How to Ride A Blue Bike


Adjust your helmet and the seat height then make sure the brakes are working properly before taking off. Check tire pressure - tire should be firm and pressure at 40 PSI. There are bike repair racks at Leyburn Library, across from the KA House and at the Law School which have tools for repairs and an air pump.


Some bikes have pull brakes and some have coaster brakes. The Blue Bikes have pull brakes - levers mounted on the handlebars that slow the bike when you pull the lever. The right hand lever actuates the back brake and the left one the front brake. The harder you squeeze the handles the more braking power is applied to the wheels. Apply the same amount of pressure to both brakes at the same time. Never use the left (front) brake by itself. Coaster brakes slow the bike when you rotate the pedals backwards.

OK Go!

Remember to obey the rules of the road - ride on the right, obey all traffic signs and lights and do not ride on city sidewalks. Do not ride at night without a light.


Please use the kick stand or a bike rack when parking the bike. Do not lay the bike on its side especially the chain / gear side or you may damage the bike.

It is your responsibility to do what you can to make sure the bike is not stolen. If you have a long term rental bike you must use the lock when you are not using the bike. If the bike breaks down return it to Leyburn.Library and/or email

Do Not!

Do not allow anyone to sit on the back fender, handle bars or basket.

More Info?

Ask to see the bike owner's manual and/or the sheet on helmet adjustments located at the Leyburn Circulation Desk if you need more information. You may also contact