Practice Rooms

Wilson Hall houses thirteen practice rooms, five with grand pianos and all with the finest soundproofing. Wilson 3043 is an ensemble practice room and is available for groups to rehearse.

Practice rooms are located on the third floor of Wilson Hall. Rooms are open for use between the hours of 8:00AM and 11:00PM. They are accessible via swipe access outside of these hours.

All practice room reservation requests must be made through 25 Live. Reservation requests require approval prior to use, and are approved on a first-come, first-served basis. Please do not make definitive plans to use the space until you have received confirmation your request has been approved. Requests are to be made as early in advance as possible and approvals are granted during regular office hours only. 

Policy on the Use of Practice Rooms

Each room is equipped with a music stand, a chair, and a wall-mounted mirror. While these practice rooms are open for use by all students, music majors, music minors and students taking applied lessons have priority in the use of these rooms.

Practice studios are also used by instructors who teach applied music lessons. Their schedules will be posted on the door of the room and will be reserved during those times.

When using practice rooms, please follow the rules below:

  1. Do not remove any items or equipment from any of the rooms.
  2. Always keep the door firmly closed when practicing, do not practice with the door open. After you have completed a practice session, gather all your materials, and turn off the light. Do not leave behind any personal belongings and leave the space as you found it.
  3. NEVER take food or drinks into practice rooms.
  4. NEVER place anything on a piano that could damage the instrument's finish or mechanical parts.
  5. NEVER move the piano. These instruments are extremely heavy and moving them could result in serious injury.
  6. Do not remove stands and chairs from the practice rooms.

If you discover a problem with a piano, please note it on the piano mechanical problem form posted on the wall in the practice room. We strive to provide excellent instruments and keep them in top condition for students to have enjoyable and productive practice sessions. Please treat our instruments and practice rooms with respect.

Please contact the Department of Music's Administrative Assistant if you have questions regarding the usage of practice rooms.

For more information about reserving spaces through 25Live, please visit Space Scheduling with 25Live Pro.