PF 6: 85 American Newspapers 1801- 1806

1801 - 1802 - 1803 - 1804 - 1805 - 1806


June 10 Columbian Centinel (Boston)
4 Acts signed by John Adams

June 13 Columbian Centinel (Boston)
Admiral Nelson and the Danes

June 20 Columbian Centinel (Boston)
The Lord's Day

June 24 Columbian Centinel (Boston)
Jefferson... Rhode Island

June 27 Columbian Centinel (Boston)
European News

July 1 Columbian Centinel (Boston)
War in Egypt

July 4 Columbian Centinel (Boston)
War in Egypt

July 11 Columbian Centinel (Boston)
Anti-Jefferson article

July 15 Columbian Centinel (Boston)
Alexander I Czar of Russia

July 18 Columbian Centinel (Boston)
Poem about the USS Constitution

July 25 Columbian Centinel (Boston)
War in Egypt

Sept. 10 Boston Gazette
St. Domingo is Independent / Lion ad

Sept. 23 Massachusetts Spy (Worchester)
The Losers of Truth

Nov. 5 Boston Gazette
Anti-Jefferson / Lady Hamilton & Nelson

Nov. 30 Jenk's Portland Gazette

Dec. 11 Philadelphia Gazette
Jefferson's State of the Union Message



March 8 Salem (Massachusetts) Register

May 10 Republican (Baltimore)
12th Amendment debated in Congress

May 10 Salem (Massachusetts) Register
English-French Peace Treaty

May 11 Salem (Massachusetts) Register
The Lies in the Gazette

May 17 Salem (Massachusetts) Register
Scandal in the Treasury Department

May 20 Salem (Massachusetts) Register
Tobias Lear / Hayti

May 24 Salem (Massachusetts) Register
Treasury Report

June 3 Salem (Massachusetts) Register
The death of Martha Washington

July 19 Salem (Massachusetts) Register

July 19 Connecticut (Hartford) Courant
John Rutledge's speech

July 23 Gazette of the U.S. (Philadelphia)

Aug. 2 Salem (Massachusetts) Register
Jackson duel

Aug. 16 Salem (Massachusetts) Register
Letter to James Callender

Aug. 26 Salem (Massachusetts) Register
Callender and Hamilton

Aug. 30 Salem (Massachusetts) Register
New System of Geography

Sept. 16 Salem (Massachusetts) Register
Callender and Jefferson

Sept. 20 Salem (Massachusetts) Register

Sept. 23 Salem (Massachusetts) Register
Jefferson abused

Sept. 30 Salem (Massachusetts) Register
A Federalist and a Republican compared

Oct. 18 Salem (Massachusetts) Register
Federal Intelligence

Oct. 25 Salem (Massachusetts) Register
Address to the People of New England

Oct. 28 Salem (Massachusetts) Register
Impudent Falsehoods

Nov. 1 Salem (Massachusetts) Register
Massachusetts Thanksgiving

Nov. 2 The Bee (Hudson, NY)
Political Party Strengths 1800-1802

Nov. 4 Salem (Massachusetts) Register
Liverpool Fire

Nov. 11 Salem (Massachusetts) Register
Bonaparte politics / Black Sally lies

Nov. 25 Salem (Massachusetts) Register
Thomas Paine

Dec. 20 Salem (Massachusetts) Register
Parachute / Mississippi Territory

Dec. 23 Salem (Massachusetts) Register
Features of Federalism

Dec. 25 Columbian Centinel (Boston)
Jefferson's State of the Union Message

Dec. 27 Salem (Massachusetts) Register
Jefferson's State of the Union Message

Dec. 30 Salem (Massachusetts) Register
General Moreau



Jan. 27 Boston Gazette
President's Message / Free Press

Apr. 13 Columbian Centinel (Boston)
Robbery and Cruelty

July 26 New-England Palladium
Louisiana Treaty

July 29 New-England Palladium
Peace shaken in Europe

Aug. 5 New-England Palladium
Croswell's Free Press Trial

Aug. 16 New-England Palladium
Louisiana / Yellow Fever

Sept. 27 New-England Palladium
Croswell's Trial / Voyage of Discovery

Nov. 1 New-England Palladium
Louisiana Treaty



Apr. 2 Aurora (Philadelphia)
Two Acts signed by Jefferson and Burr

Apr. 20 Aurora (Philadelphia)
12th Amendment approved

Apr. 28 Aurora (Philadelphia)
Jefferson's daughter dies

May 4 New-England Palladium
Hayti [Haiti]/ Tripoli Prisoners

July 4 Connecticut (Hartford) Courant
Lewis and Clark and Sacajawea

July 10 New-England Palladium
Yellow Fever / Napoleon I

July 12 Eastern Argus (Portland)
Impressed Seamen / Rape and Murder

Oct. 19 New-England Palladium
Louis XVIII poisoned?

Nov. 28 True Republican (Norwich, CT)
Benedict Arnold's wife dies

Dec. 11 The Repertory (Boston)
Louisiana / "British Spy in Boston"



Sept. 3 The Repertory (Boston)
Jefferson's woes

Dec. 13 Farmer's Museum (Walpole, NH)
Napoleon / Pocahontas

Dec. 17 American Citizen (NY)
Rumor Murat and Bernadotte killed



Apr. 2 Columbian Centinel (Boston)
Ex-Bashaw of Tripoli petitions Congress

Apr. 19 Columbian Centinel (Boston)
Kine-Box Inoculation

May 22 Northern Post (NY)
Congressional Report / Gibraltar

June 16 Portland (ME) Gazette
Senatorial Veracity

July 11 New-England Palladium
Nelson's Heirs

July 22 New-England Palladium
Hurricane / Canal ad

Aug. 5 New-England Palladium
British battle French Fleet

Aug. 8 New-England Palladium
Indian Affairs / Western Conspiracy

Aug. 12 New-England Palladium
Emperor Alexander / Conspiracy

Aug. 22 New-England Palladium
Senatorial Protest

Aug 26 New-England Palladium
Kentucky Conspiracy

Sept. 2 New-England Palladium
"Is there Peace in Europe?"

Sept. 30 New-England Palladium
Burr plots / Duels / Fire

Oct. 8 Columbian Centinel (Boston)
Rumor on Rumor

Dec. 12 Columbian Centinel (Boston)
Education / Burr Conspiracy


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