PF 3: 82 American Newspapers 1790 - 1793

1790 1791 - 1792 - 1793


Jan. 22 Maryland Journal
The House of Delegates debate repealing law for electing representatives to Congress / Federal City ought to be on the Potomac / Hartford's wool cloth / It is possible that the world is entering an era of the Rights of Man / Debate on amending the Constitution of Pennsylvania / Colonel Robert Magan, trustee of Dickinson College, dies. During the Revolution, he was the commander of Fort Washington on the Hudson River and was captured by British / Baltimore ship arrives in France after 139 day voyage from Bombay / John Nounse, editor of the Independent Chronicle, dies in Boston / Europeans have bought our bonds at a discount and soon will redeem them at face value. The United States will lose 80% / President Washington's Message to Congress / Indians are active on the frontier / Congress considers several bills, including Military pay, claims against the United States, and petitions of inventors and authors such as Hannah Adams / Advice to Young Men / The National Debt / Long report on St. John's College.

Feb. 19 Maryland Journal
Winning lottery numbers / British slave ships in Jamaica / New-Hampshire agrees to the proposed twelve amendments, except the second / Meeting of the Providence mechanics and manufacturers / Victories in Europe / Prussia is at war with Russia / The French Parliament is suppressed / Louis XVI does approve of the National Assembly and clergy land appropriation / Federal appointments in North Carolina / Thirteen attorneys are sworn in to practice before the Supreme Court / "Finial Piety and Affection" / Congress discusses the National Debt / Circumstances of the capture of Stephen Slylock which comes from an express from Carpenter's Hall / Ode on Washington's birthday.

Apr. 3 Massachusetts Centinel
Gardiner's speech charges misconduct of the New-Hampshire Justices / An article that Americans should share in the National Debt / Article by "A Lover of the Arts" that government should support the Arts / The House discusses Naturalization, the slave trade and appropriations / Resolution to redeem Continental money issued before March 18, 1780 at the rate of one dollar per 100 / Report of the slave trade is accepted 29-24 / Appropriations Bill is passed / Article on the character of elected officials / Article on attacking public men and measures is unjustified / Article supporting certain Senatorial candidates / Building, built by Columbus in 1493, standing in St. Domingo /

May 4 Columbian Centinel (Boston)
War in Europe / Rebellions in Ireland / Recommendations of the Board of Health by Paul Revere, President / Act to regulate import duties / Old General Morgan [the hero of Cowpens], recently deceased, still speaks out "Support the Union" / War in Europe. Turkey and Egypt may be involved / Rebellions in Ireland / French troops under Messina attack Austrians / Lafayette will not return to France from Utrecht / Several hundred French uniforms were seized in Philadelphia that were ordered by Touissant / Yellow fever in Havana / American ship captured by the French / Daniel Shays may be elected in Massachusetts / Killed accidentally by gun shot / Falls on a rake and killed in a hayloft.

June 22 Maryland Journal
Rhode Island ratifies the Constitution / Sweden attacks Finland / Debates in Senate on permanent location of government . . Sweden attacks Finland / Turkish Grand Vizier is reappointed / French Nobles, now in England, are in distress after fleeing from France / Sweden starts a campaign against Russia / Tobacco merchants despair product adultery / Unrest in Ireland / French refugees in Genoa / Citizens of Rhode Island celebrate the ratification of the Constitution / Bodies of former Governors are found in St. Domingo / Rhode Island Senators will arrive in New-York / New-England has a good maple sugar harvest / Petition in Boston to open a theater / President Washington appoints Judges for South Carolina and revenue officers in Rhode Island / Debates in the Senate: Permanent location of Government / Debates In the House: Public Credit, moving Congress to Baltimore or Philadelphia, distilled spirits duties, Constitutional amendments, the Post-Office and Post-Roads / Senate has extended judicial laws to Rhode Island / The government purchases land at West Point on the Hudson river / Article on the healthy Baltimore where a Human Society should to be formed to advance the arts and sciences / Extracts from the Post-Office and Post-Roads bills / Illustrated advertisements.

Aug. 26 New-Hampshire Gazette (Portsmouth)
Jews tortured in Morocco / Philadelphia needs to build buildings to house the Congress / Congressional Act to provide for the National Debt signed by John Adams, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson / Preparations in Europe for was / Britain is recruiting in Ireland / Spain is holding back on granting the United States navigation rights on the Mississippi unless the USA agrees to an offensive and defensive treaty / Paris avoids a bloody riot when Th. National Assembly gets the right to declare war / Bastille skeletons are buried in St. Paul's / British armaments expenditures are 1,148,000 pounds / Washington is in Newport with other dignitaries. The visit celebrated: "The Man We Love" / Trying to get water from sea water / The National Debt is two and a half billion dollars / Electioneering Intelligence: New-Hampshire candidates / Massachusetts legislature is recalled to debate excise tax / Plague in the Spanish fleet / Arson in Portland / Free navigation of the Mississippi is possible / Trouble in Maine / Printer wants barter / Secretary of the Treasury's report / Washington signs the Appropriation bill / This is the last Congress in New-York.

Sept. 10 Maryland Journal
Abbeys are reestablished in Austria / Peace is long distant in Prussia, Poland and Austria / Cornwallis is in India / Riots suppressed in Sardina / Description of the Swedish King / Aristocrats defeated in Avignon / A carpenter sells his wife; but, the woman gets a legacy. The new husband has a great bargain / Anecdote of a Negro slave freed during the Revolutionary war / The Quaker and the Negro / Conquerors of the Bastille are rewarded / Disturbances in Port-au-Prince, Hayti / Inhabitants of Providence praise Washington and he responds / Spanish-English war is imminent / Creek Indian Chief Alexander McGillivray helps civilize the Creek Indians of Georgia / French National Assembly suppresses all titles of Nobility / Riots against Aristocracy in Switzerland / New-York lottery hits a high of 3000 pounds / Demonstrations for Washington as he travels from Baltimore to Mount Vernon / Empress Catherine leaves St. Petersburg / Turks are defeated by the Austrians / Mr. Macaulay Graham writes a life of Franklin / Boston's population has grown to 18,000 from 14,200 three years ago.

Sept. 16 New Hampshire Gazette (Portsmouth)
United States Laws passed: To encourage learning, to regulate the courts and to regulate revenue all signed by Adams, Washington and Jefferson / Article on "Truth" / Spanish Consul in Morocco is tortured and hung / Emperor of Morocco starts his reign by massacring, raping and torturing Jews / Woman from India loses her fortune and is now a convict enroute Botany Bay / Man becomes insane after a stupid trick kills his wife / A child and a Negro are brought to life after drowning / A man, that said all women are unchaste, is told "he is the son of a strumpet" / Philadelphia needs to build buildings to house the Congress / Murderers of Indians are captured / M. Houden presents France with busts of Washington and Franklin / Air balloon in Providence / Accidental death / battles of bees / Putting up beef / Anecdote of two Irishmen whom were to be hanged. The first condemned man fell in the river when the rope broke. The second wanted a stronger rope, because "He couldn't swim."

Sept. 18 Gazette of the U.S. (Philadelphia)
The Grand French Confederacy / Treasury Act / "The Observer" writes to the Freemen of Connecticut: "Be steady and you will be safe" / Washington's Proclamation for all to abide by Indian treaties / The Choctaw treaty is printed in full / Conspiracy against the Duke of Orleans / A drunken man burns his house / Negro anecdote / The worth of Clergy / "A fine day's work" / A portrait of President Washington is painted by Trumbull / America has peace and security now / Yale grants honorary degrees to Oliver Ellsworth and Boudinot / Discourse on 16th century French history by Davila [John Adams] / The cruelties of the new Morocco Emperor / Making cider / The Gazette of the United States will be published in Philadelphia, the seat of the Government / Demands against the President's household will be settled

Sept. 22 Gazette of the U.S. (Philadelphia)
Collection Law / Article on "Fancy" / Russia-Sweden war / 1200 seamen are impressed in Liverpool, the Americans were released / "Remarks on the English Language" / "Remarks on the English Writers" / Proclamation to honor the Indian treaties and the Choctaw treaty / Louis XVI is praised by his people / Praise for Benjamin Franklin who died recently [April 17] / The story of the survivors of the H.M.S. Bounty, their trip in an open boat after a mutiny / War might bring down the Revolution in France / Burglar is sentenced to hard labor for life / Horse race results / Spalding of 68 marries Mary Williams who is 22 / Forts are being built on the Tennessee river / Hurricane in Tobago / Comment on elections in the United States: "Times to try men's souls", Power gives law / Dartmouth College confers Doctorate of Laws on Alexander Hamilton / Treasury Act / Discourses on Davila / Treasury notice on ration supplies

Sept. 25 Gazette of the U.S. (Philadelphia)
Collection Law / Treasury Act / Article on Elections / Actions of the French Assembly / Rumors about rescuing the French King / Citizens are trying to avoid jury duty in England / Comment on the abolition of slavery in Jamaica / Cornwallis is fighting tyrant Tippoo in India / Remarks on the English Language / In Detroit, the English commander sets free the Americans who had been captured by the Indians / In London, 600 celebrate Bastille Day / War in the East Indies / Russian Fleet defeated / French celebrate July 14 / Ships destroyed by a storm off the Cape of Good Hope / Riots in Lyons / France is happy to have: "The Liberty of the Press" / Funeral oration at Notre Dame in Paris for Dr. Franklin / The Irish are the first to determine that truth is not a libel / Marie Antoinette's celebration appearance is "enchanting" / Louis XVI agrees to the Constitution / Death sentence for burglary / A child in Massachusetts dies of a rattlesnake bite / A boy falls 26 feet safely / America is gaining respect in Europe / Massachusetts's legislature repeals the State excise tax and sends an address to the French National Assembly on their Glorious Revolution / John Adams: "In a free government, knowledge must be general, and ought to be universal" / Grand French Confederacy / Proclamation by the King / A complete celebration description

Sept. 25 Columbian Centinel (Boston)
Three acts of Congress: to enable Virginia soldiers access to Ohio lands, on Circuit Courts, and to assent to the acts of Maryland, Georgia and Rhode Island / "The Errors of Taste" / In Spain, the Comte de Florida Blanca issues a Proclamation to reimburse England for ships captured at the port of Nootna on the northwest coast of America. England accepts / Long description of the Grand National Fete commemorating the French Revolution / John Paul Jones applied for permission to do homage to the National Assembly / Article on the toleration of religion / New armory in Portsmouth / Honors to Franklin / 311 bankrupts / Old Bachelors / Longevity in Massachusetts: 92 old women remember Peregrine White, the first child born of the Pilgrims

Oct. 2 Gazette of the U.S. (Philadelphia)
Collection Law [concluded] signed by Frederick Augustus Muhlenberg, House Speaker, John Adams. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson / France has destroyed the Clergy, but still have brothels / "Patriotism" / Discourse on Davila [John Adams] on his fear of oppression by a democratic majority / Sweden defeats the Russian navy / England and Spain discuss peace but cannot settle England's right to trade and the Northwest America / Irish paradefor Goldsmiths / Stones from the Bastille are for sale / Great unrest in France / "This Balance of Power has been the destruction of Europe" / Franklin's definition of a "Whig": One who claims the right for himself that he not willing to grant his neighbor" / Hastings impeachment / Of the 900 million on earth only 38 million are free / Adam Smith, wrote " The Wealth Nations", dies / "Thoughts on Government" a letter by John Adams to George Wythe in 1776 / Child who fell into a well, is rescued / Treasury regulations and report

Oct. 6 Gazette of the U.S. (Philadelphia)
Discourses on Davila / Praise for Franklin / Obituary for General Laudory; a German hero / American citizens in France address the National Assembly and praise the Revolution. The President answers happily saying "We helped you break your chains. You were the first." / Austrians capture the Turkish fortress of Czerin / British naval Captain rescues seaman from drowning / Heels are our of fashion / The printer of the Morning Chronicle in London is put in the pillory for libel / King William's statue is decorated with "InMourning for the Bill of Rights and the Liberty of the Press" / Miser is tricked by a farmer / Catholics celebrate in Paris / Crowns will soon go begging in Europe / Newspapers printed the wrong execution. Is this libel? / The grave of John Milton is discovered / Lord North's father dies / Changes in the French Cabinet. Neckar is cleared of embezzlement / Foreign troops can not march through France / French nobility are now just citizens / Drowned puppies, buried in a dung heap, revive / Press promoting freedom in Spain / Long account of the attempt to assassinate Count Florida Blanca / "Continue to learn" / General Gates freed his Virginia slaves before moving to New-York / The ship Columbia, Captain Robert Gray, departs on a second trip to America's Northwest via his first trip around the world. On this trip, Captain Gray discovers the Columbia river / Owhyee native has returned home from England / Riot in Rome / Mirabeau is impeached / Influenza in Paris / Duel / Epsom salt water in Vermont / In the last ten years, over 4000 persons have been imprisoned in Philadelphia for debt / Gazette will be printed in November at Philadelphia

Oct. 9 Columbian Centinel (Boston)
Lafayette / General Gates frees his slaves / Death of Franklin is mourned in London / Maple Sugar / The French King is now a citizen / Lafayette is saluted / "Lawyers and Thieves" / Holbein's "Dance of Death" / The Abolition of Titles / Franklin's spectacles are worn on the street / Dr. Price anecdote / The sale of Bastille bricks / General Gates frees his slaves / Petition to Spain about navigation rights on the Mississippi / Hastings trial / Henry Pye is the Poet Laureate / Meeting between New-York and Vermont on boundaries / A balloon ascension in Springfield / The death of Franklin is mourned in London / Arson suspect escapes

Nov. 6 New-Hampshire Gazette (Portsmouth)
Two Acts concerning Indian treaties / Religious education / A young man in London is punished for attempted gallantry / "How to fill the columns of a Newspaper" by Peter Paragraph. "Newspapers should, monthly, present an abstract of politics" / Austria and Turkey sign a peace treaty / Empress Catherine is still at war with Sweden and Turkey / Pope losing power in Rome. Great unrest in Ireland and civil war in the French West Indies / National election returns / New Pennsylvania Constitution / Vermont to be admitted to the United States / Britain is strengthening the western posts despite our treaty / Commerce is recovering, manufacturing is increasing, our literature is flourishing, and the harvest has been good / Ramsay writes: "May the American Revolution be remarkable for personal happiness" / Indian treaties / Ohio flour is sent to Hispanola via the Mississippi River! / 300 troops from Bassaterre will join the Mulattos and Negroes of Martinico / November 25 is Thanksgiving in New-Hampshire / Robber escapes from jail

Nov. 10 Columbian Centinel (Boston)
** black-bordered issue ** Description of the College of Philadelphia / Extract John Adam's "Defense of the Constitution" / Sweden's victory over the Russians / The trial of Duke of Orleans / Fire in Madrid / Marshall Landohin and the child / Abandoned Turkish children / China trade increasing / Save the sparrows / Pleasantries / Anecdote of Louis XVI / Civil war in France / "Everything is better in America" / Fifth biography of Voltaire / Rape / "The Element of Jurisprudence" / Franklin, Livingston and Bowdoin-all dead now / Singular robbery / Negro villain is executed / The newspaper is black-bordered with the obituary of James Bowdoin / Ad to subscribe to the portraits of British and Americans at Bunker Hill, plus other Revolutionary subjects



Jan. 27 The Federal Gazette (Philadelphia)
Congressional Debates / Quakers want exemption from the Militia Bill / Article on the Militia / House debates taxes / Indian raids in Ohio / Quakers want exemption from the Militia Bill / Invalid soldier pension referred to the Secretary / President Washington sends to Congress a message concerning Indian raids in the Western Territories / The Senate has passed and sent to the House a bill on consuls / Distilled spirits bill is repealed

Sept. 14 Pennsylvania Gazette
Anti-French riots in Birmingham / Russia and Turkey refuse peace terms with Austria / Russia refuses peace terms, as does Turkey with Austria / Russians defeat the Turks / Nobility of France expects the counter-revolution to succeed / Coula, a Jew, will supply 15,000 uniforms / The London Revolutionary Society celebrates Bastille Day and soldiers disperse the angry London mob / Riots in Dublin / Birmingham riots against the people celebrating French Revolution. They destroyed Dr. Priestley's house and possessions / Long account of riots and, finally, peace is established in Birmingham / Unrest in France, manyNational Assembly members including Montequieu and Lafayette are denounced as acting against the people / Articles against the French King are passed by the Assembly. The King and Queen are confined / Spain wants her sovereignty maintained: "We don't meddle in the affairs of foreign powers, so don't meddle with us" / The debate on the fate of the King [The story of the attempt of LouisXVI and Marie Antoinette to flee France] The King should be judged by a particular convention / American troops leave Pittsburgh to go against the Indians on the Scioto river / Governor John Simcoe to settle with Congress on the boundary line between Canada and the United States / The Iroquois Chief Joseph Brant goes to Quebec seeking peace / Hugh Boyle obituary

Oct. 19 Pennsylvania Gazette
Revolt in Port-au-Prince / Fire in New-York / Ship burns in Amsterdam / Agreement between the White citizens of Port-au-Prince and the citizens of Color on September 11, 1791 / Lt. Gov. Simcoe leaves London for Quebec, he will build a new city in Canada [York which became Toronto] / Protestants may be in trouble in Spain / European diplomacy / Plague in the area of the Mediterranean / Address to King George on the Birmingham riots / John and Abigail Adams leave Braintree for New-York / Fire in New-York / Ship burns in Amsterdam / Ad for the Isaac Collins Bible / Details of the Hayti [Haiti] revolt, over 8000 killed or destroyed / Fire in New Bern, North Carolina

Oct. 26 Pennsylvania Gazette
Will European Loyalty Back Louis XVI? / European war is over / New Lighthouse in Ireland / Polish Conspirators against the King are thwarted / France has an abundant harvest / St. Domingo Supreme Council banishes Sieur Mainguy and fines him 10.000 livres for torturing slaves / The European war is over / Edmund Burke will be replaced by his son when he retires / New Philadelphia cemetery is praised / Long report of a French Emissary of the National Assembly about his mission to take dispatches to M. Conde and M. D'Artois / There is a new, steady lighthouse in Ireland / Ministers of Prussia, England, Spain, Italy and Russia sign a Declaration to the French National Assembly to the effect that arresting Louis XVI and his family is illegal and demand his release; looking upon the French King's cause as if it were their own / Breach widens between Louis XVI and the Assembly / Lord Cornwallis's victory in Madras / United States officer defends General Harrison of charges in a Pittsburgh inquiry / New French Constitution / The National Assembly pay rewards to those who helped arrest Louis XVI / . George Hammond, first British minister to the United States, arrives in Philadelphia / November 17 will be Thanksgiving in Massachusetts / "We reason best from experience" / "Freeman of France are a match for all the slaves of Europe" / A fast sailing voyage: 21 days from Africa to St. Domingo / Shipwreck in an Atlantic gale

Nov. 19 Gazette of the U.S. (Philadelphia)
Congress acts to set up the Bank of the United States to open on December 1 / Freedom of speech article / Spain and Portugal forbid the export of gold and silver / President Washington publishes the Cherokee Peace Treaty / House debates: Duties, excise laws, creditor's petitions, Georgia elections, the U. S. debt, Delaware river pilots, the appointing of representatives, sundry petitions, army pay and the election in Maryland / Louis XVI's speech to the National Assembly: "I will obey the law" / Robinson will be the senior Senator from Vermont / The French King accepts the Constitution amid celebrations / Peace in Port-au-Prince / "Printers are venal wretches" / Poem on John Bush's death / Innocent decoration of a doll in Warsaw results in a severe punishment for the mother and her children

Dec. 21 Columbian Centinel (Boston)
St. Clair defeated by Ohio Indians / Port-au-Prince destroyed by fire / The French Constitution [concluded] which was accepted by Louis XVI on September 3, 1791 / Schooling poor children / House debates: Washington equestrian statue, the Treasury report, Post Office bill, Appropriations bill, a petition to abolish slave trade from the Quakers and abolition societies, cloth manufacturers in Boston want illegal labels suppressed, and Congressional representation / A self-defense murder / Buttons / 200,000 French refugees from the Revolution are now living in poverty / Fire in New-York / An annual prize will be given for navigation inventions / Canals / St. Clair is defeated by Ohio Indians / Some people condone the hostility of the Indians / Cincinnati Society mourn the Marquis de la Luzerne / Port-au-Prince is destroyed by fire / Enumeration of Negroes in revolt and property lost in Hayti / The Bank of the United States is on State Street / Anti-LouisXVI epigram / France tranquil



Jan. 4 Columbian Centinel (Boston)
Events of 1791 Reviewed / Great Britain prepares for war / National Bank opens / Louis XVI's letter to the troops telling them to obey the law. He asks the emigrants to return to France. King asks the commandants of the ports to allow emigrants to return / Georgia Indian Chiefs McGillivray, Mad Dog, and others talk to General William A. Bowles about peace, war and boundaries / Count D'Artois resists National Assembly / French Nobility ask the help of Empress Catherine of Russia / Retrospect of events in 1791: In Asia, Lord Cornwallis rejects the peace offering of Tippoo / In France, The King ratifies the Constitution and Counter-Revolutionists threaten France / Peace comes between Russia, Austria and Turkey / Great Britain prepares for war / Sweden is ruled by a tyrant-Charles XII / Spain tried to prevent revolution by forbidding French newspapers / The Destruction of Port-au-Prince / It has been generally tranquil in the United States except for Indian wars in the West / Long report on the conflagration in Port-au-Prince / Report on Indian activities in the Ohio Territory and Kentucky, the Iroquois and Chief Brand are not involved / National Bank opens / Russian and Swedish Ambassadors have left France / The Humane Society thanks men who rescued shipwreck victims / The Editor of the Centinel sends compliments of the season / Boston police

Feb. 16 Independent Chronicle (Boston)
Newspaper Tax / Maine - Massachusetts separation / Georgia Judge Osbourne is impeached / In a document released by President Washington, the causes of present Indian wars and peace attempts are outlined / Indian complaints in the town of Catfish [now Washington, Pa.] / Breckinridge's thoughts on the present Indian war / Sketch on Geneva / Life story of William Cunningham, former Provost Marshall of New-York during the British occupation and the hundreds of American executions he carried out. Cunningham was executed in London on August 16, 1791 for forgery / The Massachusetts House debates Merrimack river bridge, separation of Maine, taxes, manufacturing bounties, a tontine, and whether David Tappan is to preach a sermon at the next election / Tax on newspapers is passed by Congress / Possible Negro insurrection in the West Indies / Harvard grants / Georgia Judge Osbourne is impeached / Details of Hayti insurrection / Fatal Boston fire / Jamaica Governor, Earl of Essingham, dies a few hours after the death of his wife / Maine-Massachusetts separation / In London, monument commemorating the great fire of 1666 is torn down

Apr. 14 U.S. Chronicle (Providence)
U.S. Mint Established / Pension Act passed / Treasury Secretary reports on manufactures / Pension Act passed / House debates: Protection of the Western frontier, Inquiry into the defeat of St. Clair, United States Mint established- Liberty to be on coins, Ohio Company, Loans, and Wilmington Academy / Senate passes Militia and Assumption of States Debts bills / London suicide is caused by preachers / Counterfeit livres stolen in Paris / House upholds Washington's veto of the Appropriation bill / Loans from Holland / Birmingham commerce / A library and Free School are established in every Pennsylvania county / New ship President Washington, built in Rhode Island, sold in Calcutta for 15,000 pounds sterling / Cornwallis marches against Tippoo / Ensign Turner is ransomed from the Ohio Indians. He was taken after the St. Clair defeat [Indian cannibalism] / Carding machine invented by Mr. Hague / Fatal Marblehead fire / Suspected madman released

May 2 New-Hampshire Gazette (Portsmouth)
Cape Fear Lighthouse passed / House debates: Circuit Courts, Protection of Western frontier, St. Clair inquiry, and the Ohio Company / Pension bill is signed / Thomas Paine's Rights of Men [second part] is on the press / French emigrants are returning / Drum Major opens a public house / The City of Washington is progressing with a stone bridge over Rock creek / Indians, near Plattsburg, N.Y., recover stolen furs / The Pennsylvania Legislature has passed 47 Acts / 25,000 English families have given up sugar and rum to protest the slave trade / Geneva financial house fails because of emigrant loans / The Franklin statue arrives from Italy for the Library Company / Indians are killing Whites in the West / Depression in New-York / French King trembles for his family's life / 600,000 fall to the Egyptian plague / Possible Counter-Revolution in France / Riot in Marseilles / the Prince of Wales is bitten by horse / Fire in Brussels / The Queen of Portugal dies

May 17 New-Hampshire Gazette (Portsmouth)
Roads / Delinquent taxes / Story of a Jamaica slave, who could work no longer and his master tries to kill him. But, the slave recovers and the master finds him and tries to enslave him again. However, a mob protests - The Slave's Lament / Flax / "On Profane Swearing" / In France: "Social Harmony is destroyed if all on the same level" / Indian troubles on the Western frontier near Pittsburgh / The situation is worse in Hayti / The mob tries to get at an embezzler who is in jail / Franklin's statue / The Bank of the United States is safe / Duchess of York's jewels are worth 40,000 pounds / "Desire for public notice" / Man dies by falling into boiling pot-ash / Indians are murdering many in Virginia and Kentucky / New fort between Jefferson and Washington forts / Americans give generously to St. Domingo / French King meets with affection / Census figures / Italian revenue!

May 24 New-Hampshire Gazette (Portsmouth)
Extracting fresh water from salt water / New-Hampshire regulates slaughter houses / Wisdom of Contentment / European war is possible as Austria and Prussia seem to support LouisXVI / King gives the red ribbon to Lafayette / Capture of Seringopatam with 7400 losses, Cornwallis is wounded / Death of Frederick the Great of Prussia. His death slows preparations to aid the French King / Swords are being made for the emigrants / Pope thanks Britain for favors / So far, the Hastings trial has cost 53,000 pounds / Britain is prosperous / Pig wager / Spain in an uproar over the printing of the French Constitution / British ship takes French frigate / Indian war in Kentucky territory / Spanish capture a pretended Indian Chief Bowles / The value of goods from each State / Tench Coxe to be Revenue Commissioner / Benjamin West [famous American painter] appointed President of England's Royal Academy on the death of Joshua Reynolds / Parliament passes the American Intercourse Trade Bill / "A Scrap" / The "Beggar's Opera" is at the theater

June 9 New-Hampshire Gazette (Portsmouth)
Acts establishing Government salaries and Judicial compensation / The story of a faithful son from the Royal magazine / 1677 article on Printing about 1466 printing that claimed Gutenberg was first in 1440 with examples of other early printing such as William Caxton in London in 1471 / "Nobody's Business" / Beware the French National Assembly / Sir Henry Clinton pleads for the American Loyalists / Fox's speech on armaments / Stocks rise on the prospect of peace / Indian war in the Ohio territory / Long account of Indian attacks / Veils / Distress in Port-au-Prince / New Irish cloth loom is invented / Jailed prisoners escape in Worcester / Trinidad fire / Charleston wants a Trumbull portrait of Washington / Dr. Price is dying / Pope disowns French Bishops / Poem: Friendship

June 14 New-Hampshire Gazette (Portsmouth)
" May these prejudices Priestly Pride and Intolerance / be driven from us" / Joe Miller's original pun / The Swedish Majesty is shot and dies. The assassin is put on the rack, but has not named an accomplice. Thus dies Gustavus III, who was to lead armies against France. Gustavus IV is fourteen / Prostrated Hungary may be at war with France / Details of the Indian war / Hayti is approaching destruction / Soak roof shingles to prevent fires / United States Bank loans money at 5% interest / General Anthony Wayne, who replaces St. Clair, joins the West army / Fisherman drowns / New Salem Masonic Lodge / France sending 8000 troops to quell the Hayti insurrection / "No news is better than bad news" / Eulogy / Anecdote

July 5 New-Hampshire Gazette (Portsmouth)
"A Bachelor's faithful pursuit of a wife" / "The Public Good is the Supreme Law" / War is declared between France and the European nations, who oppose the rights of man / Battles between French and Austrian armies / The army of Lafayette's is near Namur / King proposes a sum for secret service / robbery in England / French slave ship is held out of Havana harbor / Long account of disturbances in Martinique / Ship hogshead decapitates Captain

Aug. 9 New-Hampshire Gazette (Portsmouth)
New-Hampshire law is passed to prevent obstructions in the Piscataqua river and the harbor of Portsmouth / The use of oxen instead of horses / Federal weights and measures / Barber sleeps with a corpse / Austrians capture a French town / Lafayette's address to his army: "Support the Declaration of Rights" / Indian war south of the Ohio / Disturbances are rare in Hispanola / France is at war with Spain / Major-General Collot, who served in America, is the new French General of Hispanola / Baltimore school opens to instruct Black children and the children of color / More deaths caused by Indians in western Pennsylvania / Rumor that the Queen of France has been murdered / Admiral Rodney dies / Free people of color in Hayti are to have the rights of active citizens and peace is established / Philadelphia is prosperous / After attempts to poison Empress Catherine, the French are ordered out of Russia / The assassination of the Swedish King alters all of Europe / French troops admire Washington / Portsmouth Masonic news / Boston tontine is dissolved / A drowned person is restored / Chief Alexander McGillivray wants a tutor for Indian children / Fire in Shelburne, Nova Scotia / Drought in South Carolina / Curious ring of Queen Elizabeth

Aug. 18 New-Hampshire Gazette (Portsmouth)
Regulations for imported distilled spirits / State debts / Account of Indian cruelties and fortitude / "Good Advice for Young People" / The Prussian army is on the march, and 60,000 Russians in Poland / Miraculous recovery from a fall / A possible fireproof / Plans are presented for the new Capitol and the President's House / Indian peace treaty needed / Portuguese attack the Algerians / Indian raids in Kentucky / West Indies gale / Mobs still rage in Port-au-Prince / Lafayette says that the French are acting nobly against their enemies / It has been three centuries since Columbus came to America / French West Indies need provisions / In Faneuil Hall, debates are held on the smallpox situation / One family has sixteen children / Captain Ingerson is killed by a hogshead falling on him / A description of General and Mrs. McGillivray / Free masonry / An attempt to poison the King of Sardina is thwarted / Indian talks near Fort Franklin / Chief Blue Jacket is in Detroit / Peace in India / British ministry fear an insurrection in the West Indies / Bastille stones are sold for a penny an ounce / Prussia is at war with Russia / Irish are advised to emigrate to America

Aug. 25 New-Hampshire Gazette (Portsmouth)
"Upper Canada will be a fine settlement" with the help of Colonel Simcoe / Lafayette takes the citadel of Namur / Peace in India / The flight of Louis XVI / Thousands of French clergy are transported / The King of Hungary is poisoned / Election campaigning

Sept. 1 Columbian Centinel (Boston)
Thomas Paine writes on the free press and the rights of man / A stranger tells of a nice day voyage to Boston from New-York via the "Hell Gate" into Long Island Sound / Anti-Catholic article / Madame D'Eon petitions the National Assembly to join the army and raise volunteers / M. Servan is allowed to quit the Ministry and join the army / Minister admonishes the King / Guards disarming all who come to the Palace / Separation of Church and State / Former Governor of the Bastille is fined for hitting an English watch-maker who showed a watch with a painting of the fall of the Bastille / Details of a murder in Philadelphia / Indians die after killing a Vermonter who had killed some of their tribe during the late American war / Tornado in New-Hampshire / The Cornwallis defeat of Tippoo is confirmed / St. Domino Blacks insist on being treated as free and independent people / West Indies hurricane / Fire in Salem / Columbus celebration / Smallpox inoculation

Sept. 5 Columbian Centinel (Boston)
Thomas Paine's article of the free press concluded / "A Seeker after Happiness" / Complaints of entertainments / Slavery / "A curiosity" / Polish King addresses the army: "Live free or die with honor" / Russia advances on Poland / Louis XVI appointments / Lafayette establishes discipline / Stage coach driver is remarkable / Disturbances continue in CapeFrancois / The advances of Lafayette are held back by the King and old French officers desert / The United States borrows from Holland / Rumor that Louis and Marie will die before July / A murderer in Pennsylvania is pardoned

Sept. 8 Columbian Centinel (Boston)
Smallpox / Theatrical entertainment / "Be thankful for our gifts" / The fall of the Bastille is commemorated with a monument / Alarming riot in Paris, a mob tries to kill the Royal family / The King writes to the National Assembly that he stands by the Constitution / King issues a proclamation for safety / Lafayette addresses the Assembly to maintain the laws, defend the King and support the Constitution / The Royal family reviews the National Guard / Rumor of a Prussian revolution / Earl of Lauderdale and Benedict Arnold duel, no one is hurt / French army mutineer is executed / Cornwallis's report of peace in India is dated February 22 / Russia, worrying about affairs within Russia, withdraws troops facing France / Lafayette marching into Austria / As Lafayette wants American officers, the National Assembly approves foreign commissions / Peale paints a portrait of 109 year old man / Western Indian war / George III wants to keep the peace / French Marshall Luckner captures a great part of Austrian Flanders / Former American soldier, under Lee in the late war, joins Luckner's army / Criminal sentences: whipping and hard labor / "A Pure Democrat" doesn't want John Adams as Vice President / Editor writes:"Small-Pox is not conveyed by the delivery of the newspaper" / American Revolution veteran dies / Poem on the death of James Otis

Sept. 22 Columbian Centinel (Boston)
Citizens in Ireland celebrate July 14/ Proclamation buy the King of Frenchmen upon the dangers of the Country / Prussian King reviews troops at Coblenz / England supports the Polish people / M. Montesquieu's "Spirit of Laws" / "Agreeable News": French National Assembly arms against Prussia and Austria / Assembly claims that LouisXVI has forfeited the crown / King issues a proclamation calling for maintenance of Public Tranquillity / French battle Austrians / A Federalist argues with a Jeffersonian "True Republican" who looks down on "Washington Aristocracy". But, he doesn't want his niece to marry below her station! / Details of St. Clair's Indian defeat / An Indian war is likely among Iroquois, Shawnees, and Delawares / There is smallpox in Worcester / Counterfeit dollars / General John Burgoyne dies / Ad for "Dancing on the tightrope".

Sept. 26 Columbian Centinel (Boston)
Thomas Paine's letter to Lord Onslow about the Rights of Man / "A Friend to Merit" is dismayed by obituary of John Paul Jones in London "Gentleman's Magazine". The English are still calling him "a pirate"[Jones died July 18 in Paris in extreme poverty] / Article on Drama / New theater in Philadelphia / Ribbons for members of the National Assembly / France is surrounded by countless European enemies. America is friendly / The Papal troops / 17th century medicine / "Paine Outdone" / Anecdote: Priest prays for crops, he is told "prayer doesn't help, manure is needed" / Indians continue Kentucky war / Hispanola Negroes have defeated the French / Smallpox / Stolen goods are found in a tomb / Yale Commencement / Why John Paul Jones named his ship The Bon Homme Richard [Franklin's influence] / Lafayette is a patriot and a gentleman / "Rights of Man" is losing ground in England / Our Western army is in good shape / Bermuda is scarce of provisions / Rude boys in Cornhill / Board-Alley performances are good

Oct. 4 New-Hampshire Gazette (Portsmouth)
Thomas Paine's letter to Lord Onslow about the Rights of Man / "A Friend to Merit" is dismayed by obituary of John Paul Jones in London "Gentleman's Magazine". The English are still calling him "a pirate"[Jones died July 18 in Paris in extreme poverty] / Article on Drama / New theater in Philadelphia / Ribbons for members of the National Assembly / France is surrounded by countless European enemies. America is friendly / The Papal troops / 17th century medicine / "Paine Outdone" / Anecdote: Priest prays for crops, he is told "prayer doesn't help, manure is needed" / Indians continue Kentucky war / Hispanola Negroes have defeated the French / Smallpox / Stolen goods are found in a tomb / Yale Commencement / Why John Paul Jones named his ship The Bon Homme Richard [Franklin's influence] / Lafayette is a patriot and a gentleman / "Rights of Man" is losing ground in England / Our Western army is in good shape / Bermuda is scarce of provisions / Rude boys in Cornhill / Board-Alley performances are good

Oct. 10 Columbian Centinel (Boston)
Sermon on the death of a wife / Timothy Dexter, Gentleman, complains of unwanted guests / Report of the funeral of John Paul Jones in Paris on July 19. The National Assembly proclaimed a Public Ceremony; a Protestant minister gave the eulogy. The American minister did not attend. He had guests for dinner! / Spain may not join the enemies of France / French cavalry defeat the Austrians / Queen's attendants are removed / 40,000 men's camp established in Paris / America is now defied by the Indians as they defied Britain / Some Russian serfs are now free under Stanilaus / A plague in Athens / Colonel Oswald supports Lafayette / Paine is indicted for libel in England / "Rap on the knuckles" / Indians kill the men seeking a truce for peace talks / The Old American Company open a theater in Philadelphia / Indians muster near Lake Erie / Counterfeiter in Massachusetts / Anecdotes / Falsehoods in the English newspapers / An insurrection in Scotland / Smallpox deaths in Boston bring a resolution to avoid noxious vapors of influenza / American glass window prices / French fleet in Hispanola may end insurrection / Rumor that Lafayette is defeated and is in England / Officers in the French army may be chosen by the soldiers / Cornwallis is named Marquis / British Consul is withdrawn from Paris / Dr. Ramsay makes a proposal for a history of the American Revolution / Philadelphia early births set at 407, deaths 1245 / Englishman wins his law suit; but dies penniless because of court costs / Ann Timothy dies. She was the owner of the Charleston, South Carolina Gazette

Oct. 13 Columbian Centinel (Boston)
Jefferson is the Institute and Patron of the National Gazette" / "On the moral influence of Preaching" / Russia conquers Poland / Empress Catherine is determined "to destroy the new order of things in France" / Germany invades France / National Assembly of France approves a new, military machine that fires 90 shots / Crimes of French Kings / Statues destroyed / Regiments marching on Paris / Swiss regiments in a state of insurrection / "Smash the Crown, Punish Generals, Banish Priests and Science foes at home" / Adultery trial / The Justice of a Sultan / Patriotism / "Woman never learned to read" / New theater in Charleston, South Carolina / Details of the Kentucky Indian raid and treaty / French King, Louis XVI, is imprisoned and will be tried / Lafayette and officers escape and desert army / "Lafayette is a scoundrel" / Maine candidates / Bristol Medical Association / The Mosum River canal / Weddings and deaths / Actors / The Lighthouse on Cape Henry.

Nov. 14 Columbian Centinel (Boston)
Massacre in Paris / Enemies advance from Verdun / Mobs form in Paris. The people massacre 30 priests; lynch hundreds in prison; killed 20 more priests; murdered hundreds of citizens who were suspected of correspondence with emigrants. Paris slaughter may rise to 7000; but Royal family was protected / President Washington's "State of the Union" message read to Congress / Boston statute against theatrical entertainment is repealed / French popularity of Lafayette vanishes / Priests flee French oppression / Mob decapitates Princess de Lamballe. They cut up her body, which is dragged through the streets. Then, the mob demanded the Royal Family see her head on a pole / Mobs rage through France / Assembly abolishes the Royalty / Lafayette is in Luxenbourgh / Massachusetts' resolution on Electors is signed by John Hancock, Governor / Indians Attack on the Ohio river / Some French priests escape to Spain / George Mason dies in Virginia

Nov. 17 Columbian Centinel (Boston)
Indian Depredations south of the Ohio River / Article on the subject of repeal of the statute against theatrical entertainment-censors protect Bostonians / Article supporting John Adams for Vice President / Prussians capture Verdun / Noble émigrés escape from France - one as a sailor, another in a trunk / European Nations to be called to a Congress in Vienna on the French situation / Holland will take no part against the French / Lafayette's officers enroute England, no word of Lafayette himself / Hundreds of French priests arrive daily in England / Madame Lafayette escapes to Holland / Paris arms for war / The King is confined in an apartment / Warrants issued against Quakers who refused to pay tithes / Robbers seized for a new theft, the day after being acquitted of another robbery in Virginia / Canals started in Pennsylvania / William Patterson reelected Governor of New-Jersey / Connecticut and Rhode Island electors selected / Anecdotes / No Boston smallpox / Advertisements in French / Governor Hancock wants hackneys regulated / In Virginia, John Taylor replaces Richard Henry Lee as Senator / Mrs. Patrick Henry dies / Marriages / Deaths / Stephen Thorn rebuts the account of his death

Dec. 19 New-Hampshire Gazette (Portsmouth)
Book ads: Carver's Travels, Belknap's History, Aesop and Pine's Arithmetic, Post-Riders route, Masons meet, lost sheep, etc / .Louis XVI, Marie confined apart. Citizens holding them as hostages against the tyrants combined against the liberty of France / In spring, there will be 2000 men in Pittsburgh to go against the Indians / Austria attacking Belgium / Rheims surrenders / French situation is cloudy / Dr. Priestley declines a seat in the National Assembly / Supplies are needed for New-England Thanksgiving dinners / French are settling in upstate New-York / Jacobins / Public Schools / New Boston newspaper being published in English and French / "Memoirs

Dec. 26 Gazette of the U.S. (Philadelphia)
The Moral Influence of Preaching / President of the Court of Common Pleas advises Juries to adhere to the laws governing distilled spirits / Address to Lafayette which critercises Despots in France / "A Friend to Truth" defends John Adams against Royalist charges / Humorous article on Royalty defeating the revolution / Invasion of France, siege of Lisle raised and the country is a waste around Verdun / Georgia Indians murder eight people / Debate on National Debt / Christmas is observed with the usual solemnities / A Nantucket sail cloth factory is established / Company of Comedians are expected in New-York / Tickets are five dollars for Mr. Blanchard's aerostatical experiment [Flight on January 9th was the first in America and watched by thousands including Washington] / Counterfeit French Crowns / Indians ambush Virginians / Details of the fighting in France / General James Jackson is elected Georgia Senator / Representatives of Massachusetts include: Fisher Ames, Artemas Ward and Peter Coffin / Vermont and South Carolina vote for Washington and Adams, Georgia for Washington and Clinton / Article praising Virginia's electors for Washington and Clinton [Jacobins]



Jan. 9 National Gazette
Article attacking Jefferson [Jefferson is suspected of being the patron of this newspaper] is answered by "A Poor Soldier's Plea" / Anti-Adams articles / Comments on English article on Liberty / David Jones on Indian wars / Bill passed to compensate widows who lost husbands killed by Indians / French victories / William Moultrie is the Governor of South Carolina / Schuykill canal / Massachusetts anti-Adams article / Report that Doumourier takes Brussels / Debate on the reduction of the military establishment

Jan. 18 American Apollo (Boston)
Love and Human Pursuits / Fighting in France, the invaders are retreating, Liberty is triumphant / Thomas Paine writes to the French people to spare the lives of Louis XVI and his family / Irish Catholics are united on the right of elective franchises. Much bloods is shed between Catholics and Protestants / "Louis the Last" / House Debates: Army reduction, war department salaries and the widow's compensation bill is passed / Debate on the trial of Louis XVI / Glorious news: Battle and capture of Mons, Brussels and Ghent / Jail at Morgantown burns / Mr. Blanchard's ascension / Rufus H. King and Isaac Wharton are Directors of the Bank of the United States / Jersey troops leave for Fort Pitt / British fire on French vessel for not saluting / French take Frankfort / Yale monument is proposed for the three Judges of Charles I who escaped to America / Falsehood exposed / Wit / Henry Laurens dies in South Carolina / January 24 appointed a feast day to celebrate the French victories

Jan. 26 Columbian Centinel (Boston)
An Act concerning the Registering and Recording of Ships or Vessels / The French Revolution threatens science and philosophy, needs a balance of power / Blanchard's balloon lands twenty miles from Philadelphia / Accident of a stage / Colonel John Skey Eustis of Georgia promoted to French Marshall / A new theater for New-York / Great Britain to supply France / France should be grateful to Lafayette / Masonic address to Washington and his answer / A long description of the Civic Festival commemorating the French Revolution / Enemies have left France / Fire in Portland / After the fall of the Bastille, George III predicted that European Royalty might disappear in ten years

Jan. 30 Columbian Centinel (Boston)
An Act for Regulating Vessels signed / House Debates: Petitions, Court Costs and loans to States / Washington signs two Acts: for the Mint and Bankrupt Law. Agreement on Army pay / The King of Prussia informs the French Prince that he is retreating from France / Paine's article is forbidden to Great Britain's soldiers / Singular decree in France / No peace with the western Indians / Pitt has resigned / Carter in Virginia frees slaves / Confusion in Martinique / French army to spread liberty in Spain / Americans are fighting in the French army / Alexander Pope's "Essay on Man" / Peter Pindar / New England Civic Festivals / Irish celebration praises America / South Carolina suspends importation of slaves from Africa for two years and forever from the North

Feb. 13 Columbian Centinel (Boston)
Joel Barlow send a copy of this treatise on the French Revolution to the Society for Constitutional Information and the Society thanks Barlow / Article on music by "Constancy" / Argument about Moses Wallach, Captain Ward # 1 First Regiment / French Emigrants are exiled; Robespierre is killed; cowardice; England gives refuge to the French Catholics as they did to the French Protestants a century ago / Polish Patriots / Brain research / Ancient vestiges of Rome found in London / Dog saves master from drowning / Mob in England tries to lynch man found in woman's clothing / Patriotic and Humane Society for the Promotion of Virtue and Morality of Females is formed in Paris / Use of Oaths / South using citizen instead of Mr / .Anecdote / Irish Catholics rebelling for liberty / The Maryland highwayman, who robbed the mail, declares his innocence / No peace with Miami Indians / Pennsylvania vine culture / Lafayette's history with the Revolution / Boston merchant's debts / The fate of the King and Queen of France has not been decided / Spanish affairs are uncertain / Revolution threatens in England / Martinique opens it's ports / Louis XVI's jewels are auctioned / Congressman charged with speculation / Philadelphia "fault-finders"of the Federal Government, now attack the State / Soldier's clothing / A Connecticut Reverend is to be the Episcopal Bishop in Canada / Pennsylvania does not renew the bankrupt law / English Earl refuses an Irish girl / Paoli dies

Feb. 19 Salem (Massachusetts) Gazette
Article from the Nation Gazette complaining about Congress's treatment of the army / Polly Smith, captured by the Mohawks as a child, seeks news of her parents / African natives revolt against slavery tactics / Paine loses his seat in the National Assembly because of his friendship with a priest / Lafayette is persecuted / Rome surrenders to France / Irish riot over Catholic bill / Neckar and French taxes / Report on the Hessians, how they fared in the Revolution / The English Navy is expanded / Riots and treason in London / "Paine's creed has now taken root in Britain", Paine is guilty of libel / LouisXVI is on trail / 100 Catholics are sent to the Tower / Libels / Fighting near Frankfort / Louis Capet is on trial / The activities of the Royal Family / The King is isolated / In Commons, Fox moves to send an ambassador to France / President Washington's birthday celebration / Shipwreck / Mulattoes riot in France / Last words of General Charles Lee / Murder over two dollars

Feb. 23 National Gazette
Treasury Department report / Article on the abolition of slavery / Liberty / Article signed Franklin; Number IV on bans / Requirements for a Senator / Article critercising Hamilton / Article on principles / House agrees to Judicial Courts bill - States liable to be sued by individuals. This led to the eleventh amendment / Indian treaty / Trial of Louis XVI / U. S. Postal subscription of newspapers - pay in advance / New-Jersey bridges / T. Treadwell chosen for the House / In Trial of Thomas Paine in London, the guilty verdict is hissed

Mar. 5 Salem (Massachusetts) Gazette
* pages 1 and 2 only * Complaint to Congress on the Army / Paine is guilty / Louis XVI trial / French-Spanish neutrality / Louis XVI's Defense / Ensign Morgan's trial

Mar. 6 Columbian Centinel (Boston)
Long account of French King's trial / Atmosphere in France / Lafayette is a prisoner, still / English-French War is inevitable / Sedition in Ireland / Napper Tandy / Joel Barlow is a member of the French National Convention / Indians quiet / Finally, Pennsylvania will select a Senator / The destruction of canker worm / Caleb String chosen as Senator in Massachusetts

Mar. 12 Salem (Massachusetts) Gazette
Boudinot's speech on petition of Army officers / French troops are pushing Allies back / Official letter to the United States that France expects Americans to support liberty / European armies are in winter quarters / Louis XVI is condemned to prison and banishment / Eleazer Oswald, former printer of the Philadelphia Independent Gazeteer, is a Colonel in the French army / British ship is fired upon in Brest harbor / Was is inevitable / Third Congress to meet next December / Problems in the Treasury Department / George Washington is sworn in for his second term / Indians want a new treaty / A libel of George Warren complains that the Massachusetts aristocracy is selecting Senators / April 11 is to be a fast day / Maryland inventor dies of too much thinking / Irish woman dies at 146 / "Rowing with one oar" / Woman falls into a fire and burns to death / Man dies of a bitten finger, the assailants are in jail

Mar. 16 National Gazette
Debate about the U. S. Treasury / Fort Pitt report on the failures of General St. Clair / Story on the success of the French Revolution / Article by "An American Farmer" critercising government / New Pennsylvania bank / The price of bread is debated / Slave plot in Hayti / Kentucky horse thieves / "Don't joke about religion" / We should have no titles / Disgusting politics / Seasonable reflections

Apr. 2 Salem (Massachusetts) Gazette
The final judgment on Louis XVI: Execution / Allies activities / Comment on Boudinot's speech / Military gentlemen / Lafayette enroute Magdeburg / English condolences on the death of LouisXVI / Duke of Clarence is ill from a broken arm / War declared between England and France / Bloody action in Germany / Negroes revolt in Aux-Cayes / Debts / Electors / Louis condemned by a small margin of four is wrong. The margin was 27 / Providence tolled bells for Louis / Anecdote / Priestley on education

Apr. 13 Columbian Centinel (Boston)
Act to establish Judicial Courts / France declares war on England and Holland / King George's message to Parliament / Catholics reprimanded in Ireland / Complaint about critercising Harvard / French feudal rights / Washington, enroute Mount Vernon, to visit progress of canal construction / DuMourier's military expertise / Blanchard to make his 46th aerial flight / Particulars of the execution of Louis XVI / Some think the Americans will join the French in the war with England / French declare war on Spain / The execution of the Queen of France / More details on Louis XVI's execution / Suicide / DuMourier enters Holland / The details for the mourning of Louis XVI are proclaimed in England / Tumult in St. John's over war debate / Rumors are rampant / The election in Maine / New-Hampshire military are organized / New theater and bridge / Donations to the Boston library / After 17 months at sea, a whale ship caught 200 whales

Apr. 17 Columbian Centinel (Boston)
An unhappy, beaten girl seems lost / How to secure cabbage from worms / The guillotine and the will of Louis XVI / Description of the guillotine / Holland is flooded for defense / The French are fighting the Prussians / France is raising an army of 300,000 / Louis Capet funeral / French proclamation to the Dutch / French trying to stop British trade with America / Successful press gangs in England / British take Guadeloupe and Martinique / Poem: Inland Canals

May 1 National Gazette
Address to the French National Convention on the present crisis / "Mr. Adams and his Intriguing arts" / Brothers of Louis XVI in Germany proclaim the Dauphin to be Louis XVII / Balloon ascension in Spain / Spain is indignant of Louis XVI's death / French beaten back in Holland / "An Old Corporal" answers "Old Soldier's" complaints about Citizen Genet / Article on Royal crimes / "True Americans should support France" / Pennsylvania is treating with the Indians / Ohio Indians are troublesome / Complain that many New-Jersey free men can not vote because they are not worth 50 pounds and no politician can be trusted for four years / New-York has a good maple sugar crop / Blanchard displays his balloon on Chestnut street and will make his 40th ascent / The Pope acknowledges the French Republic / New hand grenade / French take Breda / The new French Constitution has a bill of rights / "Puffing at servants of the Republic is anti-Republican" / Ships collide in Chesapeake Bay / Judicious newspapers are necessary in a Democracy

May 1 Columbian Centinel (Boston)
An Act to promote the Useful Arts" / "As our treaty was with LouisXVI; we can not support France in this war" / A counter-revolution has begun in France / Louis XVI is martyred / A trial for Marie Antoinette is demanded / Generous donation of 1000 pounds to the French clergy refugees / Disorders in Ireland / M. Genet is sending provisions to France from South Carolina / Genet: "American ships have the same privileges as French ships" / Neutrality / John Quincy Adams to give the Fourth of July Oration / Ohio Indian treaty at Sandusky / Woman bears four sons

May 15 Columbian Centinel (Boston)
The character of a coquette / Letter of General Doumourier, Commander-in-Chief of the French Northern Army, to the National Convention / "Men are not equal" / Legislatures should have the ties of Religion / Courage is speaking out against arbitrary power / Montesquieu established that legislature, executive and judicial powers are in all governments / Communications are halted between England and France / The detestable practice of dueling! / Theological Inquiries / Charleston, S. C. celebrates St. George Day / Marie Antoinette's poem: "The Captive Queen" / Sailors attack a French Naval Officer inCharleston / Connecticut Court gives back to a free negro his two free children who had been stolen and enslaved / Details of Martinique battle / Viscount de Noailles, who fought in the Revolution, arrives in Philadelphia

June 5 Pennsylvania Gazette
General Dumourier's letter to the National Convention, plus a proclamation by the Prince of Cobourg to the effect that the leaders of the army are resigning because of the excesses of the National Convention and the disregard for the Constitution / British capture St. Peters, Newfoundland / Civil war in France / Dumourier is declared a traitor / Indians are active on the Ohio River and western Pennsylvania / French Army in disarray / General Dampierre replaces Dumourier as Commander-in-Chief / National Convention addresses the army on the desertion of Doumourier / Spain expels French from Cadiz / French decapitate three Generals

June 11 Salem (Massachusetts) Gazette
Thoughts on the War / Paine anecdotes / Dumourier's defeat and the French reaction / Activities of the National Assembly and the Jacobin Club / French have hostages / Distress throughout France / Indian depredations / Indian war in the Southwest and Pennsylvania / Action in Port-au-Prince / Genet / General Lincoln treats with the Ohio Indians / Aristocrats are attacked in Martinique / Dutch capture St. Martins / Poem by Francis Hopkinson / Promoting Agriculture / Charles I execution

June 18 Salem (Massachusetts) Gazette
Same news on Doumourier and the Prince of Cobourg / Dampierre reports success / Paris arrests / European fighting / French open ports to American ships / French slave ship with 670 slaves is taken by the British / Quebec execution is stayed / Genet is in Philadelphia / Libels / Privateers prosecuted / Mugger arrested / Dumourier defects to the Austrians / Salem citizens thank Washington for the Neutrality proclamation / Anecdote of the Devil

June 25 Salem (Massachusetts) Gazette
"The Triumph of Temper" to be published / Lafayette' letter on his captivity / Dumourier's proclamation / "War is madness" / Dampierre was the first Frenchman to make a balloon voyage / Epigram / Privateers / No decision on South Carolina court case of moneys due merchants since 1777 / Creek and Chickasaw Indians at war / Earthquake at Cape Francois / Court cases.Man rescues a Negroes in a canoe accident / Amputation is successful / French Prince Regent Ambassador Noailles meets with Washington / Situation in Europe / Washington has forbidden a French Ambassador granting commissions to privateers / Sentence for counterfeiting / Hay / Public Free Schools / Fire buckets / "Irish Band" / French defend Tobago

July 2 Salem (Massachusetts) Gazette
Federal City Buildings / Marat is innocent / A maxim on conduct / Lord North / "On Negroes" / Marat is innocent / Parliamentary reform / Count D'Artois, Louis XVI's brother, is in Russia / Federalism / The Supreme Court decides British debts do not have to be paid / The building of our Federal City is progressing / In "Candide" Voltaire deplores war / War is costly / The murderer of alave is imprisoned / An execution / Counterfeiter / St. John's Day / Free Masons / Foreign coins / Spanish take Cape Francois / Huge tooth and thigh bone are found in Troy, New-York / Shipping news / 553 slaves arrive in Jamaica / Books: "St. Domingo Negro Insurrection" and "The Slavery of Africans" / Sonnet / Anecdote / Cutting of bushes / A maxim on conduct

July 9 Salem (Massachusetts) Gazette
Spanish Gold Ship / Marie Antoinette letter / Duel in Carlisle, PA / Englishman in India is killed by a Royal tiger / Ad for John Adams's "A Defense of the Constitution of the Government of the United States of America" / Observations on the frontier of France / Wealth laden Spanish ship is captured by the British. Details on the worth of the Spanish ship / A pretended privateer / Duel in Carlisle, Pennsylvania / Dumourier's treachery / French uns children / Englishman in India is killed by a Royal tiger / Judge meets on a captured ship / Comments on a possible Ohio Indian treaty / Report people who have been prisoners of Indians / Times are unsettled in Virginia / Salem July Fourth celebration / Tempests / Ten French ships taken by the British / A newly discovered animal is found in western territories / Longevity / Marie Antoinette letter

July 23 Salem (Massachusetts) Gazette
New militia law in Massachusetts / General Dampierre is wounded and dies amid victory / Dunkirk is under siege by the British / The people of Baltimore aid the French refugees / Philadelphia merchants meet on the neutrality policy / French victories / Murder! / Brittany insurrection / Scotland ‘murmuring" about taxes and representation / Chief Justice John Jay writes the opinion as the Supreme Court approves a citizen of one State can sue another State

July 30 Salem (Massachusetts) Gazette
Chief Justice John Jay's opinion on individual suits against States / An article on the Court's decision / French defeat Cape Francois insurgents / The situation in Algiers / New-York shipping / Royalists are making headway in France / Improved fire arms / Stories of prisoners captured by the Indians in Ohio and western Pennsylvania / President Washington is much abused because of the neutrality policy / New-England meeting against neutrality / Among the Harvard graduates is Samuel Farrar [an earlier newspaper in this collection was directed to S. Farrar] / A large child / "Please drive carefully on Sundays" / Drownings / Shipping / Naval engagement / JulyFourth song / An account of the British failure against Martinique / Cape Francois revolt / Phillips Academy / Convention of Universal Churches

Aug. 3 Columbian Centinel (Boston)
Commerce article / Article about France / "Be Just and Fear not' / "All news, good, bad and indifferent" / English army is reinforced in Austrian Flanders / Skirmishes / Siege of Valenciennes / Siege of Conde / Custine commands the French Northern Army; Kellerman commands the Southern Army / Robespierre / French Republic is acknowledged by thirteen States / Dispute about a prize ship in Wilmington, N. C / .1000 dollar donation for the Cape Francois refugees / Massacre in Cape Francois / Algerian tribute / Every nation, but America, is ransoming their Algerian prisoners / Indian activity on Lake Erie / French citizens are Jacobins / Democracy and Monarchy article / St. Domingo / The French ship Boston and the H.M.S. Embuscade / "Don't involve this country in all the horrors of war"

Aug. 13 Salem (Massachusetts) Gazette
John Quincy Adams's Fourth of July oration / The people of Alexandria address Washington on agreeing to neutrality and his answer / Fighting in Holland / The partition of Poland / Prize ship verdict / Support for neutrality / Articles by "Uncle Toby" and "Crito" on government / Riots in theConvention / Lafayette is not dead / In a naval engagement, H.M.S.Embuscade wounds the French frigate Boston / Insurrection of the "people of color" in St.Domingo / Tobias Lear's wife dies / Shipping news / Sabbath violations / Poem: To Liberty / Typographical anecdotes-blank newspapers

Aug. 27 Salem (Massachusetts) Gazette
Lottery / Gold table / Genet's conduct / Treasury / Genet / John Jay / Genet / Crito / Aid to France / Commotion in France / Neutrality policy / Cure for the flux / The French survive a bloody battle near Lisle, 17,000 casualties / Genet and privateers and his "appeal to the people" / Horrid murder! / French insurrection is quelled / History of a 108 year old man / Shipping news / Anecdotes / Magnificent martyrdom / Bermuda proclamation / A Clergy discovery

Sept. 16 Federal Gazette (Philadelphia)
** Half-sheet only - printer was short-handed because of the plague ** / Yellow Fever Plague in Philadelphia / "Perhaps the plague is the judgment of God" / New-York bars travelers from the south to stop spread of Philadelphia's sickness / Governor George Clinton issues a proclamation to contain yellow fever outside the State. New-York bars travelers from the south / Ships of Portuguese fleet became confused and attacked each other / West Indies hurricane / Philadelphia seeks men to patrol the streets and prevent looting and robberies / Fire buckets

Sept. 24 Salem (Massachusetts) Gazette
Governor Mifflin's speech to the Pennsylvania Legislature on the problem of privateers / Massachusetts Governor John Hancock, who is ill, has his speech on States Rights read to the Legislature. Hancock apologized for it being necessary to have the speech read by the clerk. He said: "I feel the seeds of mortality growing fast within me / Boston has boycotted ships from Philadelphia, fearing yellow fever / Massachusetts wants a Constitutional amendment forbidding citizens from suing States / Executions stayed / Hancock issues a proclamation and resolution to protect Massachusetts from the yellow fever plague in Philadelphia / Paris is calm / French successes / French expel Spaniards from western France / National Convention discards Marat's violent letter / The attack on Nantes / Jamaica Governor warns privateers about the harsh treatment of captured ships and passengers / Hostile Ohio Indians / Yellow fever in Philadelphia begins to lessen / New-York guards set to keep people from Philadelphia away / French victory in Bayonne / Hispanola riots / Militia

Oct. 1 Salem (Massachusetts) Gazette
Trial of the late Duke of Orleans / Siege of Valenciennes / Marat assassination / Executions / Robespierre / Marie Anne Charlotte Conde is Marat's assassin / The surrender of Valenciennes / The surrender of Mayance / General Custine / Interior state of the French Republic / Fate of Marie Antoinette / Philadelphians have fled to the country / Trenton is free of fever / No fever in New-York / New bridge from Boston to Cambridge / Yellow fever is still rampant in Philadelphia / Massachusetts resists Federal Judiciary / From the Dartmouth Centinel, Hanover, New-Hampshire: Farrago / Deaths in a well

Oct. 8 Salem (Massachusetts) Gazette
An Act to limit personal actions and to avoid law suits / Madame Conde's letter to Barbaroux with details of the assassination of Marat. She insists she had no accomplices in the extermination of Marat / Paris is tranquil / Immense number of rebels were slain at Verdun / The Allies are near Paris / There have been violations against the Polish King, who resists participation in Polish partition / Proceedings of the Polish Diet / Grand Masonic Procession / The history of the yellow fever epidemic in Philadelphia / A raging sickness in the Spanish fleet / On Hispanola, mulatto General Rigaud is proclaimed the Commander and he says any slave who joins the army is free / Cruelties on that island / New-York guards against the Philadelphia plague / The rich are not paying for the Militia / Dies while dancing / Piracy / The belligerent Breton / The situation at Toulon / Jefferson and Washington leave Philadelphia. It is crowded in Baltimore / New-Jersey turns back Philadelphia stages / Recent gale seems to have slowed the plague, which started on August 3. There has been over 2000 deaths in Philadelphia / A dialogue about yellow fever

Oct. 15 Salem (Massachusetts) Gazette
Governor John Hancock issues a proclamation for a Public Thanksgiving on November 7 / Hancock died on October 8 at about eight o'clock. He was 55 / Obituaries / "You should read party writers cautiously" / Sea engagement / The official state of France / Algerians-French sea battle off Corsica / A man of 76 wins a 23 old bride in a lottery / "The French are our natural born enemies / "Nobody killed but yourself" / From the Eagle, or Dartmouth Centinel - an article on Liberty / Tennessee Indian news / All is quiet on the Ohio / New Vermont Bishop / Mulattos suppress Whites in Aux Cayes / The situation in Port-au-Prince is wretched / Insurrection at Guadeloupe / The Russian fleet is off Copenhagen / The funeral of John Hancock / Military parades and exercises / Samuel Adams is Massachusetts Commander-in-Chief / The clearing of the Potomac river / Indian troubles in Ohio / British are taking American vessels / Prussian King is nearly killed / Good potatoes / Snakes / Anecdotes

Oct. 22 Salem (Massachusetts) Gazette
Benjamin Rush writes a long letter praising John Hancock / Proceedings of the National Convention / The real interest of Great Britain considered in the light of the general state of Europe / France surrenders Mentz / Allies are on the Rhine / Charleston, Norfolk and New-York shipping news / Fever still raging in Philadelphia. There have been 4064 burials since August 19 / The Society for Free Debate / Battle of privateers / Perhaps Lafayette is dead / Some Comedians are in town / From the Eagle, or Dartmouth Centinel-"Power of Innocence"

Oct. 26 Columbian Centinel (Boston)
"Christians Army defeats Atheists" / Letter to Mr. Pitt on commercial calamities / Robespierre is President of the National Convention and issues a decree for the augmentation of the army / The Proclamation upon entering into Conde and the answer by the people / "Christian army defeats Atheists" / The result of war is starvation / Ireland is miserable / George III receives a petition from Scotland for peace / Fighting around Dunkirk / French are victorious over the Spaniards / General Custine is tried, found guilty and is guillotined / America is hostile to England / War may come to America / Yellow fever in Philadelphia / The Boston theater / The installation of Mr. John Murray as Pastor of the Universal Meeting House / Police warn parents that children are ill from eating the Devil's apple / Poem


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