The award-winning W&L Repertory Dance Company has been hailed as a company of “outstanding artistic integrity” by the American College Dance Festival Association. Through the dynamic W&L program, students have the opportunity to participate in all aspects of the productions. The annual fall concert, W&L Dancers Create… is a full integration of the students’ choreography, performance and design work. This eclectic performance is a repertory show featuring works in classical and contemporary ballet, modern, aerial dance, jazz forms, theatre dance and has incorporated native dance forms such as classical Indian and Chinese dance. The winter performance is a fully produced production with professional lighting, set, costume and sound designers as well as world-renowned dancers and choreographers from the field. Student dancers have the opportunity to perform alongside these professionals, learn their craft and become immersed in a fully staged event on campus. Past guest artists have included Doran Raz from Batsheva, Nicole Wolcott from Keigwin + Company, Jack Arnold from Pilobolus, Arachne Aerial Arts, Lauren Edson from Trey McIntyre Project and many others. Master classes have been offered in modern and ballet technique, digital design, Laban, injury prevention, partnering, aerial silks, physical therapy for dancers, nutrition for dancers, Thai dance, Noh theatre, rigging, and improvisation. In addition to the two on-campus events, the dance company has traveled to New York City, NY, Chattanooga, TN, Williamsburg, VA, Wilmington, NC, and the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland to perform in arts festivals and concerts. Additionally, W&L dancers travel annually to the American College Dance Festival, a four-day conference of choreography and dance and have repeatedly won awards for their performances.

The dance minor offers additional opportunities through classes in Dance History, Composition, Dance Analysis and Design, among others. Through the dance minor, W&L students become well versed in critical analysis and learn to view the world from multiple perspectives. They become a community of leaders and form a fellowship of integrity grounded in the respect for life-long learning and creativity. Our graduates are expressive individuals who contribute to the world with a unique and individual voice grounded in compassion and forged in mutual respect.

Spring Term at W&L: Aerial Dance 2013

Aerial Evolution

Aerial Research