Course Overload Request Updated October 2020

Department Heads will coordinate all teaching responsibilities for their respective departments and determine the work assignment of individual faculty members. Enrollment in courses and programs of study must be sufficient to justify an overload request. The guiding principle is overloads are used sparingly, in emergency situations, such as a late faculty resignation, illness, or very unusual enrollment patterns; however, unforeseen circumstances may warrant an overload. The Department or Program Head will request the Dean to authorize an overload for additional course assignments.

Paid overload requests must be submitted by the Department or Program Head to the Dean of the College for consideration. Faculty members are permitted a one-course overload per academic year, typically not to exceed 4 credit hours or the equivalent for the course. Faculty cannot assign themselves an overload and overloads should not be more than two consecutive regular terms. When an overload teaching assignment for full-time faculty is approved, the Dean will authorize the extra compensation through a separate contract.

Course Overload Request Form