Spring Registration Specifics Policies and Registration Details

Course Load

The Spring Option
Registration Changes (drops-adds)

Study Abroad

Course Load

  • The minimum academic load during the four week spring term for each student is three credits, including one three- or four-credit course.
  • Students may enroll in up to five credits, with the provision that it not interfere with the schedule and obligations of the three- or four-credit course.
  • The maximum academic load for spring term is five credits, except for approved six-week courses. No other overloads or underloads are permitted.
  • Students may also exercise the Spring Option, with the exception of First-years.
  • Students must be registered for at least one course no later than March 8, 2024, or have submitted a complete Spring Option declaration form.

The Spring Option

The Spring Option allows students to use the spring term of their sophomore, junior, and/or senior years to engage in an internship, service program, employment, travel or educational program that will broaden and enhance their collegiate education. The faculty offer this opportunity to encourage students to seek creative outlets not provided in the normal academic setting. Complete policies and details are outlined on the Student's Declaration of the Washington and Lee Spring Option online.

  • Students may spend one or more of their spring terms off campus engaged in other activities, such as study at another institution (domestic or abroad), internships, employment, service opportunities, or travel.
  • Seniors taking advantage of the Spring Option must have completed all requirements for graduation, except WIPs, and are required to return for commencement.
  • Notification of a student's intent to spend a spring term off campus under this option must be made using the required Spring Option form online and must be submitted to the University Registrar's office before midnight, Friday, March 8, 2024. Students are enrolled into a Spring Option cohort, and dropped from all spring term courses by the University Registrar's office staff upon processing the declaration form. Students will be notified by the application upon approval.
  • Submission beyond the above deadline requires:
    1. completion of the online declaration form;
    2. petition to the Faculty Executive Committee, detailing plans for Spring Term and the reasons why the declaration could not be made by the due date; and
    3. if the petition is approved, $100 late fee
  • Students are responsible for checking their degree audits and maintaining progress toward degree requirements. Students may not exercise the Spring Option if they have an unfinished Incomplete grade, or if on probation at the end of the Winter Term.
  • Students exercising the Spring Option and returning must register for their subsequent term on the normal schedule.
  • Students competing on an intercollegiate athletic team for which the season or playoff period extends into the spring term must be registered full-time for courses during the spring term, unless you are a senior who has completed all graduation requirements. If you are an athlete, discuss your plans with your coach.

Registration Changes (add-drop)

  • Some domestic spring-term courses have an additional fee. Students are billed for these fees and instructors make arrangements for course transportation/ accommodations/activities from course registrations. Those students who drop a section after March 8, 2024 will still be responsible for these course fees.
  • The regular drop/add period is limited to the first two days of the term and takes place online through Workday.
  • During the remainder of the first week of classes for the term, students may alter their schedules for 1-credit and physical education courses only, with the permissions of all instructors, the adviser, and an academic dean using the late registration form.
  • After the first week, any changes to the class schedule must also be approved by the Faculty Executive Committee and, in the case of dropped courses, assignment of a grade of W.
  • After the second week, any dropped course will received a grade of WP or WF as assigned by the instructor of record, regardless of the reason for the drop.
  • After the first week of the term, students dropping a course which is being repeated will receive an F (see "Repeating a Course").
  • No spring term class may be taken on a pass/fail basis.

W&L Study Abroad Classes 

  • Students usually sign up for and make deposits to W&L Spring Abroad classes during the fall term.
  • Students are still responsible to register for the course through the regular Spring course registration in Workday.
  • The deadline for withdrawing from a Spring Term Abroad course is by 4:30 p.m. January 15, 2024. If you withdraw by this deadline, you will forfeit your deposit. If you withdraw after this date, you will owe the full amount of the program fee.