BI 3: London Chronicle February – May 1760

February - March - April - May

February 1760 

Feb. 7 One of the Penns dies / Memories of a 180-year-old man / Murder in Scotland

Feb 9 A spy / Taxes are increased on liquor / Abortion article

Feb. 12 King's proclamation for a Fast Day to pray for peace / Foundlings Hospital is inundated with bastards / An unhappy, thwarted Highwayman / Should we take Guadeloupe or Canada? / General Farquar dies in Oswego

Feb. 14 America: Governor Fauquier's speech to Virginia Assembly asking for money to support the successful British war effort and to pay the Virginia military / Huntsman killed by dogs / Post Boy robbed on highway / Letter from China on British customs / Slave ship beats off attack by using some of the slaves / Lord Ferrers examined by Lords for murder / French thrown into the Bastille for speaking too freely

Feb. 16 Mourning costume / Smuggling in Ireland / Katherine Kenna of the Golden Falcon is not going out of business

Feb. 19 Lt. Colonel Burgoyne's Dragoons are enroute to Scotland

Feb. 21 America: News of the Cherokee Indians in Carolinas / Charles Townshend is ill / Terrible storm in Scotland / Alexander Campbell dies of wounds received in the Ticonderoga Battle of 1758

Feb. 23 French King refuses silver vessels containing religious relics as silver is collected to pay for war / Boxing match is over in five minutes / Baby talk / "Don't give Canada back to the French" / Subscriptions for the widows of men who fell at Quebec / The ship Adventure is lost in the Hudson River / An indictment for stoning Quaker's house / Mugging in St. James Park

Feb. 26 Galway sea disaster story

Feb. 28 "You should retire to Hastings" / Comment on peace


March 1760 

Mar. 1 The Doctrine of Trinity / Dublin Gazette Extra: French land near Belfast

Mar. 4 Navy defeats three French ships near Ireland / Clive victory in India / Earl Ferrers to the Tower / Handel's Messiah is performed

Mar. 6 Girl escapes fire by jumping out of window, caught by populace / America: Peace treaty with Chief Little Carpenter and the Cherokees / Irish resist French invasion / Surgeon wins in venereal disease case

Mar. 8 Ancient bones found in Provence / America: The story behind the new treaty with the Cherokees / French leaving Ireland / European Powers losing heart to make war / Article on how the French cruelly treated the Natchez Indians / Scotland considers a National Militia / Murder by cribbage board

Mar. 11 Shipwreck plunders in Cornwall battle for booty / Account of French fleet defeat in Ireland / Strange woman loses her feet painlessly / Irish reaction to French defeat

Mar. 13 Great earthquake in Syria / Deserter beats up three men trying to capture him / Rioters, who wrecked a Quaker home, are brought to justice

Mar. 15 Tobacco ship lost in the Bay of Biscay / Essay against faith

Mar. 18 Princess Caroline marries the Prince of Nassau / America: Cherokee Treaty / More on the French attempt to invade Ireland

Mar. 20 Parody on the Lord's Prayer for the French King / Review of the British stage / America: Four sermons (1) on Voltaire and Liberty, (2) on Massachusetts's contribution to the Louisburg raid, (3) on Quebec and British Americans, (4) on Wolfe "consider, not so much what God has taken from us, as what He has given us " / Spain has the Pope's Bull which permits the confiscation of banished Jesuit's effects

Mar. 22 America: News from the Colonies / Penalties for helping the French / Actions of the Irish Parliament

Mar. 25 Woman is committed for impersonating a man / Crimes and punishments


April 1760 

Apr. 19 Lord Ferrers is found guilty by the House of Lords / History of the Earl of Ulster / Article on peace / Ferrers to be hanged / Great fire damages St. Magnus church

Apr. 22 America: Cherokees break treaty, scalp and murder settlers in Georgia and the Carolinas / Colonial ship is taken by the French / Two roofs fall / Released prisoners fight their way out of a waiting press gang / America: Battle with Indians at 96 / 2000 inoculated for smallpox in SC / Author shoots himself after getting poor reviews for his treatise

Apr. 24 Irish articles on Liberties / A review of contention between Charles I and Parliament / America: Indians attempt to seize Fort Prince George / Indians approach Pittsburgh / A happy duel / Some belligerent prostitutes / Child is found and kept / Philadelphia reports Assembly raised 2700 troops / Cherokees on warpath in South Carolina

Apr. 26 Article on acquisition of Canada or Guadeloupe / America: Comet in New England / South Carolina Governor Littleton is going to England as he will be Governor of Jamaica and the Governor Pownall coming to South Carolina / The ship Charming Betty of Edinburgh founders off Cape Hatteras / Half the crew is safe in Norfolk / A common sailor engaged for next year to dance at a theater


May 1760 

May 1 America: South Carolina's Governor Littleton's speech on the State of Affairs / Long report on the Cherokee uprising / Rangers help settlers in the back country of Georgia and the Carolinas / Woman catches on fire / Streetwalker swallows 14 guineas after a robbery / Suspicious murder in a house of ill fame - dog will not leave body / Woman tries suicide after her infant dies and her husband deserts / Debt of His Majesty's Navy is nearly five million pounds! / Ship powder magazine blows up as a crew tries to escape a press gang / 45 lb. salmon is caught / Dr. James fever powder cured 73 of 74 Negroes in Guadeloupe / Raising money for the relatives of those lost at sea on the HMS Ramilies

May 3 6000 Canadians in Lower Canada take an oath to His Majesty / French atrocities at sea / Duel from a "joke" / Liquor Acts / Article on turnpikes / French privateer thwarted / Stage shoots wrong man / Mother loses three sons in three minutes

May 6 Dublin theater gallery collapses / The family of Earl Ferrers (the name was of an old English stock) / The execution of the Lord Ferrers was on May 5

May 8 Earl Ferrers' title goes to his brother the Honorable Washington Shirley / A woman is strangled at mistake at Earl Ferrers' execution, and a boy is trampled to death / Essay on trade / Article on American Colonies and the West Indies / Lord Ferrers' funeral / Loyalty song

May 10 Chair-maker loses hand / Corpulence article / America: Governor Fauquier's speech to Assembly in Williamsburg / Will Amherst to be a Governor? / Reference to Hoyle and games of cards


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