Step 2: Add Sections to Your Saved Schedule

Viewing Course Offerings

To view course offerings for the upcoming winter term, please click on the Global Navigation button in the top left corner beside the W&L logo, and select the "Academics" app. Next, click on "W&L Course Offerings" on the right-side menu. This report has been pre-filtered for the upcoming registration academic period and the academic level. If warranted, you may simply remove the filters you do not want by clicking the "X" next to the appropriate selections. The resulting report will generate a list of all selected offerings for the upcoming term. Use the column headers of the report to select additional filters for your course search, if desired.

Creating Course Schedules

We recommend that you create multiple "saved schedules" in Workday as a means to prepare yourself in case one or more of your selected sections is unavailable at the time you register. Please remember that you should only plan a schedule for up to 15 credits because that is the maximum number of credits allowed for registration. Using the register button on a schedule that exceeds 15 credits will cause an error and you will not be enrolled in any courses, so please be sure to schedule wisely. In addition, you will only use your  saved schedule (planned courses) during your initial registration appointment. After your initial appointment, you will register for courses individually, so you need not plan courses first in order to register during open registration.

Detailed instructions (including screenshots) regarding Creating a Course Schedule may be found under Student Resources on the Workday Student help page [see "Create a Course Schedule"].

Course Section Prerequisite Override (Instructor Consent)

As a reminder, instructor consent or "Course Section Prerequisite Overrides" must be initiated by you, the student, as instructors do not have the ability to initiate these requests. Following your request, the instructor will receive an inbox item within Workday that will allow for approval or denial. The instructor also has an option to send back the request (and request more information, for example). While not required, we recommend that you discuss your request with the instructor prior to submission. You will receive a notification via Workday on whether your request was approved. You must still take action to ADD the course if approved; consent does not auto-enroll you into the course

Detailed instructions (including screenshots) regarding Course Section Prerequisite Overrides may be found under Student Resources on the Workday Student help page [see "Request Course Section Prerequisite Override"].

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