Plan an Event

Student Event Registration Form

All events held in outdoor spaces on campus must be approved by the Vice President for Student Affairs. Submit the Student Event Registration Form to the Student Affairs administrative office to register the event and email reserve space on the calendar. Please contact Kelsey Goodwin at 458-5000 or with any questions about these spaces.

Swipe Machines

Download the request form for a swipe machine and take the signed form (a list of Student Affairs personnel who can sign off are included on the form) to the Business Office to reserve a machine for the requested date. Swipe machines have to be picked up and returned to the Business Office each day that they are reserved.

Required Forms

including Student Event Registration and Use, Swipe Card Machine Request, Tailgate Registration and Regulations

Co-Sponsoring an Event with Student Activities

Things get bigger and better when more people and resources come together. Support the activities that other W&L groups are planning. Multiple organizations with multiple budgets equals more money for your event.