BV 7: 91 issues of Massachusetts Spy, or Worcester Gazette 1803 - 1806

1803 - 1804 - 1805 - 1806


Mar. 2 Edward Tiffin is Governor of the new state of Ohio

Mar. 9 Louisiana French expedition

Mar. 16 U.S. militia bill

Mar. 30 Bay of Algiers declares war on France / Lewis sent Southwest

Apr. 6 Indians drive Russians from the Northwest coast

Apr. 13 Story of the execution of men who tried to kill George III

Apr. 20 Bonaparte's character / French won't go to New Orleans

Apr. 27 Paris fever "La Grippe" / Violent snowstorm

Apr. 29 (Broadside Extra) King's message / England mobilizes

May 4 England - France war / Jefferson invites Paine to America

May 11 Gibraltar mutiny / Algiers and Tripoli wants U.S. tribute

May 18 A Quaker's letter to the Citizens of the United States

May 25 Bonaparte sends troop to St. Domingo / Britain leaves Egypt

June 1 French suspends expedition to Louisiana

June 8 James Monroe in Paris seeking the rights to use the Mississippi

June 29 France sells Louisiana to the United States

July 6 Fashion / First United States statistical tables

July 13 Spirit of Democracy criticizes Jefferson

July 20 The purchase of Louisiana will cost $15 million.

July 27 A description of the Louisiana territory

Aug. 3 St. Domingo barbarity / James Callender drowns

Aug. 10 Croswell convicted of libel against Jefferson in his Balance.

Aug. 24 Huge water break on a Virginia mountain

Sept. 7 Sedition Law was passed to stop lies, not to throttle the Press

Dec. 14 Senate discusses the 12th Amendment / Burr caters to all

Dec. 21 Lewis and Clark expedition to explore Louisiana



Jan. 9 French turn over New Orleans to General Wilkerson

Jan. 11 Some say the 12th Amendment assures Jefferson of reelection

Jan. 18 Jefferson tells Congress that money is left over from last year

Jan. 25 South Carolina repeals law for non-importation of slaves

Feb. 1 No invasion of England yet / Jefferson and Callender

Feb. 29 "Who are true friends and real enemies of the United States?"

Mar. 14 French army surrenders in St. Domingo / USS Philadelphia lost

Apr. 11 French fleet at Toulon evades Nelson / Indian claims

Apr. 18 Plot against Bonaparte / Moreau arrested / George III's 14 children

Apr. 20 Liberty of the Press / Impeachment against Judge Samuel Chase

May 2 Now 180 American newspapers / Can ransom USS Philadelphia

May 9 "Be cautious how you believe" / St. Domingo massacre Whites

May 16 Moreau defies Bonaparte / Nelson bombards Algiers

May 30 Decatur's report on the burning of the USS Philadelphia in Tripoli

June 6 Talleyrand on the conspiracy / Stephen Decatur made a captain

June 20 Only free white men can vote in congressional elections

June 27 Senate and House minority protest choice of electors

July 4 Review of Jefferson's Administration / Maryland floods

July 18 Bonaparte made Emperor / Hamilton wounded by Burr in a duel

July 25 Hamilton dies / Disturbances by Blacks in Augusta, Georgia

Aug. 8 "Pernicious Practice of Dueling" / Burr indicted for murder in NY

Aug. 22 Parliament considers abolishing slave trade / PA Black education

Aug. 29 Dessalines Hayti Emperor / Restore drowned man / Farrar's store

Sept. 19 Female derangement / 10,000 attend execution of an Indian

Sept. 26 Creek nation and U.S. boundary set / Spain to defend Florida

Oct. 3 "Democracy Upside Down" / Difficulties with Spain in Louisiana

Oct. 10 12th Amendment ratified / "Comforts and Disappointments of life"

Nov. 21 Jefferson's "State of the Union" message to Congress



Jan. 16 An account of Lewis and Clark's stay with the Mandan Indians

Jan. 23 Napoleon and Josephine's travel bed / King of Otaheite dies

Jan. 30 Indiana Territory divided into two / No mail because of the snow

Feb. 6 Last year 1538 American seamen were impressed by Great Britain

Feb. 13 Bonaparte's coronation / John Randolph's conduct questioned

Feb. 20 Debate libels "Monarchy of Federalism" in New-England Palladium

Feb. 27 Imported Slaves Bill / Jefferson reelected with 162 electoral votes

Mar. 6 Article on the Sedition Act / Louisiana has territorial government

Mar. 20 Jefferson's Inaugural / Comments on Jefferson's inaugural

Mar. 27 Wilkerson is Governor Upper Louisiana / NY: Truth libel defense

May 1 Impressment: "Once an Englishman, always an Englishman"

May 22 Bonaparte now King of Italy / "Resolutions when I come to be old"

June 26 Braddock's grave / Jefferson refuses third term / Pulpit death

July 10 Ottoman army defeated in Egypt / American fleet sails to Tripoli

July 17 Progress of Lewis and Clark / "Inconsistencies of Mr. Jefferson"

July 24 St. Domingo Slavery abolished / Long tirade of Jefferson's sins

July 31 Yellow fever / John Quincy Adams elected a Harvard professor

Aug. 7 Prisoners at Tripoli / Negro insurrection in North Carolina

Aug. 14 Lord Melville's trial / Ohio Indians cede million acres to U.S.

Aug. 21 Boys should not smoke cigars / "Louisiana - Land we didn't want"

Aug. 28 Maine to separate from Massachusetts / Crime prevalent in U.S.

Sept. 18 English naval victory / Lear gets Tripoli treaty at a high cost

Oct. 9 Progress of war in India / Obadiah Williams, a complete villain

Oct. 16 Austria declares war on France / Earthquake in Italy / NY fire

Dec. 11 Napoleon takes army from Holland / Nelson to attack Cadiz fleet

Dec. 18 Jefferson's "State of the Union Address" read to Congress by clerk

Dec. 25 Nelson's last words "England expects every man to do his duty"



Jan. 1 Indiana wants slaves / Trafalgar victory details / Ulm victory

Jan. 25 Napoleon in Vienna / "Immortal Nelson" poem / Profane Swearing

Mar. 5 Congress holds secret session on a $2,000,000 bill to buy Florida

Mar. 12 Congressmen watch as slaves pass in Washington / Austerlitz

Mar. 19 Long, detailed report on the battle of Austerlitz and Armistice

Apr. 2 Massachusetts forbids stage plays / Try to force Spain over Sabine River

Apr. 5 Randolph "Impeach Madison and Jefferson" / Democratic lies

Apr. 16 Non-importation of British goods Bill passes / Austria's distress


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