CBL Transportation Program

Welcome to Washington and Lee's Student Community-Based Learning Transportation program! The use of a rental vehicle or bike to travel to your volunteer or service-learning site is a privilege and extends only to community service. Personal use is strictly prohibited. CBL reserves the right to revoke privileges if proper procedures are not followed. 

Only students who have taken part in a Public Safety training session will have access to rental cars and bikes. Compliance with all guidelines below are mandatory for use of the system, which is regulated both on campus and by Enterprise Rental.

Making a Car Reservation

Reservation Confirmation, Key Pick-Up and Return

  • Car keys are located at the CBL Transportation Hub outside office GO-13 in the basement of Early-Fielding. This is where they have to be picked up before you use the car and immediately returned to the same location after use.
  • Before picking up a car key, check the color-coded calendars on the glass board carefully to verify which vehicle has been assigned to you. Each key has a color-coded tag to correspond with the color-coded calendars. Your assigned car MAY be different than what you reserved on 25Live.
  • If your name does NOT appear on any of the calendars, you are NOT approved to use a rental and must confirm with Judy Repair before taking the keys.
  • Please be timely and respectful in picking up the CORRECT assigned key and car and returning both immediately after using so that other students have the same opportunity as you. Cars are numbered 1-4 and the calendars reflect this indication.
  • Please note that the maximum capacity of these car rentals is four people.

After Hours & Weekends

  • If you are using and/or returning a rental after hours (5 p.m.) or on the weekend, use the swipe card pad. If your card does not unlock the door, use the keypad box on the lower level, Washington Street entrance. Ms. Repair will share the code with you in advance. Please plan accordingly. NEVER place the keys in any location other than the Transportation Hub cabinet.

Car Pick-Up and Return

  • Before and after EACH use of an Enterprise rental, please follow the Clean/Sanitize Instructions.
  • Enterprise rentals are parked in the Gaines Hall parking lot adjacent to Student Health parking and are marked "Community Service Vehicles Only." When returning the vehicle, only park in one of the reserved spaces.
  • When you return to campus, remove all your belongings and any trash from the vehicle and return the car keys immediately to Early Fielding GO-13/cabinet.
  • If a reserved space is not available, park the rental as close to the designated parking spaces in the SAME lot (Gaines Hall) and text Judy Repair (540-460-3678) promptly to let her know where the rental is parked. This information will be shared with the next student using the rental and Public Safety.
  • The top level Enterprise spaces in the parking deck are NOT to be used to park a rental unless you are notified by Judy Repair.

Smoking and Drinking

  • Under no circumstances are smoking and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages permitted in the vehicle.

Car Rental Contracts

  • In the rentals, you will find an Enterprise contract and Accident Report form. Please LEAVE BOTH and any paperwork you may find in the car's glove compartment for safe keeping. DO NOT put any Enterprise paperwork in the Transportation Hub cabinet. Enterprise contracts MUST remain in each rental at all times.
  • Should you have a fender-bender or accident, read the accident report form (in the glovebox) and contact Public Safety (540-458-8999)

Car Accident

  • If you have an accident that involves other people or vehicles, or if the rental is not driveable:
    • Notify W&L Public Safety immediately at 540-458-8999
    • Notify local law enforcement to file a police report.
  • Fill out the vehicle accident report form in the glove compartment and report the accident to Judy Repair within two (2) hours so she can alert Enterprise Rental.

Inclement Weather

  • Students who commute to class or a volunteer site should exercise their best personal judgment with regard to their own local road conditions and other safety concerns. The University does not advise anyone to travel who feels that he/she cannot do so safely. Students who are unable to make it to a class or volunteer site should communicate with faculty and/or supervisory staff members to notify your absence and delete the entry on 25Live. For complete inclement weather information go to: W&L Inclement Weather.

University Vehicle Use Policy

Making a Bike Reservation

  • To reserve a bike, please sign up on 25Live. Watch: How to Create an Event
  • Two bikes are reserved for CBL only and are available for pick up at Elrod Commons (housed in the bike rack outside of Elrod Commons and facing Huntley Hall).
  • Pick up the bike that corresponds with the calendar as follows. There is a corresponding label on each bike, identified as Bike 1 and Bike 2.
  • Following orientation, notify the CBL Office that you may be using a bike on occasion. The lock code will be provided to you. Be sure to wear your helmet, lock your bike at your service site, and return the bike immediately upon return. Return the helmet to CBL's Transportation Hub.
  • If for some reason you are unable to volunteer (you are ill, have a conflict or service site is closed) please delete your request on 25Live. This will allow the opportunity for another student to use a rental or bike. Watch: How to Edit or Cancel and Event


For questions, concerns, or assistance, contact Judy Repair or text 540-460-3678. Early Fielding, Room G08.