Sandy Reiter Associate Professor of Business Administration

Sandy Reiter

Professor Reiter joined the Department of Business Administration in 2006.  Prior to receiving her Ph.D., she had an extensive career in the aerospace industry working for a corporation that changed names several times due to buy-outs and mergers: Bendix, AlliedSignal, and Honeywell.  She is affiliated with the Philosophy Department, Environmental Studies, Latin America and Caribbean Studies, and the Shepherd Poverty Program.  She teaches courses in the area of business ethics and economic justice, with a strong focus on the international and global environment.

Professor Reiter’s current research interests concern the interface between business actors and the economic institutional structure.  If one assumes that the goal of the economic system is ultimately to increase social well being by way of human development, two important questions are raised: first, how should the system be structured such that the actions of the business agents contribute to human development or, at the very minimum, are not detrimental to such development, and, second, is the economic order fair to the agents that operate within the system or to those who are affected by economic activity?  Her research focuses on these questions from an international perspective and primarily on the actions of corporate agents from developed countries operating in developing countries.  Her work has been published in several journals, including World Development and Ethics and Economics.


University of Washington, Ph.D. 
Northwestern University, Masters of Management
University of Notre Dame, M.S.
University of Notre Dame, B.S.

Selected Publications