Step 3: Registering for Classes

Registration of Course Sections

Register for classes from your "Saved Schedule" under the "Planning" section of your Academics dashboard. If you have created more than one schedule plan, be sure to pull up your primary schedule that you want to register for ahead of your registration window opening. When your window opens, simply refresh the page and locate the "START REGISTRATION" button to begin the registration process. On the schedule overview screen you are given the option to make changes to sections if multiple sections of a course exist. Once you make changes, or if you are satisfied with your planned sections as is, click the "REGISTER" button to register for your courses.  

Detailed instructions (including screenshots) regarding Registration may be found under Student Resources on the Workday Student help page [see "Create a Course Schedule" - the Registration steps begin on page 5].

Registration for fall 2023 begins March 20, 2023 and will continue through the end of add/drop week ending at midnight on September 13. Refer to email and campus notifications for more detail.

Waitlist Functionality

In Workday, you are automatically added to the waitlist for any course that is at full capacity when attempting to register from a planned course schedule. Waitlist offers arrive both by email and inbox item. When you receive a waitlist offer, you will need to log into Workday to act on the offer. Currently, students have 48 hours to accept an offer, including weekends. If you receive an offer for a section for which you no longer intend on enrolling, then please "drop" the request to remove yourself from the waitlist.

PLEASE NOTE: Beginning August 21, 2023, the new waitlist window policy goes into effect. Students will have 24 hours to accept a waitlist offer, including holidays and weekends. Please be mindful of the change and on alert to watch for waitlist offer email and Workday notifications if you are anticipating receiving an offer.

Detailed instructions (including screenshots) regarding Waitlisting for a Course may be found under Student Resources on the Workday Student help page [see "Waitlisting for a Course"].

Troubleshoot Registration Feature

You may use the "Troubleshoot Registration" report to determine why you are unable to register for a course. It may also be used ahead of time to determine your eligibility for a course. You may find this functionality by typing "Troubleshoot Registration" in the search bar.

Detailed instructions (including screenshots) regarding Troubleshooting Registration may be found under Student Resources on the Workday Student help page [see "Troubleshooting Registration"].

NOTE: Continue to look for courses and sections to add to your plan for the registration term, and register into sections until you have a full-time load (12-15 credits in fall and winter terms, and 3-5 credits in spring term).