Being a Good Neighbor

Living Off Campus
Living off campus is a much different experience from living in a University residence hall. In the neighborhoods of Lexington and Rockbridge County live people and families whose lifestyles, schedules and living arrangements are probably much different than yours. By choosing to live off campus, you must meet the standards of your neighborhood.

So what does this mean exactly?

Honor System
As a Washington and Lee student, you are bound by the Honor System on and off campus. Your neighbors are aware of the pride the University places in this Honor System, and they have high expectations for your behavior. Guide your interactions with your neighbors by the basic principle of mutual trust-- trust among students, faculty, administrators and the residents of Lexington and Rockbridge County that W&L students will conduct themselves honorably at all times, on and off campus.

Noise is always a major issue. You would not appreciate your neighbors' making excessive noise while you study for exams. In the same way, they will not appreciate your making excessive noise. That doesn't just mean you have to observe the local noise laws. You also must be considerate of your neighbors by doing such things as keeping your audio equipment at reasonable levels and seeing that your guests do not create disturbances.

You (and your landlord) are responsible for maintaining a safe, clean and attractive environment. In particular, cups, cans and other trash that you allow to remain in your yard after a party is an eyesore for your neighbors. You must dispose of all garbage regularly and appropriately. After a party, you must clean up your property within 24 hours.

Parking and Traffic
You must comply with all applicable laws, and you must make sure invited guests do the same. Make traffic safety a priority. Do not park illegally. Do not block neighbors' driveways, public alleys or sidewalks-those are all illegal, and the police department or sheriff's office may cite you for violations. Plan ahead of time for guest parking at social events. Many streets and roads in Lexington and Rockbridge County are narrow and dangerous without the added problem of illegally parked vehicles.

The best way to be a good neighbor is to talk to your neighbors. Introduce yourself when you move in. Become an active member of your neighborhood. Show your neighbors respect, and you will gain their respect in return.