Department and Program Head Sabbatical Request Protocol October 2020

The College recognizes and appreciates the exhaustive work of Department Heads in the College.  The College is formalizing a protocol for Departments to use when Heads seek approval for a sabbatical. 

With the Provost due dates in mind, the College is requesting all Heads to submit sabbatical requests to the Dean no later than October 24, 2020.

 Summary of Protocol:


1.     Send the sabbatical request to the Dean no later than October 24.

2.     The Dean will respond to the request via email by October 29.  Note: do not discuss any interim possibilities within the Department before the approval of the Dean.

3.      If the Dean approves, submit the sabbatical request to the Provost using by November 1, 2020 and include the email of support from the Dean.

4.     Once Advisory meets and approves sabbaticals, the Dean will schedule a meeting with the Head to discuss possible interims.

5.     Once the interim is decided, the Dean will reach out to the possible interim to discuss the opportunity.  The Dean will inform the department when the interim is appointed.