Health Pre-med, public health and related professions

Related Coursework includes:

BIOL 275- Food for Thought
ECON 295A- Health Economics in Developing Countries
ECON 376- Health: A Social Science Exploration
PHIL 295A- Seminar: Medicine, Research & Poverty
POL 294- Topics in Public Policy
POV 295- Child Abuse and Neglect Seminar (LAW 221)
PSYCH 230- Contemporary Issues in Child Development
PSYCH 235- Effects of Poverty on Families and Children
PSYCH 265- Developmental Psychopathology 

SOAN 290- Health and Inequality: An Intro to Medical Sociology

Finding Her Calling

Kristina Ayers '25 is interning at a medical clinic for the homeless in Washington, D.C. through the Shepherd Higher Education Consortium on Poverty.

In Service to Health

After the pandemic canceled his original internship, Blake Sanchez '23 went to work for the Virginia Department of Health and the Campus Kitchen at W&L.

Healthcare and Community in Ecuador

Jackson Roberts '19 had the opportunity to intern in Quito, Ecuador, exploring local customs, becoming part of the community, and learning the ins and outs of healthcare.

An Active Participant in Solutions

Through the Shepherd Higher Education Consortium on Poverty, Tyra Barrett '18 interned at the Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers in New Jersey.

Health Care Fieldwork in South Africa

Through the U.Va. Field School for Public Health Research, Julie Sklar '18 was able to work with a medical anthropologist and epidemiologist in South Africa this summer.

Jake Roberts '17

Jake Roberts’ study abroad trip started with an earthquake, and ended with him finding a passion for public health.

Batsheva Honig '17

A passion for asking questions has led Batsheva Honig ‘17 from America to Argentina to study women’s health in both countries.

Sejal Mistry '17

Sejal Mistry ’17, a biology major and poverty studies minor, has completed a service project that aims to improve the nutritional value of foods in the Campus Kitchen at Washington and Lee’s Backpack Program.

Cameron Lee '17

Johnson Opportunity Grant Winner Cameron Lee interns at the Cluj School of Public Health in Romania.

David Sugarman '99

“In the emergency room, unlike public health, doctors can immediately alleviate suffering on an individual basis.”

Kate LeMasters '15

“I realized that large, systemic issues often prohibited people from having the capability to achieve good health, and that without good health, people couldn’t live a life they valued.”

Jonathan Wortham '04

"Even though I enjoy taking care of individuals, it really struck me how much of an impact public health activities have on whole communities and how these activities complement patient care at an individual level."