Library Services for Students

The library and ITS have integrated their services and share the centrally located Information Desk. From this desk, they deliver many services, including: library item checkout, digital cameras, laptop computers, and presentation equipment, help with research projects, troubleshooting computers, preparing presentations, creating and printing posters, digitizing/editing audio and video, using scanners, editing digital images, analyzing data sets, using GIS, and making maps.

The Leyburn Library may seem overwhelming because of the plentiful resources located in the building as well as online, but do not let this deter you from using all that is available for your convenience. If the resources you are looking for are not located on campus, do not forget about our Inter-Library Loan system.

Under the ‘Research' tab there are many resources that may be accessed for your convenience. There is guidance on citation and how to begin research. There are also links for research in specific disciplines to help guide you in the right direction and narrow the information that may seem overwhelming at first glance. If you would like personalized guidance, contact the librarian assigned to help with your discipline. They will be happy to assist you in becoming a better researcher.