BI 4: London Chronicle May 1760 – 1793

1760 - 1761 - 1773 - 1780 - 1784 - 1785 - 1793


May 13 Installation of the Knights of the Garter / Drinks himself to death / Article on no guarantee of a free press only the leniency of Government / London beer drinking

May 15 An account of Cape Breton and St. John including Indian activity / Encyclopedia authors ridiculed in Paris / A William Tyndall book brings 145 guineas / Books advertised on Methodists, America

May 17 Honest man is described / Rivington publishes John Locke's "Human Understanding" / Argument finally brought to trial / The story of a snoop / Tooth remedy

May 20 Story on a naval engagement / Philadelphia piece on population increases / America: Cherokees on warpath / Smallpox in Charleston / Halifax Indian treaty / Terrible fire in Boston - 400 homes and shipping destroyed - Massachusetts seeks help from other colonies / A new Lord Ferrers in the House of Lords / Courtesan and strawberries, easy come, easy go / Female manners, advice to the newly wed bride

May 22 America: 700 Rangers to protect Carolina back settlements / Transports arrive in Charles-Town / General Amherst is appointed Fort Johnson commander / The Cherokees are fighting the Creek Indians / Dialogues of the Dead / More on the American Indians / Parliament's budget is mainly concerned with American war expenses

May 24 Comments on the Dialogue of the Dead by Addison and Swift

May 27 An Irish giant of 7 feet 8 inches dies and other giants are noted / America: General Stanwix enroute to Philadelphia with 35 Ohio Indian Chiefs / French are arming in Montreal to attack Quebec / Penobscot Indian treaty / Alexander Pope's quotations

May 29 How ladies' bosoms can teach geography / Negro insurrection in Santa Cruz / Runaway horses / Seven months' cruise from Madras / Morocco releases English slaves

May 31 Cherokees have left war path and gone home / Voltaire on Jesuits expulsion from Portugal / Remarks on the Dialogue of the Dead / Article on the trade of North American Merchants with Hispanola / America: In New Jersey, Honorable Nathanial Jones is unsuccessful in attempting to replace Robert Hunter Morris as Chief Justice

June 3 First report to arrive in London of a sea battle of Ceylon on October 12, 1759 / Battered woman dies / Baby clothes robbery / American physician's melancholy cure / America: Report status of the war as of April / How English behave in a naval engagement - "Every boy behaved like a man and every man like the devil"

June 5 Long article on Debtor's law should be changed to give relief

June 7 Woman falls off roof / 17 ships are ransomed by the French for 10,710 guineas / Letters of Soldiers should be post-free

June 10 Lord Ferrers's Trial / Huge whale killed off the Irish coast

June 12 Murders and disasters / To the ladies / Early "Hertz" Ad / America: Action on Lake Champlain / Bold highwayman / Cricket match / How to correct bad odors and filth

June 14 Life of Handel / Lists of ships captured by the French / James Wright, new Governor of Georgia, entertained at Corrnhill / France is having trouble raising money to continue the war

June 17 Salisbury races / More on the French landing in Ireland / Mugger wounded by the assailant is held

June 19 Halifax news: General Murray drives French force from Quebec, and General Amherst opens Lake Champlain campaign / Siamese twins born dead in Galway / War news from Quebec and Amherst's casualty lists

June 21 It is an advantage to Russia for the French to be in North America trying to thwart the British / Quebec action / Coaching accidents / Boxing match / Gaelic poetry / Greek tragedy origin / Nottingham election advertisement / Halifax: Quebec is safe / Proprietor of the Ben Jonson Head tavern is dead - a great loss! / Character of a maid's husband / Strange accidents

June 24 French retreat from Quebec to defend Montreal / Ad for "The School of Raphael" with 102 copper plates / Brussels Gazette publisher is burned at the stake / Madame Pompadour a streetwalker and other lies / Pope examines Jesuits / Hume essay on party coalitions / Horrible mill sails accident / Two houses fall down

June 26 Royal marriage in Lisbon / Negro insurrection in Jamaica is put down with only three executions / Remarkable alteration of color in a Negro woman in Virginia / Silk cocoons in America / Woman dies who was cured by a miracle in 1725 / America: Cherokees hunted by Rangers in Georgia / Bulldogs cause serious accident / Highwaymen / New cannonball bomb

June 28 London Gazette Extra: The Siege of Quebec is broken! / Ad to find the author of a threatening letter, 20 pounds reward



Jan. 1 Spain awaits word from the Pope upon a canonization / Holland floods / English prisoners escape from Toulon is thwarted / Girl in a trance / Article against debtor prison / William Penn letter to his wife written in 1682 with advice to his family / Attempted rape / Ode for the New Year 1761 / Bulldog attack

Dec. 31 "Ode for the New Year" by William Whitehead / How the Japanese make paper out of tree bark / The Royal English Dictionary is published



June 5 An answer to Wilkes / Ode for His Majesty's birthday / An attempt to find the Northwest Passage / Cricket match / HMS Dolphin's voyage around the world / Admonish news-writers on the use of the word "woman" / Ads: "Fables of John Gay" and Captain Cook's voyages / A tobacco and sugar plantation for sale with 130 slaves / Letters to improve a young lady's mind / Description of an English "Macaroni" in Paris / Two women slaves strangled for arson / Murder in Ireland / The Duke of Gloucester is not properly married / Corn riots in Bordeaux / Joshua Reynolds / "Running down the Buggies" / The King's Ball / Turnpike bill in Parliament / Fireworks accident



May 27 London Gazette Extra: Admiral Rodney defeats of the French Fleet off Martinique, Barbados and St. Lucia on April 17, 1780 / News from Philadelphia: The war is going ill for the Americans / Lord Hardy dies aboard ship / Irish lawyers must take an examination / "She Stoops to Conquer" at the Convent Garden / Rousseau's Dialogues is published / A trap-door is deceitful in a house of ill-fame / The claims of the Colonies and the claims of Great Britain / General Benjamin Lincoln fights off Sir Henry Clinton at Charles-Town, SC / British Sea Captain is captured and kept near New-York / Details on Rodney's victory and the defeat of Clinton

Aug. 17 Captain John Andre is the Adjutant General to North American Forces / Spies / John Adams is in the Hague / Pillaging in Stornaway, Scotland as the inhabitants were unarmed under edict of 1746 / Smugglers murder exciseman / Article on Colonial representation in Parliament / Duke of Gloucester to be Chancellor of Dublin University / Montrose riot / Beaumarchais's ship has Silas Deane as passenger / American tobacco fleet arrives in France / Lafayette back in America and Congress declares him a Major General - he brings news of French assistance / Britons, prisoners in Boston, take over a ship / Army mutinies are put down in Plymouth / A daring robbery but perpetrators apprehended

Sept. 9 Plague in Turkey / French and Americans fortify Rhode Island / New Taxes / Newspapers are franked free for House members / The effects of Empress Catherine on women statues / Midwifery lectures / Spanish to attack Gibraltar / British take St. Vincent and St. Lucia in the West Indies / Public bank in Philadelphia

Sept. 29 Loose hints on Education / Rebels and French invest New-York / Rebel officer is executed in Charles-Town, SC / Article: To His Majesty's Acting Justices of the Peace / Report that "Rebels of Connecticut are in a melancholy situation"



Oct. 26 Trade agreement between Sweden and France / Balloon flight of Blanchard / "The Beggar's Opera" is at the Drury Lane and "Romeo and Juliet" is at Covent Garden / Female pills / Insurrection of Jamaica slaves - many "killed in open rebellion" / A suicide drowning because of a lost love / A brave soldier / Dishonestly punished / The direction of air balloons / A brutal murder / Muggings



July 23 Danube flood / New-York government considers citizenship for Blacks / "Hawkers and Peddlers" (Lord Ferrers) / Resolutions of the Irish Commons

Aug. 13 French decree against English imports / America's turmoil thereby paying dear for ingratitude to their Mother Country / A man has 3 wives / New gloves tax / Changing naval flags for clarity at sea / Horrible execution, executioner drunk / New Bible / Toothache cured / The Algerians capture Boston ship and the crew is made slaves

Sept. 10 Literature discussion / Sad death of an Irishman trying to see his mistress / Officer's brutality / Blanchard's balloon is in Lisle / Irish potato diggers fight harvesters / Bill relieves the poor / More Algerian pirates / Frustrated mutiny / A drunk is robbed by women / Child abuse / Irish Union with Great Britain discussed in correspondence in 1779 between James Boswell and the Bishop of Derry - both men against a union: "Let's stay friends as we should with America" / Algerian Jews punished for fraud / Harwich has the worst storm in six years / Purchaser of a pistol commits suicide / John Bull is fooled again! / 13 terrorists held



Aug. 10 Riots in Cork and Tipperary / The new city of Washington in America is designed by M. L'Efant / Federal Judges say America will pay British debt / Eyewitnesses account of Madame Condet's execution / Guilty of selling the second part of Thomas Paine's "Rights of Man" / "Let's stop riots" / French National Convention denounces Custine / Algerian-French sea battle / Admiral Gardner's foray in Martinique / The silver arrow is won by James Mansfield at Musselburgh / The Polish-Russian treaty

Sept. 12 The London Gazette reports on the British loss in Belgium / American resolution to be neutral / The siege of Dunkirk the Duke of York's army / "Wanted a surgeon's apprentice" / Activities of the French National Convention / Scottish coal tax is repealed / London Gazette Extra: English defeat in Belgium / More robberies


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