Step 2: Add Sections to Your Planned Schedule

When registration opens, you can build your schedule for a term. Open 'Plan & Schedule' in Student Planning to view courses currently on your plan and see courses have sections available.

Scroll to the new registration term using the right arrow.

View sections for a course on your plan, and toggle over sections to choose one or more to place on your schedule. Note: Planning and scheduling sections is not registering for them - that is the last step.

Remove planned courses in a term that do not have sections offered by clicking the 'x', or from the timeline view, move them to a different term.

Keep checking for courses and their sections and add them to your planned schedule.

Pay attention to conflicting sections (outlined in red), and missing prerequisite notices.

Eventually, you'll have a group of planned courses for a registration term. Decide between conflicts and work out which class you will use for your 'Pick One' registration.  These are planned sections and not registered sections.

Continue with Step 3: Register for Classes when your window opens.