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Students may not mail packages directly to W&L until August 12th. More details can be found here.

Storage Scholars, Student Storage Made Easy

Storage Scholars is a preferred moving, storage, and shipping partner of Washington & Lee University. From securely storing your belongings during breaks to ensuring safe delivery of packages, Storage Scholars has consistently demonstrated their commitment to excellence. Look no further than Storage Scholars for a hassle-free experience, superior customer service, and peace of mind. Visit their website to learn more and explore the comprehensive range of student storage, moving, and shipping services offered to the W&L community.


How Summer Storage & Moving Works at Washington and Lee University:

Summer Storage and Moving Service: Pack and Tape Up your box, we pick up and store it, then we deliver it to your new room. As seen on shark tank.

  1. Pack & Lock - After receiving our free packing supplies, pack your belongings, lock everything in your room, and leave at your convenience.

  2. Pick-Up & Store - After exams, your school provides our student team access to your room, so we can transport and store your items in a local, secure, and temperature-controlled facility.

  3. Delivery - Your belongings will be delivered to your new room on campus the week before classes start or we'll deliver off campus on your preferred date.

  4. Shipping - We can ship boxes home for the summer, or to your first apartment a few months after graduation (optional).


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How Ship to School Works:

We ship to you empty boxes, you pack and ship back, we receive and deliver

  1. We Ship You Empty Boxes: We send a bundle of empty boxes along with tape and prepaid return shipping labels to your home.

  2. You Pack & Ship Back: You pack your items in the boxes, seal them up, and ship them back over to us over the summer months.

  3. We Receive & Deliver: Our team receives those packages, stores them, and delivers them, ready and waiting in your room when you arrive on campus.

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500 W 5th St, Suite 400,
Winston Salem, NC 27101

(336) 815-0100