PF 7: 94 American Newspapers 1806 - 1814

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Dec. 22 Portland Gazette
Jefferson's State of the Union Message / Battle of Jena



Mar. 11 Connecticut Courant (Hartford)
Napoleon / Aaron Burr and the Wilkinson conspiracy

Apr. 3 General Advertiser (Philadelphia)
Burr in Virginia prison / Tammany Hall

June 12 New-England Palladium
Trial of Aaron Burr

Sept. 3 Boston Gazette
War with Great Britain

Sept. 15 New-England Palladium
Dr. Jenner's reward for discovery that led to the prevention of smallpox

Oct. 6 New-England Palladium
Connecticut libel suits

Oct. 9 New-England Palladium
War with Ohio Indians / Duels

Oct. 13 New-England Palladium
The Character of Charles J. Fox

Oct. 16 New-England Palladium
"The National Intelligencer lies"

Dec. 7 New-York Evening Post
New-York Census

Dec. 23 New-England Palladium
Peace / Gunboats

Dec. 25 New-England Palladium
The Christmas Services / Prosperity / Monroe



Feb. 3 Columbian Centinel (Boston)
Algiers at war with America / Wilkinson

Feb. 6 Columbian Centinel (Boston)
"Tanka Massa" / US pays tribute to Algeria / Egypt

Sept. 2 New-England Palladium
Trade with Great Britain / New-Hampshire election

Sept. 6 New-England Palladium
Comments on the British Treaty rejected by Jefferson

Sept. 13 New-England Palladium
Jefferson states Causes for the Embargo

Sept. 20 New-England Palladium
Jefferson on the Embargo / Orleans territory

Sept. 27 New-England Palladium
Two millions for Florida? / New Orleans

Dec. 1 Connecticut Journal (New-Haven)
Documents with the President's State of the Union



Feb. 16 Eastern Argus (Portland)
The Embargo / "Republicanism"

Feb. 23 Eastern Argus (Portland)
Jefferson's reply to "Republicanism"

Feb. 24 National Intelligencer (Washington)
A 1774 letter by George Washington that relates to the present crisis

Sept. 7 Baltimore Evening Post (Hezekiah Niles)
Dialogue with John Bull



Aug. 9 Boston Gazette
Burr is in Paris / Scott's "Lady of the Lake"

Sept. 26 Columbian Centinel (Boston)
European Decrees / A Diving Machine

Oct. 20 Columbian Centinel (Boston)
Great Fire in Charleston, SC

Oct. 24 Columbian Centinel (Boston)
Trouble in East Florida

Nov. 3 Columbian Centinel (Boston)
Massachusetts Election / War

Nov. 28 Relf's Philadelphia Gazette
Chesapeake Steamboats / Lucien Bonaparte



June 10 U.S. Gazette for the Country
Wellington / Holland Insurrection

Aug. 25 Long Island Star (Brooklyn)
John Randolph / Venezuela Independent

Nov. 9 New-York Herald
James Monroe message

Nov. 18 Columbian Centinel (Boston)
(pages 3 & 4 only) James Monroe message



Jan. 30 Boston Gazette
Indian Affairs / Fire in Richmond

Feb. 8 Essex Register (Salem, MA)
Bricks / Capture of Java



Jan. 8 Columbian Centinel (Boston)
Bonaparte Defeat / Buffalo is destroyed

Jan. 12 New-York Herald
Peace? / Buffalo burns

Feb. 1 New-England Palladium
Schools / Canadian Papers / Buffalo

Feb. 14 Poulson's Advertiser (Philadelphia)
Dantzig Captured / Bonaparte

Feb. 15 Centinel of Freedom (Newark, NJ)
Calhoun's Comments on the Army Bill

July 2 Portsmouth (NH) Oracle
Louis XVIII lands in France

July 16 National Intelligencer (Washington)
Capture of Fort Erie / Chippewa Battle

Aug. 6 Alexandria Gazette (VA - single sheet)
French Peace Treaty

Aug. 8 Daily Federal Republican (Georgetown, CO)
British Chippewa Report

Aug. 8 New-York Spectator
Canadian Battles / Josephine Bonaparte dies at 46

Aug. 10 New-York Spectator
Battle of Chippewa / Prisoners

Aug. 11 United States Gazette (Philadelphia)
Louis XVIII's Speech

Aug. 13 Daily Federal Republican (Georgetown, CO)
The Enemy is in the Potomac

Aug. 13 New-York Spectator
Madison calls Congress to meet the Crisis

Aug. 16 New-York Spectator
Creek Indians

Aug. 20 New-York Spectator
British Canada / Catholic Question

Aug. 24 New-York Spectator
"Glorious Victory"

Aug. 27 New-York Spectator
British Fleet is in Chesapeake Bay / Napoleon at Elba Island

Aug. 31 New-York Spectator
British destroy Washington / Bladensburg Battle

Sept. 3 New-York Spectator
British evacuate Washington / Spare Alexandria receiving food and money / Defense of Fort Erie

Sept. 7 New-York Spectator
Madison's Proclamation on Resisting British Invasion

Sept. 14 New-York Spectator
Pebnoscot Expedition / British nearing Baltimore

Sept. 15 Middlesex Gazette (Middletown, CT)
Battle at Fort Erie

Sept. 16 New-England Palladium
Army at Nicaragua

Sept. 20 New-England Palladium
Victory at Plattsburgh

Sept. 21 New-York Spectator
Baltimore battles / Lake Champlain victories

Sept. 27 New-York Spectator
Madison's Message / Canada / Baltimore / Congress

Sept. 28 New-York Spectator
The Battle of Baltimore

Sept. 30 New-York Spectator
Dreadful storm in Boston / St. Helena Description

Oct. 1 New-York Spectator
Battle of Lake Champlain

Oct. 5 Columbian Centinel (Boston)
The situation of America and Great Britain

Oct. 5 New-York Spectator
Armistice / British-French Treaty

Oct. 8 New-York Spectator
British-American Negotiations at Ghent

Oct. 11 National Advocate (NY)

Oct. 12 New-York Spectator
Fighting around Fort Erie

Oct. 15 New-York Spectator
Report on the Peace Talks

Oct. 29 New-York Spectator
Speech against Tax Increase

Nov. 2 New-York Spectator
Steam Battery Fulton is Launched / Daniel Webster on Taxes

Nov. 5 New-York Spectator
Official War Reports

Nov. 8 New-York Spectator
War costs $100 a minute / New Boundaries

Nov. 9 United States Gazette (Philadelphia)
Letter of the Secretary of War

Nov. 12 New-York Spectator
British Force sails for New Orleans

Nov. 16 New-York Spectator
Sackett's Harbor / Castine

Nov. 19 New-York Spectator
USS Wasp and the HMS Avon

Nov. 23 New-York Spectator
Peace Talks Suspended / Indian Affairs

Nov. 26 New-York Spectator
Mason's Speech on filling the Army

Nov. 30 New-York Spectator
Vice-President Elbridge Gerry's Funeral

Dec. 3 New-York Spectator
British account of the Capture of Washington

Dec. 7 Boston Patriot
Elbridge Gerry / The Congress in Vienna

Dec. 7 New-York Spectator
Peace is Hopeless / A Story of the French Revolution

Dec. 10 New-York Spectator
American and British Peace Notes

Dec. 10 United States Gazette (Philadelphia)
Madison comments on the Hartford Convention


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