Step 1: Building Your Course Plan

Student Planning allows students to post courses of interest to future terms. This is the first step towards planning a class schedule for a given term.

Start in 'My Progress' which allows you to view your overall progress toward your degree and pick courses for your plan that fulfill FDR and major or minor requirements.

A green "Completed' or 'In-Progress' designation means the requirement is completed or you are currently registered for a course that meets the requirement.

A yellow 'Planned' designation means that you have on your course plan a course that will meet the requirement.

A red "Not Started' designation means the requirement has not been started or planned and this is a good place to start for adding courses to your plan.

From 'My Progress' search for all courses that meet a requirement by clicking the 'Search' box within that group.

This opens the 'Course Catalog' and lists all course that fulfill the requirement. Add a course to your plan for any future term by clicking the 'Add Course to Plan' button.

Note when a course is typically offered and pick an appropriate term. For a current registration term, use the filters to the left to pull up courses that have sections for that term.

Move a planned course from one term to another from your 'Timeline' by clicking the planned course and dragging it to the new planned term.

Use 'placeholder' courses to note when you might want to take an FDR course, or an elective in your major. These are useful because you will not know in advance what specific courses will be offered in future terms until the term opens for registration.

Continue onto Step 2: Add Sections to Your Planned Schedule when the registration term becomes available.