Requests and Protocols

Course Overload Request

Department Heads will coordinate all teaching responsibilities for their respective departments and determine the work assignment of individual faculty members. Enrollment in courses and programs of study must be sufficient to justify an overload request. Paid overload requests must be submitted by the Department or Program Head to the Dean of the College for consideration.

Visiting Assistant Professor Request Protocol

The College recognizes the significant value and contributions of Visiting Professors (VAPs) to the life of W&L and intends to support the needs of the Departments and Interdisciplinary Programs. Due to sabbatical requests being the key driver of VAP needs, the College will use that deadline as its starting point. Once sabbaticals have been identified, due to the Provost by November of each year the Department/Program Head will submit the attached form, filled out in its entirety, for approval from the Dean for VAP hiring.

World Language Teaching Assistant / Instructor Request

The College recognizes the importance and value of highly qualified native speaking appointees from various international regions. The native speaker adds a depth to the W&L learning experience that trained language speakers cannot offer students. There is a long history of WLTAs and WL Instructors coming to W&L and the College intends to support the needs of the Departments. However, due to the increase in complexity and priorities of the needs of various Departments, the College is instituting a process for Departments to use when requesting a WLTA/Instructor.