Blue Bikes

Register, Check Out & Ride

We have a lottery system in place. Registration for the program opens up every year one week prior to the first day of classes in the fall term.  We will pick random names and notify you by email during the first week of classes.  After that it is is first come first served from the Outing Club during regular open hours. 

  • STEP 1: Fill out the online registration.
  • STEP 2: Wait to hear if you were one of the lucky lottery winners for a Blue Bike this term. 
  • STEP 3: Visit the Outing Club Bike shop during open hours to fill out the paperwork and collect your bike.

Special additional hours at the beginning of each term will be announced to help you get the bike and our regular bike shop hours are posted online. 

About the Program

The Blue Bike program at Washington and Lee is designed to provide a convenient way to get around the campus and Lexington. The use of bicycles instead of motor vehicles results in cleaner air and better health, less traffic and more open parking spaces, less oil consumed and fewer greenhouse gases emitted. Students, faculty and staff may participate in the Check Out Bike Program by registering online.The Blue Bike Program allows campus community members to check out a bike, lock and helmet and helmet for free. After you are registered you can check out a long term bike with helmet and key for up to one term. It is the responsibility of the rider to keep the bike locked when not in use. If the bike is lost or not returned you will be responsible for the full replacement value.

If you have a problem with a blue bike or see one that is lost or abandoned, please e-mail