Articles of Interest

These articles are provided to offer a snapshot of some current trends in higher education. Parents are encouraged to use these articles to discuss the college experience with their student.

Freshmen Pay, Mentally and Physically, as They Adjust to Life in College, by Thomas Bartlett  
The Chronicle of Higher Education February 1, 2002

Privacy vs. Protection: How much should a college tell parents when a student's health or safety seems at risk?  by Mark Clayton
The Christian Science Monitor February 12, 2002

Students Who Work More Than 25 Hours a Week Suffer Academically, Study Says, by Richard Morgan 
The Chronicle of Higher Education April 17, 2002

Supreme Court Weighs Whether Students Can Sue Under Privacy Law, by Ben Gose 
The Chronicle of Higher Education May 3, 2002 

Alcohol in the Vulnerable Lives of College Women, by Devon Jersild  
The Chronicle of Higher Education May 31, 2002

Students Find Another Staple of Campus Life: Stress, by Mary Duenwald  
New York Times September 17, 2002