Campus Resources

There are a number of ways that lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or questioning students can get support: 

Individual therapy through University Counseling
All four University Counselors who all work with LGBTQ students: Dr. Christy Barongan, Dr. Janet Boller, Ms. Rallie Snowden, and Dr. Kirk Luder.  You can schedule an appointment with any counselor by calling University Counseling at 540-458-8590 or email All information, including reasons for seeking counseling is completely confidential.

LGBTQ Peer Counseling
A Peer Counseling program aimed at providing confidential, nonjudgmental support. There are several peer counselors who are all available by cell phone or email at any time, and you can call any one of them. Look for posters around campus.
The larger Peer Counseling Program is also a resource, as all University Peer Counselors have special training in helping LGBTQ students. If you know any of the PCs personally and feel comfortable with them, you can seek them out as well.  All contacts are strictly confidential. 

Peer Support Groups
There is an active support group for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or questioning undergraduate and law students called Finding Our Truth that meets each week. Rallie Snowden from University Counseling facilitates this group, which meets in a private, off-campus location. All the participants in the group take an honor pledge to protect the confidentiality of everyone in the group, and there is no pressure to come out. The group is intended to help provide support and to help students build friendships and a sense of community. If you are interested in this group, you can make your strictly confidential inquiry to Rallie Snowden at 540-458-4888 or

Generals' Unity
This is an recognized student organization with the mission of promoting an LGBTQ friendly environment for all students.

Discrimination  & Harassment
If you feel that you have experienced discrimination or harassment because of your sexual orientation, you can contact the Title IX Coordinator, Lauren Kozak at 540-458-4055 or to help provide support and resolution. Harassment on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression is prohibited by the Interim Sexual Harassment and Misconduct Policy

Building a Positive LGBTQ Community

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