Before You Arrive Spring & Summer as a Confirmed Student

The First-Year Experience is up and running by mid-April with the Onboarding Process and Summer Timeline mailing, which outlines the summer responsibilities of a new General.  This information will explain how to obtain your W&L e-mail and what forms need to be filled out. First-Years are expected to utilize their W&L e-mail accounts and to check their e-mail daily since this is the primary way the University conducts its business with students. FYs receive their room assignment and the name of their initial faculty adviser via e-mail later in the summer. FYs should also make time to review the University Student Handbook.

Leading Edge

Leading Edge Program takes place the beginning First-Year student orientation. The programs are small and inviting, a testament to the atmosphere of W&L. Leading Edge provides incoming First-Year students with the opportunity to begin their college career with friends, a sense of community, sharpened teamwork skills, and a memorable, meaningful, and challenging experience.

Placement Testing

All incoming First-Year students are expected to take a world language placement test. Students who have pursued more than one language and have received high school credit for them should decide which language they wish to pursue at Washington and Lee, and take the placement test in that language only. Students who do not take a placement test in the language they studied in high school will not be able to enroll in that language at Washington and Lee.

Financial Aid

Income is not a barrier to accessing a quality education at Washington and Lee University. We provide scholarships and need-based awards to applicants at every income level. Washington and Lee is committed to providing all qualified students an opportunity for an outstanding educational experience. Need-based awards are available to any eligible student who completes the required financial aid documents.

Information Technology Services

ITS is available to you for problems concerning multimedia. Because most professors require papers to be typed, you will often be required to use a computer. The Leyburn Library has computer labs and printers for your convenience. If you experience problems concerning computers, internet networks etc. contact ITS: Call (540) 458-HELP (x4357).

Disability Accommodations

It is the policy of the Washington and Lee University and its School of Law to provide equal access to educational opportunities to qualified students with physical or mental disabilities, in accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act.