Housing FAQs for Students Participating in Study Abroad Programs

1.  I am studying abroad Fall 2021. How to do I select a room for Winter 2022?

    • Complete the Winter 2022 Housing Application, available in October 2021 through via go.wlu.edu/erezlife. The Application provides the opportunity to request a specific room assignment for Winter term and/or list your housing preferences.
    • If you have identified a student to swap rooms with (i.e., a fall student going abroad winter term), please ensure that you’ve noted this on your winter term application. (The Office of Residence Life will work with any student unable to secure a room swap).
    • Winter Term room assignments will be released through eRezLife prior to the end of fall term (exact dates TBD).

2.  How do I complete a Winter Housing Application?  Instructions for completing applications will be provided when housing applications open in October. This process will be communicated via WLU email.

3.  How do I find out what rooms are available Winter Term 2022?  Students are encouraged to coordinate with friends and classmates to arrange a room swap.  The Office of Resience Life will make every effort to honor all mutual room swap requests if submitted via the proper application/form by the advertised deadlines. It is important to communicate with ALL current residents in the apartment/townhouse where you intend to reside to ensure a smooth transition back to campus. Be sure to complete the Winter Housing Application by the communicated deadline and indicate your building and room type preferences in rank order. The Office of Residence Life will work with any student unable to secure a room swap.The sooner you reach out to Residence Life for assistance the better.

4.  If I am going abroad Winter term, can I designate someone currently abroad to take my room for Winter/Spring term?  Yes. Residence Life staff will work closely with students who are interested in living with a specific group of people by "swapping out" particular spaces where the student studying abroad in the Fall moves into the room of the student who will be studying abroad Winter/Spring term. We will honor mutual requests, but good planning and communication is essential for this to occur.  Winter Housing Applications will open in October with placements announced before end of fall term. Room swaps are not final until approved by the Office of Residence Life.  You will not be penalized if you are unable to find someone to fill your room.

5.  When will I know if my room swap has been approved by the Office of Residence Life? All placements will be announced prior to end of fall term via WLU email.  

6.  Can I move to another apartment/townhouse if 2 or more people in my unit are leaving for Study Abroad?  We will review and approve requests for apartment/townhouse consolidations on a case-by-case basis. Please contact Residence Life.

7.  If I am going abroad Winter term, when do I need to completely move out of campus housing?  You will need to move out completely before you leave for Winter Break by the posted closing date. See University Housing Dates.

8.  Will my assigned room be cleaned by University staff before my return to campus from abroad?  Yes - Facilities Staff will be asked to clean all bedrooms vacated at the end of Fall Term.  In the event of room consolidations, students must completely move into the consolidated apartment/townhouse room BEFORE leaving campus for winter break in order for Facilities staff to clean. Cleaning is not provided for common areas in the Village or Woods Creek apartments.  

9.  When can I move into campus housing if I am abroad Fall term? Students returning from fall study abroad programs may move into campus housing on the posted date. See University Housing Dates.  

10. What if I am unable to work out a room swap by the Housing Application deadline?
Be sure to complete the Winter Housing Application by the communicated deadline, and indicate your building and room type preferences in rank order.  The Office of Residence Life will work with you on a placement based on your preferences and space availability.

11.  What happens if plans change for the student living in campus housing Fall term 2021 and they no longer intends to leave campus Winter term 2022? Last minute planning could impact your housing assignment. Written notification from the student declining to participate in the Winter study abroad must be received two weeks before end of fall term along with confirmation from the Center for International Education.  After this time frame, the student no longer going abroad Winter Term 2022 forfeits his/her Fall Term 2021 room assignment to the returning student that has been assigned for Winter Term 2022. The student returning to campus for Winter Term 2022 will be permitted to live in the room as assigned unless an alternative, mutual agreement is reached between students. The student no longer going abroad will be reassigned to a different campus housing room by the Office of Residence Life in order to comply with the 3 year residency requirement.  

12.  What if I'm going abroad Winter Term and want to return to campus housing for a Spring Term course?  Spring term housing applications will be available in March/April.  Housing considerations will only be made for those enrolled in a spring term course.  Students going abroad Winter Term must completely move out of campus housing at the end of Fall Term. Your room will be reassigned to a student that has been abroad Fall Term. You may NOT store any items in University housing while abroad. We do not "hold" rooms. If your original room is still available, you may be assigned there. If not, you will be assigned a space based on availability at the time of your Spring term housing application.

13. How am I billed for Spring Term Housing? The annual room rates for the 2021-2022 academic year are as follows: Single/Double/Triple: $8,600 per person per academic year. This annual room rate is payable in two equal installments, as billed in advance by the University. A Student studying abroad will only be charged for University housing during the term they reside on campus. No separate room fee is charged for spring term for those students who have paid the Comprehensive Tuition and room fees in either the fall or winter term, in full. However, a Student returning for spring term enrollment who has not paid the Comprehensive Tuition and room fees for either the fall or winter term will be billed a prorated amount for housing. There is no refund for study abroad spring term.

14. I plan to study abroad Spring Term only. Will my student account be credited for my Spring Term housing?  As long as you lived in and paid for University housing for either the fall or winter term, no - there will be no additional charge for spring term housing thus no financial credits are issued for those studying abroad for spring term.

Updated 3/17/21