BV 4: The Morning Chronicle and London Advertiser for 1784

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Missing: March 9 and 27, April 6, 7, 8, and 29, June 23, August 24 and 30, September 2 and 4, and November 2 and 16. Note November 23 is loose. Several issues are misnumbered. March 19 has only one page and there are no Sunday issues. Three issues - January 2 (British evacuate New-York) one page only, March 9 (Washington's farewell to his officers at Fraunces tavern in New-York) and March 19 page 2 (Rivington shuts down his newspaper) are in the American Revolution Newspaper folder.

January 1784 

Jan. 3 News from Georgia

Jan. 6 News from Charleston, SC

Jan. 12 News from New-York

Jan. 13 Parliament dissolved

Jan. 14 From Rivington's Gazette: The Irish Address

Jan. 19 Joshua Reynolds and Romney

Jan. 22 News from Worchester and Philadelphia: Congress accepts New jersey as one of the two places to meet alternately, the other Georgetown


February 1784 

Feb. 2 Riot in Philadelphia

Feb. 6 News from Charleston, SC

Feb. 25 News from America


March 1784 

Mar. 1 News from Antiqua

Mar. 11 News from America and Ireland

Mar. 12 News from Virginia and New-York: Washington says to drop action against Loyalists

Mar. 17 News from New-York: Provinces should be independent

Mar. 18 News from New-York: Loyalists are settling in New-York

Mar. 19 The American Trade Bill

Mar. 25 News from St. John's, New Brunswick

Mar. 31 News from Baltimore


April 1784 

Apr. 9 USA and Britain Peace Treaty ratified

Apr. 10 New-York Governor Clinton's speech

Apr. 12 News from New-York

Apr. 14 News of Sir Guy Carleton and North America

Apr. 15 News from New-York

Apr. 30 Balloons


May 1784 

May 5 Resolutions from Virginia

May 8 Loyalist's news

May 10 Loyalist's news

May 11 News from Nova Scotia

May 14 Loyalist's news

May 17 News form New-York, Vermont and Virginia

May 18 Members of the House of Commons

May 19 News from Charleston, SC

May 21 News from Nova Scotia

May 22 The decrease in United States population

May 27 Handel Commemoration

May 31 News from New-York: Drive the Tories away


June 1784 

June 1 American Trade Bill

June 7 Fashions

June 10 Congress is at Annapolis

June 11 The portraits of Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette are sent to Congress (to be put in Philadelphia at Congress Hall)

June 12 Whale fishing

June 14 The celebration of Rodney's victory on the island of Jamaica

June 16 News from America

June 17 News from America

June 22 News from New Jersey: the death of Francis Waldo

June 24 News from Charleston, SC about Tories

June 25 News from America: Congress has no power over the States

June 28 News from New-York: General Washington is proclaimed dictator


July 1784 

July 1 Budget for England

July 5 Thanksgiving celebration proclaimed for the Peace Treaty

July 7 Cornwallis is in India

July 8 News from America: The Northwest Territory is divided into ten districts

July 16 The American Trade Bill

July 24 News from Nassau (New Providence)

July 26 News from the Sugar Colonies

July 27 News from the Sugar Colonies

July 28 News from the Sugar Colonies

July 30 News from the Sugar Colonies

July 31 News of Virginia Governor Jefferson / Trial by jury in Canada


August 1784 

Aug. 2 News from the Sugar Colonies

Aug. 5 Conditions bad in America

Aug. 7 News from Canada

Aug. 10 Captain Cook and Joshua Reynolds

Aug. 13 The Case of General John Burgoyne

Aug. 14 The Death of Allan Ramsay

Aug. 16 Bankruptcy in America / A letter from Dr. Franklin / Balloons / The French and the Americans

Aug. 18 News from the Virginia Gazette

Aug. 20 News from the U.S. Chronicle in Providence, RI

Aug. 23 The trade of the United States

Aug. 25 News from Virginia and Kingston, NY

Aug. 26 News of Flying

Aug. 27 Captain Cook


September 1784 

Sept. 1 News of East Florida

Sept. 6 Vaucluse

Sept. 8 John Jay / Lexington / A meeting at St. Helena

Sept. 9 Balloons / Poem

Sept. 10 Owhyee from Captain Cook

Sept. 11 News from America / Tories driven from Poughkeepsie

Sept. 14 Land losing value in America / Loyalist officers

Sept. 15 Southern shipwreck

Sept. 16 Female Education / Air Balloon / Captain Cook

Sept. 18 News from New-York Loyalists now in Canada / Aerial Voyage

Sept. 21 Captain Cook

Sept. 22 Poem by Samuel Johnson

Sept. 23 News from Georgetown on the Potomac / St. Augustine

Sept. 28 News from Halifax / Franklin / Captain Cook

Sept. 29 News from Hartford and Philadelphia


October 1784 

Oct. 1 News from Philadelphia / Balloons

Oct. 8 News of Nova Scotia

Oct. 9 News from Kingston, Jamaica

Oct. 12 News from Kingston, Jamaica

Oct. 16 Franklin

Oct. 18 New-York, Philadelphia, Charleston, Baltimore and Jamaica news

Oct. 25 News from Charleston

Oct. 26 News from Jamaica

Oct. 28 The State of New Jersey


November 1784 

Nov. 2 News of Washington from Baltimore and South Carolina

Nov. 3 News from Boston / Washington and Lafayette

Nov. 4 News from America

Nov. 6 News of New Jersey (Wyoming) and Quebec

Nov. 8 News from Virginia

Nov. 11 News from America

Nov. 12 News from America

Nov. 23 (loose) Wyoming and riots

Nov. 25 Wyoming / The Dutch Treaty / Antiqua

Nov. 27 News form Nova Scotia / Fire


December 1784 

Dec. 1 News from Connecticut

Dec. 2 News from Boston and Philadelphia

Dec. 8 News from New-York

Dec. 13 News from Philadelphia

Dec. 15 Death of Samuel Johnson

Dec. 20 Death of Samuel Johnson

Dec. 22 News from Philadelphia

Dec. 23 Samuel Johnson

Dec. 25 Johnson's will / News from America

Dec. 27 Samuel Johnson / America may return to Great Britain

Dec. 28 Samuel Johnson

Dec. 29 Education / News from New Haven and Philadelphia

Dec. 30 Samuel Johnson

Dec. 31 The Creation of New Brunswick


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