The Milton Colvin Scholarship

The Milton Colvin Scholarship Endowment was created in 1997 by his sister, Mrs. Katharine Colvin Hart, and other members of the Colvin family to honor this distinguished teacher and his 30-year career as a professor of politics at Washington and Lee. Upon the recommendation of the head of the Politics Department, awards from the Colvin Scholarship Endowment will be made to promising upperclass politics majors who have financial aid need.

Award Year Student Recipient(s)
2022 Quy Si Le '23
2021 Maya Hernandez '22
Aoife M. Chow '22
2020 Carissa F. Margraf '21
2019 Robert D. Layton '20
2018 Madeline Claire Lucas '19
2017 Salvadore J. Diaz '18
2016 Noelle J. Rutland '17
2015 Matthew R. Kinderman '16
2014 John Cheretis '15
2013 Jacob C. Rudolph '14
2012 Rachel K. Alexander '13
Thomas J. Sanford '13
2011 Emily N. Leary '12
2010 Anatoliy I. Khomenko '11