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The International Education Research Foundation has published a short article summarizing the different British-system examinations.

A-level Requests

International A-levels are based on the well-established and internationally recognized A-level examinations, which are the most widely used qualification for entry to British universities. (See A-level examinations are typically taken by students two years after O-level or IGCSE examinations. International A-level syllabi are offered in numerous academic subject areas. In some subject areas (such as geography and history) the provision includes a range of options tailored to candidates in specific parts of the world. In addition, a wide range of language and other syllabuses to meet specific local needs is offered especially for candidates in certain countries.

Students are required to submit official A-level results (not just a secondary-school's preliminary report of scores or a student's photocopy) and, often, to meet with the appropriate W&L department head before credit is awarded. Preliminary scores may be used for initial placement and registration. Typically only grades of B or higher are considered for credit. No grade below C is considered and only rarely is credit awarded for a C. Test results should include the testing agency (Cambridge International, OCR, or Edexcel) and syllabus number. Syllabi or examples of written work are requested occasionally requested by faculty if needed to determine placement determinations. Most typically, the credit awarded is one or two terms at the introductory level.

No degree credit is awarded for AS-, AO- or O-level results. Additional disciplines may be added to the table below as requests are received and syllabi approved for credit by the relevant W&L department.

Transcripts should always be brought or sent directly to:

University Registrar
Washington and Lee University
Lexington VA 24450-2116

W&L Discipline - A-level Syllabus Normal minimum grade W&L Equivalency and Credit, with notation of FDR earned, if any Registration Recommendation
Biology OCR 9700, H420 B BIOL 1-SL-N (4-credit 100-level SL elective, but not the major) if biology, neuroscience or environmental science major or pre-health, take BIOL 111/113
Chemistry OCR 9701 B CHEM 110 (4) SL
Computer Science OCR 9608, H446 B CSCI 101 (4) FM CSCI 111
Computer Science OCR 9691 B CSCI 1-SC-N (3-credit 100-level SC elective, but not the  major) CSCI 111
Economics OCR 9708, EDE 9EC0 B ECON 100(3): SS1 consider taking a 200-level course in the winter term
Mathematics or Mathematics (Further) AQA 7357, OCR 9231 B MATH 101(3) FM and 102(3) SC and the major intro sequence MATH 201, 221, or 222
Mathematics (Pure) OCR 9709 B MATH 101(3) FM MATH 102
Physics OCR 9702 B PHYS 111(4), 112(4), meeting SL and SC, the major intro sequence
Sociology AQA 2101 B SOAN 102 (3) SS4 SOAN 101 or any 200-level course
Thinking Skills OCR 9694 B PHIL 1-HU-M (3-credit 100-level HU elective) any philosophy course

AICE Examination Results

The Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) is an international pre-university curriculum and examination system, which administered its first examinations in 1996 and is now an option for students graduating from secondary schools in Florida

The AICE program has the following aims: to provide a broad and balanced pre-university qualification; to encourage good teaching practice and curriculum development; to promote tolerance and understanding through courses of international relevance taught in English; to provide professional assessment of students' performance and establish objective, internationally recognized standards of attainment.

AICE is a 'group' certificate, awarded on the basis of a broad and balanced curriculum of five full-credit courses or their equivalent. Each full-credit course represents at least 200 hours of specialized subject teaching. Full-credit courses are offered in a wide range of academic subjects, and there are also half-credit courses which represent at least 100 hours of teaching time. It is not compulsory for students to follow the full five-subject program; individual subjects can be taken.

Because few US universities have developed policies and no AICE student has requested credit at Washington and Lee, W&L will consider syllabi and results on a case-by-case basis, both for admission and for placement or credit.

For further information on any aspect of AICE, please contact:

Cambridge International Examinations
1 Hills Road
Cambridge CB1 2EU United Kingdom
Tel: +44 1223 553553
Fax: +44 1223 553558

Official records should always be sent directly to :

University Registrar
204 W. Washington Street
Washington and Lee University
Lexington VA 24450-2116