courses, repeat policy, special examinations, pass/fail grading option...),
  • and, other policy exceptions.

How do you submit the request?

Proposals for new courses or changes in departmental or program curricula should be received in the Office of the Dean of The College by Tuesday at 5:00 pm for consideration at the next C&D meeting on the following Tuesday. If a proposal requires additional consultation or information, please understand that deliberation may be postponed beyond the following Tuesday. Curricular proposals should be submitted in electronic format directly to the Office of the Dean of The College ( in the Dean's Office, with the subject line "CD faculty proposal: ..." and a short description.

Proposals for curricular changes should be accompanied by the C&D form and typically by more detailed information answering the C&D Guidelines for creating or altering a major or program. Proposals for new courses should be accompanied by the C&D form, a preliminary syllabus or course outline, and a catalog course description.

What are the deadlines for submitting a proposal?

The critical deadline for curricular proposals to revise the next catalog, especially changes to departmental or program requirements, is early: the first Tuesday of Winter Term. This deadline allows adequate time for committee consideration and a faculty vote before the mid-February catalog deadline. Submissions after that date cannot be guaranteed for inclusion in the next year's catalog.

Deadlines to submit new course proposals to C&D for upcoming terms are as follows:

Winter Term submissions - course proposals due by the end of September
Spring Term submissions - course proposals due by the end of September
Fall Term submissions - course proposals due by the end of January

Please also submit catalog course descriptions for all topics courses planned for the upcoming terms by these dates. The Committee will not formally review topics courses but would like to be kept informed of these important curricular offerings.

How often does the committee meet?

The C&D committee meets each Tuesday afternoon at 3:30 p.m. during the term. Actions by the C&D committee require approval of the faculty at their regularly scheduled faculty meetings (usually the first Monday of the following month).

Who is currently on C&D?

See the committee charge and listing