Transfer Domestic Credit

Credit from Away: Transfer of Domestic Credit in Economics

Occasionally, a student may wish to transfer credits in economics from another U.S.-based university, usually from a summer program.  Here are some guidelines to consider for a course in economics.  It is important also to consult the full details on the registrar's web site. If you are interested in transfer of credit from study abroad, there is a slightly different process. Please see the Economics Study Abroad page. Note that in all cases, you should obtain pre-approval for a possible course for transfer credit. 

May I transfer a course to count as Econ 100?

Under certain circumstances, you may transfer a course which will count as the equivalent of Econ 100 here. The course here covers both microeconomics and macroeconomics, so the course you wish to transfer must also cover both micro and macro. At many universities, this means you would need to take two introductory courses, one each in micro and micro, to receive transfer credit for Econ 100. Transfer of external credit for Econ 100 is not generally something the department recommends, as Econ 100 is foundational to many majors. 

Which are the best economics courses to consider for transfer credit?

The best option is to request to transfer a 200-level economics elective.  Look for a course that requires the equivalent of Econ 100 (introductory economics or principles of economics) as a pre-requisite. Also consider the course objectives and deliverables, the qualifications of the instructor leading the course, and the textbook and readings. 

What is the minimum contact time for a summer course?

A course must meet for at least six weeks in the summer. It must also meet the requirements for university contact hours as defined here

May I transfer a university's extension program class for credit?

No, extension courses (such as UCLA Extension or Harvard Extension) may not be transferred for credit. 

How do I receive pre-approval for a course?

Fill out the form on the registrar's web site titled Credit Transfer for U.S. Off-Campus Study. You will need a syllabus for the proposed course. You do not need to contact the Economics department head directly, as the system will automatically notify the department head when a request has been submitted.