DR 3: 30 English Newspapers 1756-1816 / This Common Channel to Independence: Revolution and Newspapers 1759-1789

30 English Newspapers: 1750s - 1760s - 1770s - 1780s - 1790s - 1800s - 1810s
This Common Channel to Independence: Revolution and Newspapers 1759-1789

30 English Newspapers 1756 - 1816


Nov. 6 The Whitehall Evening-Post (London)
Virginia is building a fort in Cherokee country / Storm off Bermuda / British Officer marries Indian Squaw / French take Oswego



Oct. 2 The Dublin Gazette
General Burgoyne leads attack in Spain / From Philadelphia - news of the Siege of Savannah

Oct. 5 The Dublin Gazette
Injuries and accidents / The Linen business / Tsar not dead

Oct. 12 The Dublin Gazette
Lord Mayor of London address the King / War casualties


Mar. 29 The St. James Chronicle (London)
Eclipse Illustration and Comets


Jan. 8 The St. James Chronicle (London)
120 year-old Irish woman / Reaction to the Stamp Act in New-England / Latin poem


Mar. 22 The Dublin Gazette
Stamp Act reaction in New-York and Connecticut / Charleston, SC port is closed / Georgia Governor rebuked for favoring the Stamp Act / Cannibalism at sea / Carolina newspaper reports that "no stamped paper to be had"



Mar. 31 The St. James Chronicle (London)
Butchers throw away enough meat each year to support 2,000 families / Ship captain is murdered by his crew


May 3 The Salisbury and Winchester Journal
Sir Hugh Palliser's trial / New-York reaction to the rebellion / Washington's soldiers are deserting to the British in New-York



Mar. 4 The Norwich Mercury
British wins sea victory over Spanish fleet / Report by Admiral Rodney


Oct. 27 The Morning Herald (London)
Army promotions / Plague in Constantinople / John Jay / Kemble / Mrs. Siddons


Nov. 8 The Morning Herald (London)
Turkey-Austria boundaries / Pitt / Colonel Tarleton and India / Mrs. Siddons


May 23 The Norwich Mercury
Turks attack Belgrade / Algerians capture two ships of Malta / New Knights of The Bath / Bill to regulate the slave trade / A report that the new American Constitution may not be ratified by the States


June 15 The Calcutta Gazette
House of Lords proceedings as of Dec. 15, 1788 and the House of Commons as of Dec. 17 / (1 ½ pages are blank for personal messages)



Mar. 26 The Star (London)
Austrians may have defeated the French near Louvain


Oct. 3 The Courier (London)
The Council of Five Hundred meets in French Republic / The Army of Italy / Duel between two Colonels

Nov. 3 The Courier (London)
The King's Speech / Lords / Lottery

Dec. 20 The Morning Chronicle (London)
Peace between France and Portugal / A review of "School for Scandal" / New Governor in the Bahamas


Nov. 1 The Courier (London)
Stocks rise suddenly with the news of the Nile victory / Egypt, Nelson and Bonaparte / Naval Intelligence



Aug. 14 The Morning Herald (London)
Lord Elgin in Egypt / Fall of Cairo / Lord Nelson / Sporting Intelligence


June 28 The Patriot (London)
Shipwreck / French-Prussia armistice / China Fleet / A dream avoids death


June 1 The Courier (London)
French-Spanish treaty / Commons

Dec. 22 The Courier (London)
Snow storm / The American Embargo is still on / Jefferson's speech / General Blake's army



July 9 The Courier (London)
Report from the Committee of Secrecy / War is declared between France and Austria


June 29 The Courier (London)
Battle of Ligny / Blucher's report on the Battle of Waterloo / Wellington / Bonaparte's abdication

July 1 The Courier (London)
Lord Hamilton / Aftermath of Waterloo / Marshall Grouchy / Wellington to enter Paris with Louis XVIII

July 26 The Courier (London)
* 1 page only * - Waterloo / Bonaparte's Portfolio

Sept. 11 The Morning Herald (London)
Trial of Marshall Ney / News from India and Flanders / Louis XVIII's treaty with the Allies

Nov. 22 The Courier (London)
Trial of Marshall Ney / Wellington's answer to Ney / Waterloo poem


Mar. 18 The Star (London)
Vienna Congress regarding the size of the French army




This Common Channel to Independence: Revolution and Newspapers 1759 - 1789 

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