Arts & Storytelling

Related Coursework:

ARTH 276 "Chicano/a Art & Muralism"

ARTH 278 “Border Art: Contemporary Chicanx and U.S. Latinx Art” 

JOUR 240- Poverty and the Media

JOUR 241- Media and Poverty: The Poor in Journalism and Film*

JOUR 268- News Media, Race & Ethnicity

Finding Beauty Behind Bars

After taking a course at Augusta Correctional Center, two W&L juniors helped to organize an exhibition at the university featuring artwork by artists who are incarcerated. The exhibit is entitled “Unfreedom of Expression.”

Art in the Open

Lindsey Nair covers Meg Griffith’s 2017 spring term art class and their work, which draws attention to important causes in the community. By working with local nonprofits, students made public art pieces to show just how much W&L students can impact and learn from our Lexington community.

Hannah Falchuk ‘18

Gabrielle Tremo writes on The Columns about Hannah Fulchuk’s journalism in both New York City and Rockbridge County. Tremo interviews Fulchuk about her SSA presentation which centered on what she learned from her homeless outreach internship and local Campus Kitchen involvement.

David Hanson ’00

In this profile by Louise Uffelman in 2016, David Hanson talks about his post-graduate experience as a writer, photographer, and documentarian. His work focuses on poverty and food insecurity and was inspired by the stories Washington and Lee had to offer about these issues.