PF 2: 50 Historic Newspapers 1779 – 1865

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Oct. 11 New-York Gazette and Weekly Mercury
Hugh Gaine, Tory printer / Burgoyne's surrender terms at Saratoga, Mariot Arbuthnot, Esq., Commander of British ships, warns against navy deserters / ad for beef and pork in whole and half barrels / James Pattison, British Major-General, establishes regulations for security of ships / "good ground in advantageous part of city for rent"; James Pattison proclamation that all boats must have police passes / order for pitch, tar, turpentine, rosin, or shingles to be turned over by August 5 / Madrid, July 5: plans to starve out Gibraltar instead of attacking immediately / ads for Bibles, books, songs, coffee houses, rooms, passenger and freight ships to London, auctions / wanted: servant who can dress hair for an Officer.



Dec. 31 Salem (Massachusetts) Gazette
Thomas Cushing, Publisher / Copper, flour, schooner for sale / "Interesting Narrative of Colonel Phelipeaux," who died in defending the City of Acre-friend of Napoleon Bonaparte / 2,000-3,000 men killed, wounded, and missing in British/Russian attack / account of fire at Ricket's Circus that spread to adjacent buildings, wind saved the New Theatre / Death of Washington, officers of Navy will wear crape on the left arm below the elbow for six months, Senate members will wear black during their session, President's chair will be shrouded and overhung with black curtains and whole chamber lined with black curtains / local ceremony and procession in honor of Washington / Thomas Paine chosen to give an elegy in Newburyport / suspension of business in Gloucester for mourning / "A nation at half mast" / Ode to Thaliarchus published / essay on Original Sin.



Jan. 7 Federal Spy (Springfield, MA)
Timothy Ashley, Publisher / English and Russians fighting (Oct. 10) / discussions of evacuating Holland / President Adams signs an act for the valuation of lands and dwelling houses, and the enumerations of slaves / House adopts an act to collect a direct tax within the United States / Senate's letter to President Adams expressing grief for Washington, President's reply / poems mourning Washington / local services mourning Washington / 2 cents reward for return of a runaway, 20-year-old indentured servant / other students and servants run away / drugs, medicines, groceries for sale.

Jan. 9 Salem (Massachusetts) Gazette
Washington's funeral in Philadelphia on Dec. 27: parades, military, General Lee speaks / John Adams proclaims that citizens should wear crape on the left arm as mourning for 30 days / disasters in Switzerland-Archduke Charles defeated / "bill of mortality" for Salem from Jan. 1, 1799 to Jan. 1, 1800: 79 males, 90 females, 14 blacks / shipping news / political legacies of Washington listed / Boston glass for sale.



July 17 New-England Palladium
Young and Minns, Official State Printers / act authorizing a bridge to be built / copy of review of first volume of the "Life of Washington" by John Marshall from the Philadelphia Register / indications that Clinton may be president instead of Jefferson / recitation of toasts given in Connecticut on the anniversary of American Independence / methods of heading cabbages in the winter / peace between British and Rajah of Berar in Calcutta / General Alexander Hamilton died July 12 in New York: soldier, statesman, lawyer, Christian, friend of Washington / marriages and deaths / story of premature burial / concert hall performance-The Philosophical Fish's card tricks, ventriloquism / Scipio Hazard, 15-year-old slave, runs away: reward $10.



Nov. 6 Alexandria Advertiser (Va.)
Negro boy, 12, for sale / Buenos Aires hides for sale / oysters / a night school opens / American captives in Tripoli as told by Dr. Cowdery's journal / advice in the affairs of life and conduct / France and Prussia may make a treaty of war / results of Pennsylvania election between Snyder and McKean / 3,000 lbs. good cheese for sale.

Dec. 14 Boston Gazette
"Japanned ware" tea trays for sale / members of the Boston Female Asylum (charitable organization) ask to build on a tract of land for the use of their organization / foreigners accused of murder / bulletins of the Grand Army / Napoleon Bonaparte captures Ulm / Nathaniel Alexander elected governor of North Carolina / shooting trial postponed / money raised for orphans at the Charleston theatre / Boston tide schedule / English mustard for sale / Shakespeare's "As You Like It" performed / new publication available on witchcraft and fortune telling.



Dec. 12 Columbian Centinel (Boston)
President James Madison's State of the Union Address / transcript of address received after 24 hours from Washington after several competitors, riders dismounted and one horse killed through "excessive fatigue and horrid roads" / Mechanic Association notice / "compartnerships" formed and dissolved / Isaiah Thomas relocates his bookstore / millenary ad (hats and bonnets) / discussion of territory south of the Mississippi Territory and east of the Mississippi to the river Perdido / President Madison's invasion of West Florida: Spain will likely take action / ad for young ladies' academy / riding school taught by circus members / scholars meet each week to practice Cotillion and Contra Dances / ventriloquist's exhibition at a coffee house to benefit the poor / woman cook wanted / brown Havana sugars for sale / pew for sale / Doctor Hunter's Pills / Boston Whip Manufactory.



Aug. 6 True American (Philadelphia)
Thomas Bradford, Publisher / address from the Canal Company to the public / lottery for the improvement of the inland navigation of the state of Pennsylvania, authorized by legislature / man buys mineral springs in Schooley's Mountain in New-Jersey and invites patronage / fire insurance / sea bathing in Cape Island public house / Providence Mob / Thomas and William Bradford sell books / Irish linens / defense of Baltimore / Doctor Coit's Family Pills / murderous Baltimore mob may have been led by a French apothecary, Irish pugilist, and the editor of a Democratic newspaper / Edward Johnson's opinions on Baltimore / a chemical catechism for the use of young people / "worm destroying lozenges."

Dec. 9 Columbian Centinel (Boston)
Letter to Senate and House of Representatives concerning a turnpike / Massachusetts electoral votes / naval chronicle from Captain Jacob Jones of the Wasp / James Madison's message on conscription, obligation of citizens to do military duty in all wars / Napoleon reaches height of glory in capturing Moscow / war in Russia / Commander Stephen Decatur captures the British ship Macedonian with the ship United States / Harvard college lottery $1,000 / Charitable Mechanic Association / Bible Society / Boston Theatre shows Isabella with Mrs. Whitlock / valuable book sale / tortoise shell combs / "hansome booby-hut" for sale.



Feb. 23 Intelligencer (Portsmouth, N.H.)
New Orleans Battle / Peace Treaty signed in England / Andrew Jackson's letter to the Secretary of War from New Orleans / retreat of the British / letter from Jackson to Claiborne Jan 19 / call to prayer from the Apostolick Administrator of the Diocese of Louisiana / boy killed in Newburyport, Mass., by wheels of cannon passing over his head / treaty of peace between U.S. and Britain / James Monroe acting Secretary of State / Federal Republican nominations for councilors and senators / shipwreck kills 110, 6 survive, poem / analysis of Washington and Jefferson's contrasting views.

June 24 New-York Herald
Anecdotes of Bonaparte / Democrats will have the majority at the next House Assembly / mail robber detected in Raleigh, North Carolina / duel on Bunker Hill in Charleston / details of a murder and robbery case in Savannah / letter from dismissed "deranged officers" / act to prevent certain goods being traded between U.S. and Canada / Indians attack in St. Louis / rise of Lake Erie / article concerning the dissatisfaction of retired army officers / New York Grand Jury says public gardens open on the Sabbath are breeding grounds for vice / Negro girl drowned / "circassian" lotion.

Aug. 9 Connecticut Courant (Hartford)
Fire ordinances for Baltimore / essay on female education / official account of defeat of Bonaparte from Wellington / details of British battles in Flanders / Parliament thanks Wellington / Prussians lose 16,000 / violent hail storm in Salem, hail up to six inches in circumference / more accounts of overthrow of French army / 18-year-old steals $2,300 from uncle, flees to New York, and throws a grand ball / Cannan lime / dairy farm for sale / review of New England governors' decision not to place their militia under full control of general government.



Mar. 4 National Intelligencer (Washington, D.C.)
Broadside Extra - Monroe's Inaugural Address with comments on Indians.



Feb. 19 Columbian Centinel (Boston)
James Prescott lawsuit / petition to the House and Senate requesting water communication system / Missouri-Maine Compromise/ Senate refuses to reconsider bill taxing retailers of "spirituous liquors" / article on the Federalists / Supreme Court Case M'Clung v. Ross' / circus rider from New York falls 40 feet and breaks his collar bone / sentencing of court martial case for Colonel Wm. King / bill to establish permanent fund for public schools goes to legislature / agitation over slavery in Richmond / fires in Fredericksburg, Virginia / medical books for sale / Mr. Dewey's Astronomical Lectures / exhibition ball.



Aug. 31 Lancaster (Penn.) Journal
Circulating library opens / copper-tinted mineral water apparatus / $1.00 in Marietta money for sale / "curls and perfumery" / physic and surgery by Clarkson Freeman / death of Napoleon Bonaparte / account of life of Bonaparte / barren field fertilized with soap suds instead of manure with good results, and analysis on report by Rev. Thomas Falconer / newly invented mowing machine / account of jilted fiancé murdering her old love's new wife by suffocating her with sand on a beach / robbers caught by store owner and thrown in jail / judge decides surgeon who attends a duel is guilty and subject to prosecution as an abettor / man saved from freezing by being thrown in a warm heap of dung / advice for getting stains out of linen with brimstone / account of Queen Matilda of Denmark.

Sept. 19 Columbian Centinel (Boston)
Book on the life of Captain James Wilson published / fire engine manufactory / Walter Scott's description of the coronation of George IV / suspended communication between the Porte and Russian ambassador (Russia and Turkey) / naval battle between Greek and Turkish ships / Napoleon Bonaparte's death / King George IV visits Ireland / unexpected death of the Queen Caroline from bowel problems / tornadoes in New Hampshire / Yale commencement / several die of a fever on Staten Island and mayor forbids intercourse with the city / yellow fever in Norfolk, Virginia.

Nov. 3 New-Hampshire Centinel [Sentinel] (Keene)
Prompt payment of 1821 state tax requested / Rockingham County Agricultural Society anniversary had highest turnout ever / Western Canal [Erie Canal] from Albany to Lake Erie soon to be finished / The Great Southern Mail robbed near Elkton, Maryland with 99 letters missing / M. Belzoni, celebrated traveler in Egypt, found an ancient mummy / Ads: The Grand National Lottery drawing on November 21 with the largest prize set at $100,000.



Aug. 29 Manufacturer's and Farmer's Journal
Story translated from the Magazine of European Literature on the Abbe Sicard, an instructor for the deaf and blind in Paris/ Letter of outrage about being detained in Connecticut without transportation/ Abolition article citing the unjust execution of 35 slaves and banishment of 37 slaves/ Proclamation of President Monroe declaring American ports open to British vessels involved in trading between the U.S. and islands or colonies/ Ads: Fifteen dollar reward for a lost Red Morocco Pocket Book containing 30 dollars in bank notes/ D. Cass, surgeon Dentist moved offices.



Dec. 9 New England Palladium
President Monroe's State of the Union address on Dec. 2nd/ Wreck of boat Minerva while fishing near the port of Marblehead and no living were aboard/ Ads: New England Museum with various entertainers such as dwarves and musicians/ 100 bushels of Carolina Sweet Potatoes just in from North Carolina/ French evening school for gentlemen by F.S. Durivage/ Poem to Greece from a magazine.



Feb 15 New York Spectator
Trial of John C. Morrison, who was accused of having bribed a member of Congress, will be postponed/ Senate argument on the suffrage of blacks and their rights as human beings/ John Quincy Adams elected as President of the United States/ Court case: Ann Jane Mckee v. Joseph Nelson on the breach of promise of marriage, in which Nelson was authorized to pay Mckee 3,000 dollars worth of damages/ Letter of citizens to General Jackson requesting a public dinner to show respect for him in light of his current loss in the election/ Report on the New York penitentiary system/ Ads: Cast Iron ploughs with a patent by George Nixon found on 139 Maiden Lane/ Cement cellars which can hold drinking water.

April 18 Bellows Falls (Vt.) Intelligencer
Experiment completed on how best to fatten hogs/ Letter from Commodore John Paul Jones to the American General the Marquis de Lafayette/ Article vividly describing the Plague epidemic in London/ Letter of Clay to Kentucky constituents explaining his vote in the recent Presidential election in order to uphold his integrity/ Most destructive fire in Boston since 1787, which began in the house of the inspector general of fish/ Ads: Loring and Kupfer's hardware and cutlery goods from Liverpool on Union Street/ Clay's itching ointment and Clay's stomach bitters for relief from stomach ailments.



Dec. 30 Education Reporter and Weekly Lyceum (Boston)
Teaching philosophy on how to teach pupils to think/ Formation of school districts/ Short story on a child's vivid memory of his mother though she died when he was 5/ Governor's addresses to legislature in Penn., Va., and Ohio/ Solar eclipse calculated by the American Almanac to be on the next 12th of February/ Meeting at Woodbridge, Boston on reforming the Militia due to the strains it puts upon citizens/ List of new books published by Hillard, Gray, and Co.



Sept. 14 Massachusetts Spy
Hurricane put Barbados (Barbadoes) in ruins/ Two articles on the Nat Turner rebellion and insurrection in Southampton, Virginia/ Annual commencement of Harvard College and the order of events/ Report on Cholera as an epidemic/ Indians find lost children, three were dead and one girl was found alive/ 100th anniversary of the incorporation of Worcester county on Tues, October 4th, 1831/ Ads: Webster's dictionary and spelling book for sale by Dorr and Howland/ Vegetable preparations recommended as "invaluable medicines" for families.

November The Philadelphia Mail (E. Littell, publisher)
Apology by editor for the long absence of the publication due to his 2 month visit to London/ New patent leather pully standing press made as a substitute for the ordinary lever, screw, and hydrostatic presses/ New patent perryiah metallic pens sold in packages of 30 packets at E. Littel's/ Cure for the Rheumatism and similar ailments for sale by Maynard and Noyes/ Address to the people by the U.S. Free Trade Commission on grievances about the tariff of duties/ American Portrait Gallery to e released quarterly with engravings and biographical sketches on famous American figures.



Feb. 2 State Herald
Short story about a fat Quaker who attempted to jump ditch filled with water and fell in/ Rhode Island Lace School with over 700 women employed to make fine lace/ Convention of Mechanics and working men held February 15th to discuss the efforts of the laboring classes, regulate hours, promote education and reduce abuses/ Children playing in the snow find a disembodied recently severed hand and foot/ Supreme Court now in session/ Virginia House of Delegates' speeches on the evils of slavery and possibility of gradual emancipation/ Ads: Music and Umbrella store of John Ashton/ 10 dollars reward for information on the person who set fire crackers underneath a window of a house on Vaughn Street.



June 25 Hempstead Enquirer
Death of General Lafayette at Paris on Tuesday, May 20th at 5a.m./ Major Jack Downing's correspondence with the Portland Carrier/ Rail Road accident as two cars gave way while going up a hill, and people were thrown from the airborne cars, yet no one was killed or seriously injured/ Long article on the disinterment of kings giving King Edward I as an example/ Article on instances of being buried alive and diseases with which this is more likely/ Ads: Phineas Hill Stone Cutting for headstones, monuments, and tablets.



Dec. 21 The Herald (NY, Early Penny Paper; James Gordon Bennett, Publisher)
The Merchant's exchange on Wall Street burnt down on 2 a.m. Tuesday morning/ Picture of the Burnt Merchant's exchange on Wall Street/ Early street map/ New restaurant/ Eating house at the corner of Wooster and Spring Street by J.C. Rennert/ Ads: J. Moffat's vegetable life pills which restores health and cures every disease/ Dr. Loveman's Balm of Gilead which gives strength and muscle to the digestive organs/ The Art of rapid writing, illustrated and explained by B.F. Foster, teacher of writing and bookkeeping.



July 23 Public Ledger (cost: one cent; Swaine, Abell, & Simms, Publishers)
State Chess match to be held in June or July between rival chess clubs Paris and Westminster/ Certificates of deposit being forged creating a multitude of land frauds/ Accidental death of Mr. Jos Retelsperger of New Village while he was driving a carriage/ Biographical sketch of Osceola, the Seminole Chief taken from the New York Sun/ Ads: The American Museum now has a ventriloquist and glass blower for all to see, and the exhibition begins in the saloon every evening at 8:30/ 250 dollar reward for the murder of Mr. John Clark of Oxfordshire.



Jan 15 Journal of Public Morals (N.Y.)
Journal of Public Morals issued by the American Moral Reform Society to be published the first of every month/ Letter from a brother to a sister on the importance of a female's education/ Article on the baseness of sporting with female affection/ Records found that at least 400 lunatics living in New Hampshire of which most are kept in horrible living atmospheres/ Poem called the Lady Bug and the Ant/ A discourse on the sin of lewdness by the Reverend E. Demond/ Death of an abandoned 20-year- old female.



July 27 Extra
Ohio Statesman Delegates from Franklin and Parkway Counties met at Lockburn to nominate candidate Andrew McElvain for this senatorial district/ Increase in population by 14 times since 30 years earlier/ Ohio legislature Bank reform/ Selected toasts from the celebration at Worcester, Massachusetts/ Large political cartoon concerning Martin Van Buren and an independent treasury/ Evansport 4th of July celebration with a march, toasts, and feasts.



June 27 The Log Cabin (Horace Greeley, Publisher; election paper supporting Harrison)
Celebration at Fort Meigs over General Harrison's arrival/ List of people who have chosen to withdrawal from Van Buren's party/ Essay "to men of no party" trying to convince these men to come to Harrison's side/ A fearful tragedy in Pennsylvania was the massacre of an entire family/ The Gathering song of the Whigs of Williamsburgh, L.I. to the tune of Bruce's address with sheet music/ Ads: The Tippecanoe Almanac by Edwin Williams, 48 large and close pages.

Nov 16. The Daily Standard (Philadelphia)
A large plot of ground selected at Laurel Hill Cemetery for those who have not bought grave sites due to people stealing lots/ Victory cartoon for Harrison/ Prospectus of the Penn magazine to be edited and published by the city of Philadelphia by Edgar Allen Poe/ Health Office proclamation relating to the sanitation of the emptying of the privies/ Second annual ball of the Montgomery Hibernia Greens to be held on November 23 at Masonic Hall/ Ads: Mineral waters in glass bottles by chemist Eugene Rousse/ Burton's National Theatre showing the Irish Ambassador and the Irish Tutor played by a Mr. Power.

Dec. 18 New Hampshire Patriot
Annual Treasury Report of the Secretary of the Treasury as laid before Congress/ An article cautioning strangers on get cheated or robbed in New York City/ Summary of President Van Buren's message on affairs of the United States/ New Asylum for the insane bill passed in legislature to be built in Concord with funding/ Suicide of David Underhill, Esq. of Amherst/ Events and subjects of discussion at the 26th Congress/ H.W. Longfellow poem: The Village Blacksmith/ Ads: 1000 lbs of Leather and boots to be sold by Franklin Evans at 4 Brick Block.



Apr. 5 Daily Standard (Philadelphia)
Francis J. Grund, publisher, two cents p. 1, Public sales, ads & testimonials for patent medicines / Health office notice on 1840 banning of emptying of privies without permit / Lead lines in heavy black for mourning of President Harrison Dies / p. 2 of 4 Death of Harrison, official notice April 4 from Secty of State Daniel Webster et al. / p. 4 ads for piano fortes, taking measurements for man's wig.

Sept. 9 The Archetype (Fall River, Mass. & Tiverton, R.I.)
Lewis Lapham, editor / Motto: He who distrusts the capacity of man for self government, necessarily implies thereby, that he doubts the integrity of his own nature / Temperance/ Former alcoholic gives lecture on abstinence for Total Abstinence Society / Poem "Ode to Liberty" / Statue of Washington by Greenough transported by ship / Doctor remarks on working conditions at Lowell factories; call for better working conditions for "factory girls" / Anecdote about attempt to poison George Washington in 1776 and the girl who saved him/ Attendance at Democratic State Convention surpasses expectations in attendance / Depreciation in market values due to stock speculation / Land Distribution bill becomes law; Senate now considering revenue bill / John Quincy Adams, Calhoun, and John Tyler involved in debates over Bank/ Bad harvest anticipated / Britain demand liberation of McLeod / Isaac W. Page delivers temperance lecture / Deadly fire at Smyrna / Geologist explores Kentucky; collects fossil samples.



June 12 Boston Investigator
Horace Seaver, editor / Motto: Devoted to the protection and development of infidel principles / Social Reform Convention, extensive coverage / Captain John Taylor on behalf of a socialist community, says corrupt institutions "raise the mad dog cry of infidelity" whenever any new truth is presented to the people, tending to restore to them their lost rights and privileges / An "examination" of the 10 Commandments / Committee appointed by New Jersey State convention proposes bill of rights; trial by jury, writ of habeas corpus and the rights of criminals included / Commentary on separation of church and state; warnings against despotic power of the two united / Revivalists having few revivals / New classifications for Christians / Report of naval flogging / Publishers encourage readers to spread social reform news in this issue / Ads for "Braman's Swimming School and Bathing Rooms."



Feb. 12 New-York Tribune
A review of Margaret Fuller's book "Women in the Nineteenth Century" by "C." and other reviews / Comparison of newspapers in different regions of the country / Building occupied by Tribune partially destroyed by fire / Contents of Whig Almanac for 1845/ Ads for treatments for consumption and other pulmonary disease/ Resolutions from meeting of Whig General Committee of New York City; discuss fraudulent election of Polk; support Clay / President Polk visits Cincinnati / Speculation of upcoming war with Cherokees due to removal / February thaw brings end to sledding season / Ready-made Valentine's available for purchase.

June 10 New-York Tribune
p. 1, An anonymous review of Frederick Douglass's Narrative / Irish lyrics from Irish paper / Reduced rates of postage take effect in three weeks / Polk's removals in Washington; estimated over 1000 removed across country / Tammany Hall "thronged" by immigrants / Annexation popular in Texas; convention expected to accept terms made by U.S. Government / Temperatures in the 90s / Duel in Philadelphia / Yankee travels south and upon interviewing 400 teachers finds that 295 were from New England.

July 16 Essex County Mercury (Salem, Mass.)
The Oregon Negotiation, 49th parallel has been or will be agreed on as dividing line between Oregon Territory and Great Britain / Translation of French story "Duty-A Tale" / Jugglers in India / Discussion of next presidential candidates; free v. slave states / New York Evening Gazette says annexation of Texas handled unconstitutionally / Railroad expanding.

July 18 Morning Ariel (Pittsburgh)
Death of Andrew Jackson, full account of services and eulogy / Pennsylvania Literary, Military and Scientific Institute in Harrisburg, Penn., open / Ad for Jayne's Expectorant.



May 20 New-York Tribune
(4 pages only) First mention of Abraham Lincoln in an eastern newspaper, nominated by Whigs are candidate for Congress / Praise for General Zachary Taylor and troops in Texas / Various reports on Mexican War / Brooklyn votes against liquor licensing / Loco-Foco caucus held; resolutions praise Polk, Wright, Texas / Report from first session of 29th Congress / Isaac Toucey, Governor of Connecticut criticized / Transylvania University comes under control of Southern Methodist Conference / Conditions of labor reform in Lowell and elsewhere / Emancipation in British West Indies demonstrates immediate emancipation is safe / Presidential proclamation concerning war; asks for cooperation of the people.

May 23 New-York Tribune
Victory in Mexico, telegraph reports from Mexican War on Gen. Zachary Taylor's heroism at Point Isabel, volunteers raised as reinforcements, Louisiana conscription / Victory at battle on Rio Grande / President says it's a defensive war now / Biographical sketch of General Zachary Taylor / Letter from General Taylor to General Pedro de Ampudia, chief-in-command of Mexican army / Beginnings of revolution in Yucatan / 12th anniversary of American Anti-Slavery Society / letters from presenters at annual meeting of the American Society for Promoting the Abolition of Capital Punishment/House War Bill passed after much debate / Webster-Ingersoll controversy.



May 8 New-York Herald
Early steel engraving newspaper pictures of a Mexican Victory celebration in New York, military procession /News of another victory in Mexico at Cerro Gordo / Commercial intelligence from Europe / State judicial elections approaching / U.S. Ship Jamestown arrives in Cork Ireland with provisions / French steeple chase/ News from London money market.



Feb. 25 Daily News (Philadelphia)
John Quincy Adams dies suddenly in Speaker's Room in Capitol building / Commemoration of Peace of 1815 / General Scott's suspension/ Excerpts from annual reports from the patent office for the year 1847 / General Taylor in bad health / Bill establishing 10 hour labor system passes with several amendments / Secretary of Treasury rejects bids for nearly the whole of the old re-issueable treasury notes from various banks in New York and Washington / Funeral for Adams will prevent any action of Treaty of Peace / Henry Clay visits Philadelphia / Stock market news.



Apr. 6 Hempstead (Long Island) Enquirer
Death of John C. Calhoun / Story "Circumstantial Evidence" from the Home Journal/ Increase in pauperism due to intemperance/ Doctor found guilty of murder / Election returns from Town Hall meeting / Lawsuit against Long Island Railroad Company / Two city fires / Two-headed cow born.



June 2 The Sentinel (Richmond, Va.)
Confederate newspaper (1 sheet only - paper shortage) - "At War with Savage People" / General Hardee's troops attacked by Sherman in Georgia; great losses for Yankees / Telegraph slow to transmit reports / Reports on war from other Confederate newspapers / Attack on Petersburg and Weldon Railroad, prisoners of war captured; Confederate losses slight / Acts and Resolutions of the 4th session of the first Congress of the Confederate States / Views of a war from a northern standpoint given by a correspondent for the London Times / Criticism's of Yankee tactics used in trying to capture Charleston / Increase in suicides in Europe / Tribute to Isaiah Green, former governor of Tennessee.

July 5 Richmond Examiner
Confederate newspaper - "Forrest on Sherman," General Forrest captures Murfreesborough, Tenn., remains 150 miles behind Sherman / Grant fails to attack Richmond on Independence Day as predicted / Food prices enormously high; drought to blame / No Independence Day celebrations in Richmond / Yankee prisoners transferred to Bell Isle military prison/ Negro soldier recaptured as a slave / Reports on Grant's movements / Charles Dickens rumored to be beginning new novel while living in Paris / Criticisms of "Yankee raiders"/ Resignation of Secretary of Treasury Chase, Fessenden succeeds him / Estimates of Yankee casualties by New York Times / Lincoln accepts nomination by Baltimore Convention / Changes made on Grant's front.

Nov. 8 Daily Examiner (Richmond, Va.)
Confederate newspaper - Editorial against drafting negroes to fight for confederate cause and blasting Davis for ordering conscription of newspaper editors, against Freedom of the Press / Letter from Jefferson Davis regarding peace proposals from Yankees / Proceedings from House of Representatives / No war news to report, either from war office or telegraphs / No war news from northern papers / Raid on Louisville and Nashville railroad / Proclamation appointing day for public worship / Davis addresses Congress.



April 15 New-York Herald
Famous reproduction on pulp newsprint of Lincoln's Assassination/ Detailed accounts of Lincoln's assassination / Official report of assassination from Edwin M. Stanton, Secretary of War / Secretary Seward attacked same night Lincoln shot / Montevideo surrenders to General Flores in South America / New Orleans market at standstill / Jefferson Davis says South will keep on fighting despite capture of Richmond/ Evacuation of Richmond/ Southern papers claim Lee's army is in safe position / Southern paper advises Confederacy to submit to Lincoln's terms of surrender.


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