College Mini Grants Funding for course enhancements

The Dean of the College invites proposals from College Faculty for mini-grants for the WINTER TERM 2021. Budgetary constraints require a competitive process. No one faculty member will be funded for more than one mini-grant per term. Mini-grants will be competitive this year and priority will be given to those who have not previously been funded.

Mini-Grants are for Course Enhancements

Proposals of up to $750 for enhancements to specific departmental or interdisciplinary program courses to be taught in WINTER TERM 2021 will be considered.   The number of proposals your department or program may submit depends on the # of full-time faculty (for departments) or the # of courses offered in the fall (for programs).  Please budget modestly; the smaller each individual request, the more requests we can grant.  Due to COVID-19 restrictions currently in place, mini-grants will not fund in-person visitors to classes.  However, proposals that include class visits via zoom or other virtual means will be considered ($250 maximum zoom honorarium).  

Mini-Grants Submission Deadlines

Faculty: Using the attached proposal form, submit your Mini-Grant proposal to your dept./program head for endorsement by December 4, 2020.

Dept./program heads: Operating under the constraints listed below, submit proposals from your dept./program to Jinky Garrett ( by Dec. 11, 2020. If submitting multiple proposals from your dept./program, please rank in order of priority and provide a brief explanation.

1 mini-grant proposal Depts. with 4-5 FT members or Programs with 1-2 courses

2 mini-grant proposals Depts. with 6-10 FT members or Programs w/ 3-14 courses

3 mini-grant proposals Depts. with 11+ FT members or Programs with 15+ courses

Please contact Fred LaRiviere ( or x8746) with any questions.


DUE TO YOUR DEPT HEAD BY December 4, 2020 . Due in the Dean's Office by December 11, 2020

_________I have never received a mini-grant from the College.

_________I have received a single mini-grant, in ___________ (term, year).

_________I have received two or more mini-grants, most recently in _____________.

Department or Program _____________________________________

Course Number and Title _______________________________________________

Instructor __________________________________________

Term _______________________

Requested Enhancement _____________________________________________________________________________________

Rationale ______________________________________________________________________________________________________






Attach budget (provide as much detail as possible; actual costs are preferred to estimates)

Instructor Signature


Department or Program Chair Signature