Policies and Guidelines

This page contains a list of policies and guidelines that are particularly relevant to members of the faculty. The list is by no means comprehensive. For further information, faculty should consult the webpages for the Office of the General Counsel, the Registrar's Office, and the Department of Human Resources. Links to these pages are available below.

Title IX at Washington and Lee University

Click to view Washington and Lee University’s Nondiscrimination statement. The Additional Resources and Related Policies sections of the statement contain links to: 1) a summary document entitled Title IX at W&L; 2) an organizational chart and flow chart for Title IX reporting; and 3) a link to the university Prohibited Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, and Retaliation policy.

Copyrights for Course Materials

Copyright permission must be obtained prior to the beginning of an academic term. This form will help facilitate clearance of materials for course packs and Canvas.

Intellectual Property Statement

The University Policy on Intellectual Property is administered by the Provost. Click to view a copy of the University's current policy.

Religious Holidays

Students on our campus this academic year associate with a variety of religious traditions. We should do all we can to allow our students to celebrate their religious holidays appropriately. A representative list of holy days for the academic year from several major traditions can be found on the Human Resources website.